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    Food, water and nature: Assos

    If you’re ready for a break from the urban jungle, then we invite you to Assos. You can decompress here in this quaint town on the foothills of Mount Ida, where the chirping of birds replaces the jangling city sounds of traffic and construction. In addition to its magnificent natural surroundings, Assos is renowned for its tasty Aegean cuisine. Let’s explore.

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    First, it’s not just Assos

    Set 90 km from Çanakkale and 18 km from Ayvacık, Assos is convenient to a number of other places worth seeing! Use Assos as a base for excursions to Bozcaada, Canakkale, Balıkesir, Mount Ida, Edremit and Ayvalık.  

    Secluded swimming spots

    Featuring a panoramic view of Edremit Bay, peaceful Assos offers several swimming options. In addition to Kadırga and Sivrice bays, there’s the even quieter Sokakağzı Bay. The coastline between Küçükkuyu and Assos has pebble beaches and wood piers for swimming; along the shore are campsites and small pensions, so whether you plan to spend a day or several, you’ll find something that suits.

    A pier on the Assos road

    Aegean flavors with an Assos accent

    In addition to gorgeous scenery, Assos has delectable cuisine. Whether you dine at a restaurant overlooking the Assos port or in a rustic fish eatery, you’ll find delicious dishes: hunter’s pastry, stuffed squash blossoms, horse beans in olive oil, pancakes with herbs, salad with grilled octopus, swordfish skewers, grilled squid and grouper, scorpionfish soup, stuffed calamari and sea beans. A unique regional snack is black mulberry soup and you’ll see it everywhere. Purchase olive oils and lemon thyme and bring a little bit of the North Aegean home with you.

    Stuffed squash blossoms, an Aegean specialty

    Restaurants not to miss:

    Yahya Usta Assos Ice Cream, for unusually wonderful honey-almond ice cream
    Muammer Can’s Place in Sivrice, for fresh seafood
    Panorama Restaurant in Sivrice, for meatballs on clay tile
    Long House Restaurant, for an upscale dinner
    Yahya’s Place on the road to Küçükkuyu, for fresh fish in a rustic setting  

    Delicious Assos ice cream

    Behramkale and beyond: Overlooking nature

    Established during the Ottoman Era, the hillside Behramkale Village is quite small, with just 150 households. Picturesque shops selling herbs, olive oils, homemade tarhana and handmade lace line the village’s narrow, stone-paved streets. As you ascend the hill, you’ll see the historical Hüdavendigar Mosque and the Ottoman-era Hüdavendigar Bridge. We recommend an afternoon walk up the hill, reaching the top just in time for sunset. Enjoy a relaxing tea and scenic views, with  Lesbos Island opposite and Kadırga Bay below.

    Kadırga Bay from the top of Behramkale

    Serene foothills of Mount Ida: Adatepe and Yeşilyurt villages

    Also on the foothills of Mount Ida, the villages of Yeşilyurt and Adatepe are worth visiting if you have time and access to a vehicle. Similar to Behramkale, both villages have stone houses and narrow, winding roads. Sample Yeşilyurt’s fabulous lavender ice cream and taste the olive oil made in Adatepe Village. And there are terrific views of Edremit Bay from the Altar of Zeus.

    Adatepe Village of Mount Ida

    The westernmost tip of the Asian continent and Aegean flavors: Babakale

    For your last day in Assos, venture a bit further (27 km) to the westernmost tip of Asia where you’ll find Babakale, a quaint Ottoman fishing village. Here, you can dine on Aegean-style appetizers and fish, or buy capers, which are grown in the area. Scuba diving, snorkeling and spear fishing are popular activities; take a break in one of the village’s coffee houses. There’s even a castle, which was built to protect the village from pirates. A final tip: livestock graze on the thyme-covered hills behind the village, so the dairy products are sensational. Try the ezine cheese, made of 80% sheep’s milk and 20% goat’s milk.

    Aegean cuisine

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