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    Camping in the shade of the Taurus Moutains

    The great beauty of Turkey is captured in the breathtaking, green Taurus Mountains, the turquoise Mediterranean Sea and the golden sandy beaches of Mersin. The great heritage of Byzantine, Roman and Cilicia are imprinted on the coasts of Mersin. There are plenty of beautiful places for you to camp at in Mersin. To reach your destination, book a flight to Adana and then rent a car.

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    Yazar ekibimiz tarafından yönetilen bu hesapla, seyahat tutkunları ve keşif meraklılarının keyif alacağı blog içerikleri üretiyoruz. Özenle hazırladığımız içeriklerimiz aracılığıyla ilham vermeyi, bilgilendirmeyi, heyecanlandırmayı, eğlendirmeyi ve küçük ipuçları ile yolculuğunuzu kolaylaştırmayı amaçlıyoruz. Aynı zamanda yola çıkmanın yenileyici ve özgürleştiriciliğini sizlere tekrar hatırlatmak istiyoruz. Çünkü Tolstoy'un dediği gibi: “Tüm muhteşem hikayeler iki şekilde başlar; Ya bir insan bir yolculuğa çıkar ya da şehre bir yabancı gelir...”

    Erdemli campsites

    In Lamos Kanyon (Lamos Canyon), you can camp at Erdemli, Kayacı Vadisi (Kayacı Valley) and Kocahasanlı, known by locals as Doktorun Yeri. At Lamos Kanyon, you can find a nice spot to set up camp on the Taurus Mountains that looks out to the Mediterranean Sea. If the seawaters are too cold for swimming in the summer months, you can always cool off in a brook. At Kocahasan you can set up camp on the public beach. A favorite spot for families, there are toilet, water, and dressing rooms available on site. If you want to stay at a private camp, then you can stay at Erdemli Çamlığı or Taşucu campsites.

    Silifke campsites

    A popular campsite for tent and caravan campers, in Mersin is Boğsak Koyu (Boğsak Bay) in Silifke, Yeşilovacık, located on one of the most beautiful seashores in Mersin. A vision of green and blue tones, this village is also a caretta caretta breeding site. Taşucu campsites in Boğsak Koyu are ideal for those looking to camp on the beach and wake up to sea views. This 11-acre land meets all you camping needs.

    Borsak Bay in Silifke, Yeşilovacık, is a breeding ground for the Caretta Caretta turtles, as well as a camping area.

    Narlıkuyu Koyu campsites

    Narlıkuyu Koyu (Narlıkuyu Bay), 20 km distance from Silifke, is a great camping spot in Mersin. This bay offers private and nonprivate campsites. You can explore Cennet Cehennem Obrukları and Astım Mağarası (Astım Cave), which are just 2 km away from the campsite. During the summer, you can cool off in the beautiful sea, a freshwater saltwater mix, in Narlıkuyu Koyu. You can enjoy seafood cuisine at nearby restaurants, visit Poimenios Hamam and the view the Üç Güzeller mosaic.

    While camping in Narlıkuyu Bay, you can see the Caves of Heaven and Hell, the Asthma Cave, the Poimenios Bath and the Three Beauties mosaic.

    Çamlıyayla campsites

    Kisecik Kanyonu (Kisecik Kanyon), where two mountains meet, and Çamlıyayla are great places to camp. If you are camping in the summertime and you are tired of the Çukurova heat, you can cool off at Kisecik Kanyon. During your stay, you can go on a pleasant canoe journey at the canyon. If you are interested in outdoor sports and photography, then Kisecik Kanyon is the perfect place for you.

    If you’re camping in Çamlıyayla and need a break from the Çukurova heat, take a rafting trip in Kisecik Canyon!

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