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    The best diving sites in Turkey

    When you think of sunny, sandy holiday destinations, Turkey is one of the first that comes to mind. Luckily for you, Turkey has some of the best diving sites in the World. For foreign and local divers, there are a wealth of treasures awaiting you in the sea. For historical ruins, ship wrecks and vibrant underwater fauna, many come far and wide to dive in Turkey at any time of year. Some of the best diving sites are located in Kaş, Bodrum, Fethiye, Ayvalık and Saros. Turkey also has a great selection of diving centers and diving courses from experienced professionals.

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    Best diving spots in Turkey

    Big Reef, Bodrum

    On the reef of Bodrum, you can find underwater caves, sunken ships and plane ruins. The beautiful sea that surrounds the Bodrum peninsula is home to thousands of different underwater species. The Bodrum’s Big Reef should be on your diving list, as it is one of Turkey’s best diving sites.

    Located 20 minutes from Bodrum city center, the Great Reef resembles a mountain as it is 35-meters deep, its peak being 7 meters below the water surface. The Great Reef is famous for its great number and variety of fish. This diving site is also a stop for Red Sea migrants. The top of the Big Reef is 4 meters beneath sea-level, and 32 meters long on the South side, 36 meters long on the North side. The part of the Big Reef facing the Gumbet comes down in terraces, while the part facing Karaada requires a steep wall dive. The Big Reef is suitable for both professional and beginner divers.

    On shallower spots of the Big Reef you can find octopuses, bream, and scorpionfish. Glide 20 meters deeper and there are plenty of moray, dentex, rock grouper and groupers to be seen. As you dive, you will come across walls lined with marine sponge. Don’t forget to look out for flocks of barracudas!

    As the water temperature drops to 14-15 degrees during the winter, you can expect a great diving experience all year round. Book a flight to Bodrum and experience an early morning diving adventure in the clear blue seawaters.

    Bubble Cave, Bodrum

    Bodrum, is renowned for its beautiful clear seawaters and as a diving tourism spot in Turkey. Therefore, there are plenty of experienced trainers, plush boats, and a variety of diving sites. The Bubble Cave is one of the best diving spots in Bodrum.

    The Bubble Cave which is 40 minutes away from Bodrum marina is situated behind Karaada. This area is home to two underwater caves and medium-sized space where divers can enter at 12 meters depth and exit from a depth of 4 meters. One cave is 15 meter’s deep and has a narrow opening. The second cave, that lies 20-30 meters away, is easier to access. At the top of the Bubble Cave, you can swim up to 6 meters through a 1-meter diameter opening. You will want to dive here just to see the beautiful sight of the bubbles that rise from your regulator and disperse into the cracks of the cave.

    In the cave pockets, you will see scorpionfish, slipper lobster, and red lobsters amongst the magical color combination of oranges and purples, and on the front of the cave, at around 25 meters, you may come across larger grouper fish.

    The Bubble Cave is ideal for both experienced and less-experienced divers. For an unforgettable diving experience Book a flight to Bodrum.

    Orak Island, Bodrum

    Orak Island, a diving paradise, has an immense 100-meter Wall and underwater caves. For those that enjoy Wall diving, Orak Island has a lot to offer, especially its magnificent underwater topography.

    Orak Island is an hour and a half distance from Bodrum center and named after its hook shape. Orak Island is one of the largest islands you will encounter as you approach The Gulf of Gökova. The diving site is on the Southern side of the Island. You can dive on either side, however the side that faces Gökova facing is breathtaking. It is possible to see purple sponges at 32-34 meters in this cave. Wall diving lovers prefer this place because it has an underwater wall that descends to 25 and 190 meters.

    Orak Island is a quaint town with a small population. In shallower parts of the sea, you can see the flocks of both big and small fish, and plenty of leer fish on the wall side. Grouper, stingray, moray eels and lagos can also be seen.
    For an unforgettable and exhilarating diving experience at Orak Island Book a flight to Bodrum.

    Canyon, Kaş

    Dive amongst sea creatures and ancient ruins at Kaş, home to one of the best diving spots in the World. Canyon is one of many historical spots in Kaş, where you can find an amazing diving site, Dimitri Shipwreck, that is ideal for underwater photographers.

