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    The intricacies of packing and transporting baggage could fill volumes. Check out the Baggage category and simplify your life with these tips and suggestions. From  long holidays, short getaways, cabin baggage and more – this category has answers to your packing and luggage questions.


    A holiday can inspire in so many ways – and photography is one. Our Inspire category features useful tips for better pictures and videos, including information on framing, color, and depth, as well as time-lapse video, subtitling and underwater photography.


    If most of your travel is job-related, you’ll find useful tips in the Business Travel category: suggestions for greater comfort while flying, making the most of airport waits and layovers, maximizing time at your destination – and more!


    Whether you’re a professional musician, a newbie camper or an avid skier, you’ll find useful tips among this category’s selections. Learn more about the specifics on selecting, packing and transporting equipment and gear for your holiday! Travel is easier with the Turkish Airlines Blog!


    Staying healthy during a holiday is key to enjoying that holiday! Learn more about how to have a healthy vacation – useful medications and items to bring, country restrictions and more. In addition, we offer tips on other issues, such as jet lag and flying with a pet.


    Want to make your life easier? Then take a look at our Planning category. Useful tips abound, from packing to determining holiday routes, from selecting camping equipment to saving time at the airport. In addition, this category offers suggestions for holiday planning apps and planning for short- or long-term vacations.


    Safety is among the top priorities when traveling. The Safety category features useful suggestions on security measures before, during and after your holiday, including tips on when to use credit cards versus cash, hotels or hostels and more.


    How do I get there? Keep reading to discover useful tips on using public transportation, renting a car and more, depending on your destination.

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