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    The most beautiful places to camp on Bozcaada

    Camping has become more popular than ever, reflecting the current desire to maintain social distance. Whether you are an experienced camper or just starting, Bozcaada offers some of the most beautiful campsites in Turkey. As the apple of the North Aegean, peaceful Bozcaada has gentle breezes, unique weather and a clean sea.

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    Beylik (Sunken Ship) Bay

    Beylik Bay has all the elements necessary for a secluded camping holiday. There are some private campsites, but tents can be erected on the beach, free of charge. Toilets and showers are available but electricity is not always accessible, so bring a flashlight – though the stars may provide enough light. Perfect for a holiday in virgin nature, Beylik Bay should be the first stop on a Bozcaada camping expedition.

    Sunken Ship Bay


    Pikamp is a totally natural caravan camp site. There are no showers, toilets or dining venues, so we suggest that you stock up on food and drink. Tents are actually prohibited, though there are almost always a few scofflaws pitching them along the beach. But beachfront Pikamp is a splendid option for socially distanced camping amid nature.

    Ada Camping

    If the idea of camping is more appealing than actually staying in a tent with no facilities, Ada Camping may be a fine option. Set 5 km from the center of Bozcaada, Ada is in Sulubahçe, 200-300 meters from Ayazma Beach. There are expansive areas for tents and vehicles, as well as electricity hook-ups and outlets. Bungalows and rental tents are also available. Breakfast is prepared daily, along with cold and hot appetizers and local specialties. If you want to be close to the center, yet in touch with nature, then Ada Camping is the right place.

    Camping pleasure at sunset

    Aquarium Bay

    At Aquarium Bay, you can set up a tent wherever you want or park your caravan by the sea – free of charge. Bring snorkeling gear because this gorgeous bay has fabulous marine life. A beach along a natural aquarium with clear water…perfect for a peaceful respite away from the crowds.


    Ayılar Camping Site

    Set in a wooded area of Bozcaada, this tree-shaded campsite in Ayılar is rustic and peaceful. Fall asleep to the sounds of crickets, take nature walks and enjoy the seclusion. There are no showers, toilets, shops or cafes and, as it is a forest, fires and barbecues are not permitted.  


    Tuzburnu Bay

    Situated in the furthest part of the island, this isolated bay has no electricity, showers or toilets. What it does have is spectacular views – and a barbecue area where campers can grill their freshly caught fish.

    Sulubahçe Bay

    While Sulubahçe is adjacent to Ayazma Beach, it is far less crowded. Camping is free in this bay, usually accessed via boat. Cooking and bathroom facilities are available – and the sunrise views are stunning.

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