THE CITY BY THE BAY, Emir Can Kılıç | 26.07.2016

Even though I went to San Francisco during my Pacific-USA trip many years ago in June 2008, it is a city that has many lasting memories. San Francisco is a completely multicultural and intellectual city in every regard. You can personally experience this by visiting different parts of the city. Having suffered great destruction following the earthquake in 1906 and the subsequent fire, San Francisco, located in the Pacific Ocean bay of the same name, is one of the most prominent cities in the world in terms of culture and technology.

San Francisco is located in California, which enjoys a warm climate. Hot and humid, especially of course in the summer, the city boasts a wide range of activities. 

You can experience the most beautiful view of the city by taking a boat trip out from San Francisco Bay. On the tour, you have the opportunity to pass under the Golden Gate Bridge and visit the famous Alcatraz Island.

The renowned Alcatraz Island, located in San Francisco Bay, housed the most violent criminals in US history. The island’s prison is now open to visitors, who can have a quick tour and learn all about its history.

The Golden Gate Bridge, which is located at the point where the Pacific Ocean ends and San Francisco Bay starts, is the city’s  most symbolic structure. The bridge and surrounding landscape are a stunning and unmissable sight.

Sailing under the bridge and walking across it are both wonderful experiences, and the cityscape viewed from the bridge is completely entrancing. The park and the National Recreation Area around the Golden Gate Bridge are an awesome vantage point to marvel at the bridge itself and watch the sun go down.

Another iconic symbol that springs to mind when talking about San Francisco is the “Cable Car” (Tramway) that has faithfully served the city for many years. Exploring the city by tram is a fabulous and nostalgic experience.

Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39, the most touristy part of the city, offer a wealth of attractions for visitors. You can travel to Fisherman’s Wharf by Cable Car and enjoy fresh seafood from any number of snack bars while listening to the music of the street performers.

The Aquarium of The Bay in Pier 39 is a must, featuring hundreds of sea creatures native to the ocean. You can watch the sea lions in Pier 39 whilst also taking in the view of Alcatraz Island and San Francisco Bay in the background.

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