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    We have compiled a list of the best ski resorts in Europe for you!

    Europe is home to the best ski slopes in the world. Ski lovers flock to the France-Switzerland-Italy-Austria route spanning the Alps to ski and enjoy the resorts. We have compiled a list of the best ski resorts in Europe based on the thickness of the snow, the lengths of the slopes, levels of difficulty and facilities on offer.

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    1. Ski on clouds!

    Switzerland is a prime skiing spot in Europe. Numerous Swiss ski resorts nestled in the outskirts of the Alps offer winter sports aplenty. Wengen, Davos, Zermatt, Laax, Saas-Fee, Mürren, Verbier and St. Moritz are among the best destinations for skiing in Switzerland. All winter sports are available, skiing and snowboarding, in particular, have ranging levels of difficulty. For less experienced skiers there are skiing lessons on site. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants to choose from that offer delicious delicacies; Enjoy the pristine landscapes and air as you indulge in some chocolate and fruit fondue. To visit the best ski resort in Switzerland, book a flight to Geneva or book a flight to Zurich.

    2. A family skiing vacation in France!

    France is home to some of the world’s most beautiful ski resorts, scattered across the Northern Alps, Southern Alps and Pyrenees region. The main ones are Meribel, Morzine, Courchevel, Megeve, Flaine, Chamonix, LA Plagne, Val d’Isere, Tignes and Avoriaz are renowned for lengthy slopes, service quality and as a family-favorite. While the children are skiing or training, families gaze out at the mountain views at restaurants filled with delicious French delicacies. Read France’s best ski resorts, on the Swiss border, by booking a flight to Geneva. Reside at the other resorts by booking a flight to Lyon.

    3. Skiing in the villages of Austria!

    Instead of the pricier resorts in France and Switzerland, you can opt for a more affordable option, Austria, for a ski adventure. Innsbruck, Kitzbühel, Anton am Arlberg, Söll, Zell am See and Tirol are popular locations for more experienced skiers, but they also accommodate the less experienced. There are slopes suitable for all levels, offering high-quality services; Tyrol in particular best accommodates children and beginners. While skiing in Austria, you can explore charming Alpine villages nestled at the foot of snow-capped hills.

    4. A skiing paradise, Turkey!

    In Turkey from November through to March, sweeping slopes, top-notch resorts with high-quality service that rivals European counterparts and enchanting views can be found on mountains blanketed in powdery snow. Ski lovers should experience ski resorts in Palandöken, Davraz, Erciyes, Ergan, Uludağ, Sarıkmış, Ilgaz, Hazarbaba, Yıldız Dağı, Ovacık, Kartepe, Nikfer Bozdağ, and Ladik Akdağ. Here you can find more detailed information about these ski resorts, the length of the slopes to the accommodation at hand.

    5. A peaceful and quiet skiing holiday in Bulgaria!

    Bulgaria is another popular skiing location in Europe with plenty of beautiful ski resorts to offer. Bansko is top of the list of world-leading modern ski resorts followed by Pamporovo, Borovetz, and Vitosha. Located in the foothills of the Pirin Mountains, Bansko has slopes with ranging degrees of difficulty. Pamporovo is in the less windy as it is situated in the Rhodope Mountains, which is a big bonus for skiers. Experienced and less experienced skiers can ski on slopes of varying difficulty in Pamporovo and Bansko but Pamporovo offers better options for beginners. Borovets, one of the oldest settlements in Bulgaria on the slopes of Mount Rila, has astounding views. Although Vitosha does not have as many ski resorts, it is the closest to the capital city Sofia, making it a favorite with the locals. Bansko, Pamporovo, Borovetz as well as Vitosha are easy to reach; all you need to do is book a flight to Sofia.

    6. Olympic slopes in Italy!

    Explore Italy’s best ski resorts to enjoy the Olympic pistes among the charming chalets. To get to the ski spots, just buy a ticket to Venice or a ticket to Rome! The ski resorts in Italy are located in the Alps and the Cortina d’Ampezzo, Val Gardena, Sestriere, Val Chisone, Breuil-Cervinia, and Valtournenche are among the best. Boasting 300 ski areas, spectacular mountainous areas, swanky hotels and slopes suitable for all levels, it’s no wonder that Italy has become an increasingly popular skiing destination in recent years. Explore Italy’s best ski resorts to sweep down the Olympic slopes among the charming chalets. To reach the ski spots, just book a flight to Venice or book a flight to Rome!

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