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    Calling all solo travelers! 7+1 places to travel alone

    Who knows how many holidays and places you have traveled to with family and friends and all the beautiful memories you have collected along the way? The pictures with loved ones you uploaded onto Instagram remind you of the wonderful moments you shared, but were you able to forget the disagreements you had? Remember how hard it was to reach a decision about which restaurant to go to? Perhaps you didn’t even get the chance to tick off all the places you had written on your list. There is a trend that puts an end to all of this, that is peaking in recent years, you don’t need to constantly be in the company of others: Solo Travel instead!

    At least let us help you with the planning part, the rest is all yours, we promise. We have compiled a list of the ideal locations for you to enjoy your solitude and make the most of your very own, unique journey. We have also added some tips that will come in handy on your travels.

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    1. City of lone wolves: Copenhagen

    You will fit right in at Copenhagen which has the highest number of single people living in Europe.

    Must-see places!

    • Go on Nyjhavn Canal boat tours.
    • For a fun-filled day at Dyrehavsbakken and Tivoli go for a ride on a high-speed train.
    • Visit Amalienborg Palace and watch the changing of the guard ceremony.
    • Climb the Christiansborg Palace tower and enjoy the views. Another great place for a view is Rundetaarn.
    • Join The National Gallery of Denmark and the National Museum tour and examine the collection of objects related to the history of Denmark.
    • Visit Stroget Street and shop at world-class designer brand stores. Visit City Hall Square whilst you are there.
    • Participate in the Rosenborg Castle organized tours and see the king’s private quarters.
    • Go on an organized tour of Frederik’s Church.

    Must try!

    • Enjoy the views from Christiansborg Palace and Rundetaarn whilst enjoying a traditional Scandinavian Smorrebrod sandwich and hot dogs – a Street food specialty.

    2. A solo travelers dream: Barcelona

    You will forget you are traveling alone once you get lost in the countless number of things to do and explore. Barcelona is a city that sucks you in. Be thankful that you can enjoy the city to your fullest and that you don’t have someone constantly complaining about walking on foot.

    Must-see places!

    • View Gaudi’s works, the Casa Mila and Casa Battlo.
    • Get lost among the crowds at La Rambla, brimming shops in the back streets that will spike your curiosity.
    • Enjoy the flamenco performances tucked in the back streets.
    • Sit on a bench in the fairytalelike Park Guell and watch musicians perform.
    • Get in line to marvel at the Sagrada Familia.
    • Explore the historic settlements of Montjuic Hill and Barrio Gotico.
    • Climb Tibidabo and watch the sunset over the city.
    • Discover the shops around Catalunya Square, then sit on a bench and feed the pigeons.
    • Visit the secondhand bazaars surrounding Barcelona Cathedral that contain age-old items.
    • Bathe in the many beaches that wrap around the city

    Must try!

    • Instead of visiting dozens of establishments in the city, visit La Boqueria, the city’s largest food and drink market, La Boqueria. Sample the local delicacies displayed on the stands.
    • Patiently wait for your tapas feast to arrive at a famous tapas bar in Barcelona.

    3. An accommodating city that meets your needs: Stockholm

    The people of Stockholm are friendly and accommodating toward tourists, making it a pleasant location for solo travel. Get to know the Scandinavian culture better by chatting with locals and asking for tips. Traveling independently with ease is a given as Stockholm is known as one of the safest cities in the world.

    Must-see places!

    • Wander through the region of Gamla Stan, known as the old city.
    • You can join the guided tours of Stockholm Palace, Stockholm Cathedral, Parliament House and Nobel Museum all within the same region.
    • Take pictures of the colorful building of Stortorget Square at Gamla Stan.
    • Witness the Stockholm Palace soldiers parade and change of guard.
    • Visit the Stockholm Municipality Building tower and watch the sunset.
    • Another great spot in which to photograph Stockholm is the largest globe-shaped building in the world, SkyView. After your 30-minute journey, enjoy and photograph the views.
    • Put 2-3 hours and visit the Skansen Open Air Museum if you want to observe rural life in Stockholm.
    • Explore Vasa Museum, Gröna Lund, Skansen, and ABBA: The Museum on Djurgarden Island.
    • Visit Fotografiska and participate in ongoing practices at an old customs building on Södermalm Island.
    • Enjoy Stockholm from a bird’s eye view and dive into the city at the amusement park Gröna Lund.
    • View porcelains, statues and modern artworks at the National Museum.
    • Go on the 45-minute tours of Riddarholmen Church, the eternal resting place of all the dynasty members that sat on the Swedish throne, except Queen Christina.

    Must try!

    • Try the apple tarts at Gamla Stan.
    • Enjoy the views and sip on coffee at Fotografiska.
    • Feast on local cuisine at Östermalms Saluhall, established in 1888.

    4. A timeless city: Berlin

    No matter your age, Berlin has something for you, a diverse city that is ideal for solo travel. As you explore this vibrant culturally rich city, there won’t be a moment to spare with the numerous historical buildings to explore and exciting entertainment on every corner.

    Must-see places!

