A FULL STOMACH IN MUMBAI, Büşra Nur Tarhan | 26.09.2015

Before you visit Mumbai, you will most probably hear lots of warnings about how different Indian cuisine is, and that you’ll starve and lose weight. On the contrary, Mumbai is an amazing place to explore new tastes and flavors.

You might have always liked Indian food, maybe tasted Indian cuisine all over the world, met with your friends at an Indian restaurant in your own city, and even turned this into a routine. But I must warn you upfront; you will experience “real” Indian food in Mumbai, and it tastes quite different. In fact, anything you have there will taste different. This is because Indian chefs cannot resist adding local spices, even to an Italian dish.

Two days is more than enough for a touristic visit. Below, you will find some restaurant recommendations where you can find many different dishes and delicacies.

I should note, however, that when you are asked if you prefer your food spicy, less spicy, or unspiced, it is advisable to begin with unspiced, which may well taste spicy for you anyway. If you can handle this, you may wish to try something hotter. The amount of spices used in India is way more than we would use in our country. In fact, one of my Indian friends who lived abroad for a couple of years told me that he couldn’t have spicy food any longer, which he was used to before.

So to the restaurants…

Copper Chimney: You should try Copper Chimney on your first day here. It’s fancy, the food is really good, and the prices are affordable. If you eat from the buffet, you’ll get the chance to try out a number of very tasty and original Indian dishes. The restaurant serves unspiced food as well. You’ll be full, that’s for sure.

Dome: In northern Mumbai by the coastline, you will find many restaurants. Try Dome for a nice dinner with a view. Dining here at sunset is an unforgettable experience.

Thai Pavillion: For those who’d like to try Thai food, but done in Indian style, of course.

Mainland China: Having Chinese food in India may seem a strange concept, but try this place if you have the time.

Indigo Deli: You can have anything you like here, but I especially recommend the pizza. The pizzas in India are really amazing. The spicy ingredients offset the pizza dough to form an incredible taste. Remember to try a veggie burger, either at this place or elsewhere; it is unique to India.

Masala Library: A great place to have original Indian food.

Status: For those wishing to try Indian street food but justifiably hesitant about eating anything sold on the street, this is the place to go. Pani puri, pav bhaji, idli, dosa, medu vada, malai kulfi… You can try them all here.

Juju Beach: For those who really want to try out real street food, this is definitely the place. Different kinds of buffets offer different tastes for a quick bite. It goes without saying that you should be careful when trying new food; go easy on your stomach.

Incredibly tasty ice teas are sold everywhere to ease digestion and quench your thirst in the hot weather. You're missing a treat if you don't try it.

One final note: for the occasions where ice tea might not do the trick for your stomach, carry digestive medication with you.

Have fun and bon appetit.

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Mehmet Akay


Mehmet Akay