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    Enjoy virtual travel from the comfort of home

    These days, many of us are staying home to minimize the risk to ourselves and our loved ones. By now, we’ve established a daily routine that may include connecting with friends, family and colleagues using Zoom, a popular video conferencing app. Yet, no matter how accustomed we’ve become to the new normal, many of us miss the pleasure of traveling and discovering new sights and experiences. Fortunately, technology offers us an alternative – enjoy a virtual tour from the comfort of your own couch!

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    Most of us have stayed home for several months at this point. During these months, we may have worked, learned how to bake or even written books. And, as social beings, we have managed to stay connected via technology or socially distanced face-to-face meetings.

    However, we may still yearn for new experiences and adventures. While travel is still restricted to a certain extent, we can satisfy these longings (somewhat) online. Creative and unique tours allow us to leave home for a while, if only virtually. Keep reading and discover some of the options available for armchair travelers!

    A day in Edinburgh, the birthplace of Harry Potter

    When J.K Rowling started writing the first Harry Potter book in Edinburgh, she had no idea the series would become so beloved. Millions of fans have visited the Harry Potter exhibits and parks worldwide. And now, you can tour Edinburgh, the birthplace of this series, from the comfort of your home. The “Potter Trail experience” includes a visit to the tomb of Tom Riddle, the inspiration for the character of Lord Voldemort, the cafe where J.K Rowling wrote the first book, and the real-life Diagon Alley. With the help of high-resolution images and Google Earth, you can see how the city shaped the tone of the books and learn details from your half-wizard guide. The tour also features quizzes and trivia on the series. Each tour is limited to a maximum of 20 computers, and the fee is 40 £ per person.

    Visit to live the Harry Potter spirit with Potter Trail.

    A view of historical buildings in Edinburgh

    A day on the farm in New Zealand

    Enjoy a New Zealand ‘nature experience’ from home: join an international group of up to 10 people for a ‘Day on a Farm’. The hour-long online tour offers a peek into the operation of a typical New Zealand farm, visiting paddocks and feeding animals, which include cows, sheep and chickens. Visitors are encouraged to ask questions along the way, and the last ten minutes of the tour are reserved for an uninterrupted landscape views, complete with the sounds of nature. Private group tours are also available. The fee is about $10 per person.

    Visit New Zealand with Arthur.

    Autumn landscape in New Zealand

    From tree to table: the art of olive oil

    Embark on an online journey that begins from an olive grove in Klis, Croatia. This tour through a family olive oil business, in operation since 1537, shows some of the centuries-old tools used in olive pressing, as well as olive oil making process and the nuances of creating quality olive oil. The online tour lasts about 90 minutes; at the end, your host will guide you through your own olive oil tasting, as you utilize your new knowledge. Up to 8 people can join the tour and the fee is about $17 per person.

    Visit the olive groves at Croatia with Marin.

    olive harvest

    Online Safari, a view of wild animals

    While the logistics of an actual safari are difficult right now, this is the next best thing: an online safari from a live broadcast made that day. The tour is pre-recorded and edited to ensure that guests can see the animals; on a real-life safari, it is possible to drive for hours without observing wildlife. In addition, internet connectivity is an issue in many wildlife areas. During the  virtual tour, you will see wild animals and can ask your expert guide questions. If you specify in advance, your guide can even prepare a tailored experience focusing on specific animals. The 90-minute tour is $250 and up to six links (12 participants) can be accommodated. Private group tours are also available.

    Visit to reserve your place at the online safari.

    Zebra in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

    Take a closer look at Brooklyn’s street art

    New York City is renowned for its street art and the borough of Brooklyn is a standout. Taking visitors along the streets of Brooklyn, this live online tour highlights the borough’s most exciting graffiti and wall murals from various art collectives. A question-and-answer session is held at the end of the tour. Up to 25 people can join the group for each tour; the fee starts at $7.

    Visit to discover the street art at Brooklyn.

    Graffiti on both sides of the street

    Learn to make pasta with Italian chefs

    This exciting virtual experience brings you to Italy, where Italian chefs instruct participants on the intricacies of pasta making. Before the session, chefs will share a list of ingredients. Have them on hand and make pasta under expert guidance! You will also learn how the shape of the pasta affects its flavor, and get tips on the right sauce-to-pasta ratios.  After this session, you may never use dry pasta again!

    Visit to find out more about the tips of making pasta.

    The restrictions we face during the ongoing pandemic are challenging, but online sessions and tours can expand your horizons while easing some of the stress. Have a new experience today!

    Creamy mushroom Italian pasta

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