Denmark is the smallest Nordic country. The country is located at the Northern Europe between North Sea and Baltic Sea. Arising as one of the four Scandinavian countries, Kingdom of Denmark is composed of a mainland peninsula, Jutland, and 406 islands 78 of which are inhabited.

    Denmark is the smallest Nordic country. The country is located at the Northern Europe between North Sea and Baltic Sea. Arising as one of the four Scandinavian countries, Kingdom of Denmark is composed of a mainland peninsula, Jutland, and 406 islands 78 of which are inhabited. The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is placed on the island of Zealend (Sealand) and partly on the island of Amager. Copenhagen has been Denmark's capital during the last 6 centuries. Having a population of about 662.000 (nearly 1.7 million people living in the Greater Copenhagen Area), the capital is the largest city of the country and Scandinavia. Copenhagen appears as the seat of the government, the national parliament and the monarchy.

    Many Copenhageners, around forty percent, choose to travel by bike, consequently the city roads are geared towards the safety and comfort of bikers, making it a fast and flexible way of seeing the city. However, for those who prefer a less energetic mode of transport, the city has a superb public transport network, amongst the world’s most efficient and reliable. The inner city train network, the S-train, closely resembles the German S-Bahn and Parisian RER systems. The red trains are modern, all have free WiFi, and are clean and comfortable. Running from Vanløse and on through the city centre, the Copenhagen Metro forks off to the airport, and the new town of Ørestad. In addition, Copenhagen has a fairly substantial bus network, covering those areas which the trains do not service. Finally, and possibly the most enjoyable, are the canal tours, which are an excellent way of getting around the city’s tourist attractions. There are several different routes and tours available to choose from. By using one or a combination of the aforementioned modes of transport, there is nowhere that you won’t be able to visit with ease and in comfort during your stay in the beautiful city of Copenhagen.

    Copenhagen offers all kinds of accommodation but prices are high. Special rates are often available on the internet or from travel agencies. Some of the upscale hotels are: Nimb Hotel, Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen, Hotel D'Angleterre, Copenhagen Marriott Hotel, Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, Andersen Boutique Hotel, Adina Apartment Hotels CopenHagen, Copenhagen Admiral Hotel, Scandic Front, STAY Copenhagen. If you are looking for a medium priced hotel you can check out the Hotel Alexandra, Savoy Hotel, First Hotel Mayfair, Hotel Sct. Thomas, CopenHagen Strand, Hotel Du Nord Copenhagen, SaGa Hotel, Hotel Cabinn City, Wakeup Copenhagen Carsten Niebuhrs Gade and Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade. If you prefer low priced accommodation you can stay at Bed & Breakfast BONVIE, Carsten's Guest House, Rent a Room Copenhagen, Generator Copenhagen, Copenhagen Downtown Hostel, Sleep in Heaven, Copenhagen Backpackers, Danhostel CopenHagen City or YMCA Interpoint.

    Copenhagen is a low-rise city taking approximately half an hour to travel thoroughly. Waterfronts, canal tours, parks, gardens, Royal Denmark, renting a boat to travel the city through canals, city bikes, sea forts, beautiful Copenhagen lakes and many popular sights are fantastic enough to appeal to every taste and every interest. Old canal tours via a boat or a waterbus are the most catchy tourist attractions that you should experience by all means. While the boats show you round all parts of the old city and the most popular sights, waterbuses take you along the coasts of the two islands of Sealand (Zealand) and Amager. Tivoli Gardens are one of the top sights of the city to travel. This amusement park established in 1843 presents an unprecedented atmosphere via its green trees, its stages for music and theater. Tivoli harbors 32 restaurants, 26 amusements, 400.000 flowers, 150 concerts and entertaining funfair. Kronborg Castle built between 1574 and 1585 is one of the most significant north Europe castles. Holding a place on the sea in Elsinore, the fabulous castle is known from the Shakespeare's Hamlet. Round Tower is one of the Europe's unique architectures. From the historical tower, you will experience an excellent view of the city. Dyrehaven located 10 km north of Copenhagen is on of the most splendid natural areas in Denmark. It is the world's oldest amusement park. Great deals of Danes make incursions into the park for recreation. Nationalmuseet (National Museum) is the major exhibition of Danish cultural history. From ancient times to the present day, you will witness everything with regard to the Danish history and culture. Also, a plenty of Royal sights are among the prettiest attractions of the city. Statues, monuments, palaces and more will give you the chance of witnessing the Royal facet of Copenhagen.

    Every kind of street shopping, department stores, shopping malls, specialty stores and boutiques are present at Copenhagen. Plenty of goods, souvenirs, jewellery, silverworks, Scandinavian furnitures and a lot more are available in the city for your curiosity. Stroget, the Copenhagen's main pedestrian shopping street, is the symbol of shopping in the city. From worldwide famous brands to unique neighborhood shops, a great range of alternatives are found here. Especially, shops selling interior design goods will allure you. You should visit Stroget, the connection between the west and the east of Copenhagen, to rise the occasion of a complete shopping in Copenhagen. Kobenhavn K is one of the fundamental parts of the city in the sense that it is home to significant shops from the city's shopping world.

    Copenhagen is admired as one of the best cities to live in as a mark of the Welfare State name of Denmark. Theater, ballet, opera, music, classic music, films, art, design, festivals, fairs and a lot more constitute the cultural wealth of Copenhagen. The innovative design and art of the city is famous all over the world. Danish Design Center located at the center of the city has a collection comprising the best examples of Danish design. Ceramic, lamps, architecture, furniture, in a phrase, the Danish know how is present at the center. You can experience all the modern and fine arts peculiar to Denmark at Louisiana and National Museums. Copenhagen Jazz Festival is a popular cultural event annually held. The Copenhagen Opera House is one of the most modern opera houses available in the world. There are two stages of the house. The main stage is for big performances while the other one is for smaller and experimental performances. Classical music is one of the integral parts of Copenhagen and Denmark culture. A plenty of concert halls, venues, churches and other places are present at the city. Composers, solo performances and symphonic orchestras will present the best classic music examples to your taste. Tivoli Concert Hall at Vesterbrogade, Royal Danish Academy of Music at Niels Brocksgade and DR Concert Hall at Rosenorns Alle are just a few examples of classical music places. A great variety of activities and entertainment facilities are existed in Copenhagen. Parks and gardens, beaches, city and canal tours, nightlife, sports activities (jogging, angling, aqua domes, boat and kayak hire, marinas...), in brief, whatever is in your mind on behalf of fun and amusement are offered by the city. During the 24 hours of a day, you will witness parties in the city. Nightlife is versatile and long till the early hours of the morning. At any corner of the city, at least one cafe or bar is available.




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