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    Home on the road: Caravan holiday tips for beginners

    In exploring new ideas for socially distanced holidays with our family and friends, an interesting option emerges: the caravan! Also known as a recreational vehicle (RV), a motorhome, a travel trailer or a camper, these vehicles range from basic to luxurious. RVs can be driven, while travel trailers are towed behind another vehicle. Both types are available in Turkey. Keep reading for more information on the perfect caravan holiday!

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    Is a socially distanced holiday possible? Yes, it is. And, trailer and caravan holidays are increasing in popularity as options for a safe, flexible and socially distanced holiday. Even better, families and groups can travel together, conveniently and safely.

    These vehicles usually provide at least basic amenities, such as sleeping areas and kitchen and toilet facilities – some caravans offer upgraded décor and facilities. As well, beginners should be aware that there are essential criteria when travelling via caravan, including safety measures and trailer/caravan maintenance.

    What type of a trailer?

    Caravans, RVs and trailers are, more or less, houses on wheels. Self-driving vehicles generally feature a driver’s seat up front, with the rest of the interior comprising sleeping and dining areas, a bathroom, and kitchen facilities. Travel trailers, on the other hand, are hooked up to a car or truck and towed. Travel trailers can range from basic (sleeping facilities only) to quite comfortable (kitchen and bathroom facilities). You can select your vehicle based on the number of people in your group and your desired level of luxury. 

    Parked trailer view in moonlight, nature views

    Do I need a license for a trailer?

    In Turkey – or any country, for that matter – a special driver’s license is required for certain caravans and trailers. The idea of ​​driving a trailer is exciting, but getting a traffic ticket on the road is not. There are a few rules we need to follow in order to drive a motorhome or pull a trailer. You need to decide what kind of trailer you prefer and if you have a B class driver’s license, things get easier. When you choose a motorhome for a more equipped holiday, it is okay to drive if the weight is below 3500 kilograms. You only need to get a new driver’s license if the weight exceeds 3500 kilograms with the additions and items loaded. If you have a C or D class driver’s license, you can also drive a vehicle over 3500 kilograms.

    If you do not want to deal with getting a new driver’s license, and a trailer under 750 kilograms meets your basic needs, class B driving license is sufficient as you only need a BE class driver’s license for over 750 kilograms with internal arrangements and additions. If you are planning your first trailer holiday, we recommend you choose a trailer weighing less than 750 kilograms but if you love the idea of living on a trailer and having a vacation, get a BE class driver’s license for the future! 

    If upgrading your driver’s license to another class is too complicated, you are permitted to tow a trailer under 750 kilograms with a B class driver’s license. For a trailer weighing more than 750 kilograms, a BE class driver’s license is required.  In any case, towing a trailer is more complicated than it appears; if this is your first time, we suggest a lighter trailer.

    Trailer on a road with mountain views, trip to nature

    Where can I camp with my trailer? 

    Most camping areas in Turkey have designated spaces – as well as electric hookups – for trailers and caravans. Decide what you need: some campsites feature communal restrooms and kitchen facilities, which are necessary if your vehicle lacks either.  

    Trailer by Czorsztyn Lake and the Tatra Mountains

    What do I need in my caravan? 

    After selecting a caravan and a campsite, make sure you have these other items on hand, for maximum safety and comfort.  

    –A leveling system: usually comprising jacks and/or blocks, the leveling system ensures that your trailer is level, even if the ground at the campsite is uneven. This is necessary in order to maintain the structural integrity and safety of the vehicle, as well as your own security. An uneven trailer may result in doors or windows that cannot be properly locked.  

    –A chock: this simple, slanted block stabilizes your vehicle and helps prevent it from slipping or sliding, especially on sloping or uneven surfaces where the handbrake may not be sufficient. 

    –Water: most campsites offer water connections and, if your vehicle has a toilet and/or a kitchen, you’ll need water. Along with water, you’ll need  a hose, for obtaining water, and a water pressure regulator, to ensure that the water coming into your vehicle doesn’t actually flood the vehicle. Make sure that you know the specifics for your trailer model and capacity. 

    You’ll also need to perform basic tasks such as emptying the waste tank. Since toilets in caravans are not directly connected to sewer system, waste is collected in a ‘black water’ tank. This tank must be regularly emptied, usually every three days, and campsites have areas reserved for this operation. Depending on the model of the trailer, a sewer pipe may be necessary for this operation. Don’t forget to wear gloves when emptying the tank!

    Having your own toilet is a great benefit in terms of hygiene and convenience, but it does have disadvantages, namely the odor. However, deodorizers specially designed for trailers can alleviate this problem. 

    If you are considering a caravan holiday, these tips will, hopefully, make it easier to decide! Get ready for a road trip!

    A holiday amid nature with a trailer

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