CITY OF CANALS, Çağakan Vişne | 26.07.2014

The capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen, due to its location in the North, can sometimes be unbearably cold but it compensates with its hospitable residents, marvelously comfortable public transportation, the famous Tivoli Square, The Black Diamond, and the famous Little Mermaid Statue. This small but super organized city is a place you should see for sure. Copenhagen meaning literally in Danish the merchants' harbor, Copenhagen has a population of around 1 million people and is the second biggest metropolis of Scandinavia.

In this piece, we wanted to produce a short list things you can do when you go to this city of canals. Here are 5 amazing things you can do in Copenhagen:

1-) Visit Tivoli Gardens because it's impossible to get bored in the oldest ( 1843) amusement park in Europe, that once inspired the Walt Disney to open Disneyland. This colorful amusement park is not very big but it offers a very tense nostalgic entertainment. Buy a cotton candy, get on the roller coaster that people call “Bjergbanen”, take a peek at the pirate ship of Tivoli, watch the pantomime show and enjoy yourself!

2-) Rent a bicycle: Feeling the cool and clean air of Copenhagen in your face, you will see with your own eyes how practical, comfortable and fun a bicycle ride can be, which is also the easiest and most amazing way of transportation in the city. We guarantee that you'll feel connected to the city more easily with bicycles, which is also the preferred method of transport of the locals.

3-) Go to Nyhavn: The most important tourist hub of Copenhagen. There are also rumors that once Hans Christian Andersen wondered around Nyhavn very drunk.Very appealing with its colorful houses lined up like small kids in their best clothes for photo shoot, Nyvhavn will be a very nice spot to stroll, or to chat with the youths sitting by the canals, or to eat and drink at the cafes, restaurants and bars along the canals.

4-) Join a Canal Tour: Don't miss the opportunity to join a canal tour in Copenhagen. With the help of these tours presenting the famous spots of Copenhagen, you won't miss the historic and touristic sights, especially if you're exploring this beautiful city famous for its canals alone. The tours start either from Nyhavn or Gammel Strand, and last approximately an hour. Addiotionally, the prices are very fair, that's why I advise you at least to take a peak.

5-) Explore the Castle: Visit the famous Rosenborg Castle expanding to the blue sky with its brown and turquoise statues.The summer residence of King Christian 4th, was completed in 1624. You can explore the dozens of rooms in the castle and check out the royal furniture and products. What’s more if the weather is fine, you can take a stroll around the green ‘Kongens Have’ which means the garden of the king. Sometimes housing exhibitions and concerts, this oldest park in Copenhagen with its huge trees will take your breath away.

Before going to Copenhagen

  • Watch: The 2010 production of “Haevnen (In a Better World)”. It is a realist drama about a family guy. Give this film a chance as it won the Best Foreign Language film Of the Year Oscar, the same year. Plus, the bad guy of “Casino Royale” who doubled his reputation with the series “Hannibal” Mads Mikkelsen, gives acting lessons at “Jagten”, you should not miss it.
  • Listen: Without any doubt listen to Oh Land! The shining star of Denmark now with its fourth album has a very solid group of fans. If you want to listen the fun songs of this very original singer are “Sun of a Gun”, “Voodoo”,“White Nights”, “Renaissance Girls”, and “Pyromaniac”, but if you like something smooth then“Perfection”, “Wolf & I”, or “Cherry on Top” are my recommendations. Another suggestion is to listen to“Bird in an Aeroplane” during the flight over to Denmark.
  • Read: We assume that you will not want to read the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen which you probably already know by heart, that's why we suggest some different books: One is the crime fiction of Lene Kaaberbol which we think you will enjoy very much in the cold weather of Copenhagen. You should also try the “Nina Borg Triology” of the same author. Plus you can take a peek at the crime thriller “Department Q” by Jussi Adler Olsen.

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