    The stunning town of Kaş is not just famous for its scenic villages and beautiful turquoise waters, but also for its prestige as one of the best diving spots in the World. The Canyon, which extends between the two islands, passes through a narrow strait where at two steep walls starting at 20 meters and running up to 30 meters, you can find a tunnel-shaped cave. Within the cave you can find may delights, such as: marine sponge, lobster, anemone, crabs and other shelled-creatures. It is important to note that Canyon is a hunting ground for a Mediterranean monk seal.
    Dive in the depths of Canyon and immerse yourself in the beautiful sights; marvel at the rich variety of sea creatures, until you reach the Dmitri Shipwreck. The Dmitri Wreck, 42 meters deep, is said to have sunk after crashing into a mine in 1968.

    Due to windy conditions and choppy waves at sea, it is advised that you swim in the morning. Canyon is a diving spot that is preferred by professional divers.

    For a diving experience that is an exploration of history as well as a wealth of beautiful sea creatures, you can book a flight to Dalaman or book a flight to Antalya.

    Flying Fish Reef, Kaş

    Kaş is one of the best diving spots in the World, with historical wrecks and ruins in a spectacular underwater environment. Flying Fish reef is a must-see for local and foreign divers.
    There are two great diving sites in Kaş. One is Canyon, the other is Flying Fish Reef. Flying Fish is named after an Italian fighter jet, that was gunned down while Meis was being bombed during World War II.

    You can find the wreckage of the Italian Savoia-Marchetti SM79 model, nicknamed the Sparviero-atca, a 3-propeller aircraft, in the depths of the see from 50-70 meters. The top of the flying fish is 6-7 meters, and the depth is 75 meters long. Underwater viewing distance is usually 30 meters and above. The temperature of the water is 17-18 degrees in winter and 25 degrees in summer.
    As there are strong currents, Flying Fish Reef is optimal for professional divers. If you are a beginner, it may be worth diving with an experience diver at Flying Fish. Due to the strong currents it is possible to see a wide variety of sea creatures. From groupers, to bream, and swarms of leer fish. You may even come across a stingray or a karetta karetta.
    For a spectacular diving experience through a fighter jet wreckage with beautiful sea creatures you can book a flight to Dalaman or book a flight to Antalya.

    Aquarium Bay, Fethiye

    One of the best diving sites in Turkey, Aquarium Bay, has been a protected site in recent years. It is a suitable diving site for both less experienced and more advanced divers. Aquarium Bay is a great spot for night diving.

    From Wall diving to scuba diving, for experienced and beginner divers, Aquarium Bay has something to offer everyone. There are courses available for all diving levels. If you are a beginner, you can dive up to 18-20 meters and professional divers can dive for up to an hour at Aquarium Bay.

    The dive starts at 150 meters on the left side of the bay. The most fertile areas of bay are the rocky area and the wall side, also known as Aquarium Reef, where you will see a number of interesting creatures clinging to rocks.

    Aquarium Bay is home to octopuses, orange marine sponge, sand eels, group and even seahorses! If you are lucky, you might even come across Nuribranch.
    Professional divers that are looking to try something new, Aquarium Bay, is perfect for a night diving adventure, and one of the best sites in Turkey to do so. On a night dive you can watch dancing moray eels.

    Book a flight to Dalaman, where there is a diving experience for everyone.

    Af Tower, Fethiye

    At Af Tower, named after the Af Tower Monastery, which is carved into rocks, swim amongst the fishes at this spectacular diving spot. Dive with a flashlight to enjoy the sights and colors of coral, shrimp and anemone.

    Af Tower is one of two great diving sites in Fethiye along with Aquarium Bay. Af Tower, is one of the best and safest diving spots in Turkey. Suitable for more experienced divers, you can see plenty of sea creatures at Af Tower.

    Nestled between two steep mountain slopes, emerged in beautiful blue water, Af Tower contains two caves. The dive usually begins from the entrance of deeper cave. You will see many types of fish emerging from the hollows in a cave that extends up to 7 meters; Plenty of groupers and streams of Brown meager. As you swim you enter the second cave through a large opening. This cave is known as Turkish Bath, the great walls are lined with red anemone. Light streams through the top of the 6-meter-deep cave. We recommend that you visit this cave on less windy days.
    To explore caves and marvel at the beautiful light streams that bounce on the water at Af Tower, book a flight to Dalaman.