    • Go on a special tour that usually lasts 30 minutes, of Museum Island and explores Altes, Pergamonmuseum, Neues, Alte Nationalgalerie, and Bode museums.
    • In the same region, you can visit Berliner Dom Cathedral.
    • For a panoramic view go up to the ornamented Reichstag roof.
    • Enjoy Berlin’s views from another angle from the Alexanderplatz television tower. Note that you will have to wait in line.
    • Go on special tours of the Berlin Wall and explore the East Side Gallery.
    • Visit the Checkpoint Charlie museum which was used to control crossing from 1961-1990 at taking pictures with the soldiers at the crossing point.
    • Get lost in the 19 thousand square meters Holocaust Memorial.
    • Watch the street musicians perform on Postdamer Platz Street.
    • Discover the Gendarmenmarkt, one of the best spots in Europe for New Year’s celebrations. Relax in the square and soak in the surroundings.

    Must try!

    • Eat a Pretzel while at Alexanderplatz.
    • Recline on the grass, drink coffee at enjoy an Apfelstrudel at the Tiergarten park.

    5. City of festivals: Edinburgh

    Edinburgh, Scotland is home to the most festival and events in Europe. From Opera, to dance, classical music to theatre, book a flight to Edinburgh where there is something for everyone on a solo travel adventure.

    Must-see places!

    • Visit Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace on Royal Mile road. View the Old Town from the Castle.
    • Admire the city views from the Scott Memorial.
    • Discover the city and meet locals by Joining the walking tours that start at Old Town.
    • Watch the sunset from Calton Hill or Arthur’s Seat.
    • Go shopping on Princess Street and George Street.
    • Explore the location surrounding Edinburgh. Go on tours of Loch Ness, Glencoe, and the Highlands.
    • Those looking for something scary and interesting should visit Mary King’s Close.

    Must try!

    • Try Scottish cuisine at famous bookshops.
    • Treat yourself to Shortbread, Old Town Scottish biscuits.

    6. A great place to escape from technology: Tallinn

    Modern life is defined by social media and the internet and has become an overwhelming presence. If you are looking for an escape from the digital age, then Tallinn is the place for you.

    Tallinn the capital of Estonia, part of the Baltic Estonia-Lithuania-Latvia triangle should be top of the list of those looking to travel back in time. Tallinn is a well-preserved city full of unspoiled remnants of the Middle Ages, such as cathedral, churches, and walls. We recommend that you stay at the restored hotels, buildings that are over a thousand years old, in the Old City.

    Must-see places!

    • The first spot you must explore on your Tallinn adventure is the Old Town. Here you can view the elegant medieval buildings that line the cobbled streets.
    • Visit the churches of Old Town, Viru Gate, Town Hall Square, Lower Town, St. Olaf’s, St. Nicholas and the Holy Ghost Church.
    • Boasting more than 60 museums, make sure to visit the Estonian History Museum, Tallinn City Museum, Estonian Art Museum and Fat Margaret Museum.
    • Spare some time for St. Olaf Church. Climb to the roof of the 125-meter-long church and enjoy the incredible views of Tallinn.
    • Explore the streets of Toompea Hill, surrounded by castle walls. While there drop the Estonian Parliament Building, the Russian Orthodox Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, and Lutheren St. Mary’s Cathedral.
    • See the world’s tallest toilet with its 77-meter ceiling and the world’s oldest pharmacy in the Town Hall square.
    • Keep a pair of binoculars on you when in Tallinn. In the spring months, you can sit in the lush parks and listening to the birds singing.

    Must try!

    • Feast on the meat casserole dish, Seljanka. Sample salmon and trout in the restaurants in the Old Town, where you can also find game meat and special Leib bread to accompany it.
    • Almond sugar is a delicacy you must try at Toompea Hill.

    7. The safest place in the world: Doha

    Qatar, Doha, Pearl, Luxury

    The pearl of the Arab world, Doha, is an ideal city for solo traveler females, listed as the safest country to visit in the world on Numbeo. Explore the unique environment of this artistic, aesthetic and accessible city by booking a flight to Doha. If you decide to travel during the summer, you can swim on the world-famous beaches of Doha.

    Must-see places!

    • The best place to go alone in Doha is Corniche, here you can walk, run or bike by the coast.
    • Aspire Park is the largest park in the bay.
    • Plan your day around Corniche if you want to enjoy a stunning sunset.
    • A few minutes’ walks from Corniche, you can find Waqif Bazaar. Put some time aside brimming with local goods. From spices to perfumes, and jewelry.
    • Near Waqif at Falcon, you can find less traditional, more modern goods. There are hawks that you can take pictures of on your exploration of Falcon.
    • Join the events at Qatar Culture village.
    • For beach, fun visits the Doha beaches Banana Island, Al Safliya Island, Qatar Beach, Culture Bay Beach, and Palm Tree Island Beach.
    • The unique architecture of the mosque in Doha is worth seeing. Rest in the courtyards or pray inside.
    • Go on a desert safari on off-road vehicles and enjoy the silence of the desert.

    Must try!

    • Feast on Qatari cuisine at Suni island at restaurants at The Pearl.
    • On your desert safari enjoy local Bedouin cuisine, maklube, hummus, falafel, aubergine fatteh, and maftool.

    Treat yourself: Ulan Batur

    Mongolia, which attracts visitors with investments in solar energy and ecological agriculture, is a good option for ethical travelers. Already integrated with the global economy, the capital, Ulan Batur, is a favorite travel destination. Book a flight to Ulan Batur and participate in ecological farming and support the salvation of endangered animals such as the saiga antelope and the snow leopard.

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