WHAT IS THERE TO DO IN BARCELONA?, Suna Osmanlı | 07.01.2014

Barcelona's long and varied history, wide streets, endless shops, delicious food and deep blue sea with golden sand beaches truly makes it one of the most "heavenly cities" in the world.

Every time I go I fall in love with this city all over again, and still make new discoveries in this Catalan castle. While its history is endless, now thanks to the modernism of Gaudi the city's past is firmly in the rear view mirror.

Tourism is easy, and you can travel to anywhere in the city with a €21 "City Bus Tour" if you want to see everything as efficiently as possible.

Even though the lines into it can be as unending as the construction of its completion has been, I highly highly recommend that you go to La Sagrada FamiliaI say this as someone who has traveled extensively in Europe, there's nowhere else in the world that you can see this kind of modernist basilica. Gaudi's masterpiece is absolutely enchanting.

La Rambla is always extremely busy and the street is essentially the center of the city. It's the primary meeting place for both tourists and shoppers. It's also where you'll find most of the more well-known Spanish clothing brands. In fact there are usually 2 or 3 of these famous brands per store. Sometimes the prices actually aren't that different from what they are in Turkey, but regardless of this the range of different things greatly exceeds that which you can find anywhere else.

If you want to try something different on your holiday, there are a lot of restaurants that do churros on La Rambla. You really shouldn't leave Barcelona without having tried one. When served with melted chocolate it's just out of this world, a dessert you have to try.

One of the most unique things about the city is the city's striking golden sand beaches. After finishing your shopping for the day you can head straight to the sea, dip your head under the water or sunbathe a bit, and then go right back to whatever you need to do back in the city center. All along the long beachfront are people from every culture under the sun. You have to experience the tan you get after you leave the water and look at yourself with the golden sand reflecting back on you.

If you love football, Barcelona FC is one of the biggest and best clubs in all of Europe and going to a match in Nou Camp is really an amazingly special experience.

When it comes to accommodation, if you don't really want to stay in super expensive hotels there are hostels and cheaper hotels in every region of the city. For those who like to meet new people and get a sense of hostel culture, I highly recommend the Melon District Hostel. This hostel has the same quality service as a 5 star hotel and you can stay in separate rooms with bathrooms for just €15.20 a night.

Barcelona has so much to do, and I recommend you visit in either June or July.

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