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    Fun on wheels: Cycling friendly cities!

    Ever imagined what it is like to explore a city by bike? Picture this: Streaming down picturesque streets down picturesque alleys and backstreets, or parking up and discovering all the hidden parts of the city. If you are looking for a taste of freedom then a bike-friendly city trip should be on the top of your list. The moment you reach your destination, rent a bike and take it for a spin. Participate in a tour or draw up your route. Note that via special applications, you can find the nearest bike within a matter of minutes and start using it right away. Hourly, daily or weekly rentals of a variety of bikes cost between 5-250 euros.

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    1. Amsterdam, the city of bikes

    When it comes to cycling, Amsterdam is the place to be. With developed biking facilities and all sorts of hidden gems to discover, Amsterdam, holds a special place in the cycling community. Amsterdam is always promoting cycling. So much so that by 2025, more than 11 thousand parking spaces are planned to be removed from the city center with bicycle parking set to take its place. The reason for such an initiative is clear. Almost 80% of people living in Amsterdam have at least one bicycle. Every day in the city, 660 thousand bicycle from one place to another. Cycling is a way of life here with an average of 400 kilometers of bike paths. This road connects almost all the canals and streets of the city, giving you plenty of opportunities to observe and explore. Take a break anywhere you like. If you wish, you can take part in special bicycle tours according to the sights you want to see. You can also take a tour of impressive buildings and architectural structures, including one that covers the length of the canals. Pick your desired tour and begin to specify all the details, from how many kilometers you will ride along the route you have chosen, to where you will see the route. Check our city guide to plan your route around the places you would like to visit. Discover the best places to cycle in Amsterdam.

    2. Utrecht is home to the world’s largest cycling park

    Amsterdam’s biggest cycling rival in the Netherlands is the country’s 4th largest city, Utrecht. There are about 23 million bicycles in a country of 17 million inhabitants. The bicycle demand paired with the bicycle parking problem in the city led to the opening of the largest bicycle park in the world in Utrecht. With a capacity of up to 12,500 bicycles, this park is open 24 hours a day. Now that the parking problem has been eliminated, you can discover the best spots in the city thanks to the bike lanes that cover every inch of the city. You can visit the city’s historic sites, canals, and parks on bicycle tours. On some Tours, guides accompany you; Learn about the city as you tour! Reach Utrecht via Amsterdam, another cycling city, and create amazing memories. Book a flight to Amsterdam for a cycling adventure. Discover the best places to cycle in Utrecht.

    3. Amsterdam’s cycling competitor Copenhagen!

    Copenhagen is head-to-head with Amsterdam when it comes to cycling. Copenhagen’s cycling success is no coincidence, coming in first in the world’s most cycling-friendly city rankings in 2019. It seems that over the years, highly innovative systems and improvements have resulted in the development of bicycle paths. In Copenhagen, an average of 2.5 bicycles exists per person, with 62 percent of people opting to bike to work or school. If you want to enjoy the most beautiful parts of the city during your visit to Copenhagen, you must rent a bicycle. There are almost 600 rentals places! Bike rental spots have a variety of options, such as classic or electric bikes. Electric family bikes are a convenient option for you if you have children. Bicycle rental prices vary according to the type, the day and time. If rent online, you can benefit from discounted rates. If you have already rented a bike, take a look at the specially organized cycling routes in Copenhagen. Passing the Nyhavn canal, you can go to Tivoli Gardens, and bicycle to numerous places in the city, such as Amalienborg Palace or Christiansborg Palace. Determine your destination in advance, and draw up a route per the list of places you wish to see. Check our guide, to view places to visit in Copenhagen. Discover the best places to cycle in Copenhagen.

    4. A cycler’s paradise in Münster, Germany

    Although cycling is commonplace in German cities, it is most popular in Münsteral. Münster represents science and knowledge and is known as the capital of cycling in Germany. Berlin is making quite the effort to steal the title, but there’s a reason why Münster is unbeatable. That’s because bicycles account for 39% of the overall traffic in the city. This figure is quite important in making the city fit for cycling. The center of the town has bike parks, rental places, and bike wash areas. Münster, which does its best to promote and spread the use of bicycles, is a cycler’s paradise. As a city with over 1200 years of history, Münster is brimming with houses, churches, and areas with the restored Old Town that bears the traces of centuries of history. To start your Münster journey, book a flight to Münster, and discover which places to visit by bike with our guide. Discover the best places to cycle in Münster.

    5. Discover every corner of Antwerp by bike

    In recent years, the Belgian city of Antwerp has the highest number of bike rentals in Europe. There are two reasons for this. The first being the city’s bicycle accessibility, and the second being the numerous opportunities provided to encourage both residents and tourists to use bicycles. You can rent bikes all over the city, use navigation systems, tour the entire city on bike trails, and park your bike in private areas. Book a flight to Brussels to reach Antwerp. Discover the best places to cycle in Antwerp.

    Things to watch out for when cycling:

    • Don’t forget to check the tires before you hit the road.
    • Adjust the settings of your rented bike according to your needs.
    • Wear protective equipment such as a helmet and knee pads.
    • Don’t wander off the bicycle path.
    • Make sure you are visible to others. Wear a high visibility jacket, and make sure your front and backs lights are on.
    • Don’t use your phone while you are on your bike.
    • Follow traffic rules.

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