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    Thanks to our travel tips, your business trip will be far more enjoyable!

    Day trips or working away for long periods; Travelling for work is no easy feat. The nights away from home can be a tiring upheaval, but that is not how others perceive it. Most people assume that work travel is exciting and enjoyable. If only they knew how stressful it can be attending meeting upon meeting and the exhaustion that comes with it. We are aware of the difficulties you face and as Turkish Airlines, we are here to make it as enjoyable as possible. We hope that our suggestions will ensure you a relaxing trip, that is less time-consuming and tiring, and that you put aside time from work to treat yourself.

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    1. Be advantageous

    Purchasing a ticket within your budget is a must when planning a business trip. Follow campaigns to keep up to date with the latest, and fly across the globe at great prices. Be thrifty, by pocketing the money you save on discounted flights and spend it on your trip instead.

    2. Plan each step

    The right plan is essential for a good trip. Book a hotel after you purchase a flight ticket. Booking hotels close to the place you will be attending meetings is both time-saving and less tiring. Rent a car to transport from the airport to the hotel and meeting places.

    3. Opt for cabin baggage

    If your plane ticket is ready, start packing the cabin baggage that you will be taking on board. When you are packing be highly selective about the clothes and items you intend to pack. Make sure to pack functional, smart-casual clothes, both suitable for everyday wear and business. Comfortable shoes, trousers that do not crease, shirts and blouses are ideal.
    Make sure that your cosmetic products, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and shampoo, are travel-size. Keep in mind that you can only carry liquid products in bottles of up to 100 ml in your cabin baggage. These bottles can be kept in a transparent plastic transparent zip-lock bag with a maximum of 1 lt transparent zip-lock bag. Pack such items and keep them all in a suitcase. You are ready to go with no time wasted. Make sure to check the weather forecast before you pack.

    4. Check-in via our website, the mobile app or mobile site

    You are all packed and ready. Check-in 24 hours before the flight via the mobile app or our website. That way at the airport all that’s left is getting a boarding pass and you are on your way. If you are unsure about how much your cabin baggage weighs, we have a baggage calculator.

    5. Check your documents and equipment

    Make sure to pack all the necessary documents, from passports to identity cards, that you will need on your trip in an easy-to-reach front compartment of your bag. Don’t forget your business cards on your business trip, you never know when an opportunity to network will arise. Double-check that you have packed your laptop, charger, and adaptors with multiple sockets.

    6. Confirm meeting details

    If you are setting off on a business trip to a new destination, be prepared for unplanned complications, by learning all the ins and outs, times, dates and locations. Act accordingly by clarifying your work-related plans before you embark on your business trip. Plan in advance by remembering the specific times you will need to set off and how you plan on getting to your meetings. This will allow for punctual and stress-free meetings.

    7. Look up the destination you are headed to

    A well-planned trip will increase your travel satisfaction tenfold. A good plan will bring you contentment, gain you time and earn you profit, ultimately transforming your business trip into a pleasant adventure. Research the destination you are headed to and explore the city in your spare time. Check our city guide and set aside time to treat yourself.

    8. Turn a transfer into an opportunity

    Transfers are another way to turn your business trip into a touristic trip. You can evaluate the time interval between your connected flights and utilize that time to explore the city. Passengers flying with us that have a stay in Istanbul for over 24 hours between flights can Stopover. Those with a waiting time of 6-24 hours can benefit from our Touristanbul services. While you are exploring Istanbul, you can entrust your baggage to Miniport.

    9. Rest at the airport

    The lounges are there for you to rest and restore while waiting for a flight. Take a nap, try the delicious food on offer or rest on the comfortable seats. Discover the Istanbul Airport Turkish Airlines Lounge experience and allow us to host you before your Istanbul flights.

    10. Upgrade for extra comfort

    Now, if all is well, let’s get to the flight. The flight is usually the time to relax on a business trip. No matter how many hours your flight is by getting a cabin upgrade, you will feel privileged and enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Detailed information for cabin upgrades can be found here. Also, take a look at Business Class benefits you can enjoy on your Turkish Airlines flights.

    11. Flight enjoyment

    If you would rather not sleep on the flight, then make use of the in-flight entertainment system; We have a great selection of movies and music options that you can choose from.

    12. Make a meal selection wisely

    A meal selection is important in creating an optimal and comfortable flight experience. We wouldn’t want you to be affected by the food, that’s why we recommend that you state any allergies you may have before your flight. If you have any particular health problem, particularly allergies, be sure to check dining on board meals and refreshments offered by the airline. Don’t forget to drink plenty of refreshments along with your meal.

    13. Wear glasses

    On long flights, those of you wearing lenses may experience eye dryness as a result of air circulation in the cabin. Wear glasses to prevent this and try not to use lenses throughout your business trip.

    14. Do exercise

    Try small exercises in your seat to improve the journey. You can reduce the strenuous effect of the trip with a few stretches to shake off the stiffness. If you wish, you can also walk on the plane at the appropriate times.

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