    Fener Island, Çeşme

    The Fener Island diving site in Çeşme is a hotspot for foreign and local divers. Admired for it’s colorful, vibrant fauna, many surprises await you at Fener Island.
    Suitable for all divers, Fener Island is in Ildır Village, in Izmir’s popular holiday spot, Çeşme. Fener Island is a great spot for those seeking an underwater adventure in a colorful site that extends 18 meters below water.

    At this island, swim with streams of Sargo and Bream surrounded by yellow marine sponge, and coral flowers. You may come across some seals, in an old seal cave at Fener Island.

    Fener Island is usually windy, so we reccomend that you dive when the weather is calm. To dive in clear blue water and witness a variety of sea cratures, book a flight to İzmir.

    Deli Mehmet, Ayvalık

    Turkey’s Deli Mehmet diving site is favored by many local and foreign divers for its red coral reefs and beautiful scenery.

    Ayvalık, a beautiful location on the North Aegean coast, has a variety of diving spots and islands, making it a popular spot for divers. Deli Mehmet is one of the best diving spots in Ayvalık with two underwater islands. One of them, Deli Mehmet 1, is 18-70 meters deep and favored by intermediate divers. The second island, Deli Mehmet 2, is 27-70 meters deep. Unlike Deli Mehmet 1, this is preferred by professional divers. There are stunning coral reefs and gorgons from 27 meters up to 50 meters. You can see the red corals, yellow gorgon trees on each island, and swim with moray eels, insects and a variety of colorful fish. Other species you can see in Deli Mehmet are scampi, anthias fish, grouper, octopus, conger eel, rockling and bream. Book a flight to Balıkesir for an amazing diving experience at Deli Mehmet diving site.

    Ilyosta, Ayvalık

    The lovely, vibrant flora of Ayvalık is ideal for both divers and underwater photographers.
    Ayvalık is a frequented diving spot in Turkey and is favored by foreign and local divers. Ayvalık is home to diving spots Deli Mehmet and İlyosta island. Ilyosta is a lively, vibrant spot with plenty of sea creatures for you to dive with and for photographers to snap pictures of.

    Gavur port is the most popular diving site on İlyosta island. It extends to depths as deep at 3-35 meters and is suitable for more experienced and less experienced divers. In the sea, you can observe the many great underwater creature; sea insects, moray and even sea rabbits, so don’t forget to take a flashlight with you. Whether at Deli Mehmet or İlyosta island, swim amongst the red coral reef and enjoy an unmatched diving experience.

    To take some beautiful pictures and discover the beauty of Ayvalık, Book a flight to Balıkesir.

    Saros, Çanakkale

    Saros Bay is a rare gem, as it has a self-cleaning sea, and a hot spot for divers as it is home to plenty of sea creatures.

    As Saros Bay has excessive sea currents, and is untouched by a large population and industrialization, it is one of the cleanest, purest parts of the Aegean Sea, that self-cleans three times a year; It rids itself of waste through currents and the mixture of warm and cold water.
    There are over 200 different sea species in the bay, such as: sea insects, lobsters, star fish and sea snails. There is also a large number of diving sites: İbrice Port, Cennet, Cehennem, Toplar Burnu, Asker Taşı, Üç adalar, Kömür Harbour, Bebek and Minnoş Kayalıkları. Minnoş kayalıkları is the most well-known of the bunch. Approximately 15 meters above sea level, the cliffs have colorful rocks (kayalıklar). After the first few meters, you can see the dolphins and turtles and dive past orange corals. At the end of the cliff, you may encounter angler fish and huge stingrays.
    Saroz Bay is also home to shipwrecks. One of them is the 1908-built Lundy Shipwreck that weighs 188 tons. This shipwreck is located at Suvla Bay, south of Saros Bay. The ship’s silhouette appears after 13 meters and after 18 meters you can walk around the captain’s hull and watch the bream swim around the deck. Where the ship meets the sand you can find lots of lobsters and leer fish.

    The latest wreck of Saros Bay in the Airbus A330 plane, which sunk in March, and will be available for viewing from the summer of 2019.

    Saros Bay is a great diving spot for shipwrecks and colorful fauna. For an unforgettable diving experience, book a flight to Çanakkale.

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