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    Destinations to visit in Turkey on Valentine’s Day

    A romantic trip can be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. If Valentine’s Day is your romantic excuse and your route leads to some enchanting place in Turkey, you are one of the lucky ones. We have searched destinations to visit in Turkey on Valentine’s Day for you to have an unforgettable holiday graced with very special moments for you.

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    Abant, Bolu

    As one of the most ideal destinations for a winter holiday in Turkey, Abant is preferred by many especially when covered under pure white snow. If you are seeking for a romantic location, you should definitely add Abant to your list. You can hike around the lake and swim in Abant hotels pools overlooking the lake. If you are residing outside Istanbul and wishing to visit Abant, you can purchase an Istanbul flight ticket and travel there by bus or renting a car.

    Cappadocia, Nevşehir

    Cappadocia is one of the most dazzling destinations to spend your Valentine’s Day. You can take a hot air balloon trip in early hours of the morning with your loved ones and enjoy safari tours with ATV, horse or Jeep. Magnificent and authentic Cappadocia Hotels are waiting to provide you one of the most comfortable holidays of your life. You can purchase a Nevşehir flight ticket for a romantic and adventurous holiday.

    Kaş, Antalya

    If you are seeking to have a special Valentine’s Day holiday, Kaş is one the most beautiful destinations for a romantic and entertaining getaway. Many activities, which are not available during summer in Kaş as it can be extremely hot, are at your disposal now. You can hike along the Lycian Way or enjoy winter diving because the water temperature never falls below 16 degrees. If you are diving enthusiasts as a couple, do not forget to take the necessary equipment with you. You can purchase an Antalya flight ticket for a great Kaş holiday.

    Ayvalık, Balıkesir

    Increasing its popularity in recent years and generally preferred during summer months, Ayvalık can be alluring during wintertime as well. Ayvalık should be definitely included in the list of destinations for those seeking a quiet holiday, and you can visit art galleries or discover places like Şeytan Sofrası (Devil’s Feast), Cennet Hill, Ayazma Church, Saatli Mosque, Olive Museum and Küçükköy (Yeniçarohori). You can also enjoy a very tasty Valentine’s Day with a romantic dinner at the restaurants of Cunda Island. Purchase a Balıkesir flight ticket for a brief but great holiday in Ayvalık.

    Şirince, İzmir

    Famous for its houses built by Greeks and impressive with its 600 years of history while maintaining its natural beauty for centuries, Şirince is the prefect location to spend Valentine’s Day for a brief but lovely holiday. Letting you wander freely around its streets that are not crowded during winter, Şirince can be the ideal destination with its unique dining and shopping venues for those planning a brief holiday. In Şirince, you can visit the Church of St. John the Baptist, you can drink elderberry syrup at its streets and taste coffee baked on sand. You can purchase an Izmir flight ticket escaping from cold and snow to enjoy the warm climate of Şirince. You can easily travel to the town with a one-hour drive after renting a car at the airport.

    Islands, İstanbul

    Do not wait spring or summer and the crowds to discover the Islands of Istanbul! If you are wishing for a brief getaway on Valentine’s Day, you can purchase an Istanbul flight ticket to visit the beautiful Islands of Büyükada, Kınalıada, Burgazada or Heybeliada. You can enjoy the spectacular panoramic view at Lovers Hill in Büyükada, watch the sunset at Dilburun or visit Aya Yorgi Church. In Kınalıada, the smallest of Istanbul’s Islands, you can take a walk to Saint Gregory the Illuminator Church or Kınalıada Mosque. Touring around Heybeliada on a rented bike is a whole different thing to experience. Do not return from Heybeliada without visiting Aya Triada (Holy Trinity) Monastery. Famous for its Kalpazankaya, Burgazada is an indispensable part of the Islands Tour. You can dine here accompanied by an enchanting island view, then take a historic trip at the home of Sait Faik Abasıyanık hosting a museum and visit the Church of Agios Ioannis.


    Rize, beautiful in summer, magnificent in winter. If you are seeking a peaceful and entertaining vacation filled with natural beauties, Rize is the perfect destination for you. You can do rafting in Fırtına Valley and visit Mikron, Çağlayan, Şenyuva, Köprüköy bridges. Covered in pure white snows, Ayder Plateau is an excellent reason for a romantic holiday. Another reason to visit Rize during winter is the hot springs famous for its healing waters. Of course you should definitely not return from Rize without trying local Black Sea tastes and drinking tea in signature tulip shaped glasses. There are so many reasons to visit Rize on Valentine’s Day! You can have a perfect holiday by purchasing a Trabzon flight ticket or Artvin flight ticket.

    Ski resorts

    From Uludağ to Kartalkaya, from Kayseri to Kars, Turkey’s leading ski resorts are ideal for a romantic winter holiday. In these resorts, you can do winter sports or join trekking activities with your loved ones. Do not forget to take your ski equipment with you if you are planning a skiing holiday.

    Let Valentine’s Day be your excuse and turn a romantic trip into your precious gift! The most romantic destinations of Turkey await you.

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