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    The Lycian Way for beginners

    Set on Turkey’s southern coast, the Tekke Peninsula is the site of the ancient region of Lycia. Considered Turkey’s first long-distance trekking route, the Lycian Way is a magical blend of living history, nature and stunning sea views.

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    Where exactly is the Lycian Way? 

    The Lycian Way runs 535 kilometers in total, starting from Oludeniz Ovacik to Antalya Hisarcandir. Taking its name from Lycia, which means Country of Light, the route lies along the Mediterranean coastline, passing through natural beauties like Fethiye, Oludeniz, Butterfly Valley, Kabak Bay and Yediburunlar, as well as Patara, one of the world’s longest beaches. Kalkan, Kas, Kekova, Demre, Finike and Korsan Bay are along the route, as is Gelidonya, with the (Cape Taslik) Lighthouse, selected the most beautiful lighthouse in Turkey. It continues through Adrasan Bay and the 1,800-meter Tahtalı Dağı – also known as the Lycian Olympos and the highest summit  in Turkish and European coastline – and Tekirova, Kesme Bogaz, Goynuk Canyon and Goynuk as well as many ancient cities. The track follows the coastline, meandering over steep slopes and through beaches and harbors, plateaus and forests.

    Road signs for Lycia

    Is the Lycian Way marked?

    The Lycian Way is the first walking route in Turkey to feature the international sign system and is among the top 10 walking tracks worldwide. So don’t worry, you won’t get lost. In the 1990s, studies carried out by Kate Clow resulted in pathways being mapped and marked with red-white lines. In addition to the Grande Randonnee system are  yellow directional signs on the intersections. Trekkers can also benefit from the GPS coordinates prepared by other walkers and, of course, from the usual mapping apps.  However, the Lycian Way is clearly marked. As well, the local people are quite supportive of the walker. Feel free to inquire about fresh local products or overnight stays: residents are accustomed to Lycian Way trekkers and always helpful.

    Signs on the rock

    Where to start?

    The most important question for novices is where to start. As noted, the starting segment begins from Fethiye Oludeniz and ends around Geyikbayiri, 20 km from Antalya. Or, you can start from any point along the Lycian Way and select an ending point depending on how much time you have. In general, trekking the entire route takes between 25 and 40 days; you can set a route according to your own schedule. Route suggestions can be found at the end of this blog.

    Which season is best?

    Thanks to the mild climate of the Mediterranean region, winters are not too cold. The summer months, on the other hand, may be too hot. The most beautiful periods for walking the Lycian Way are spring and autumn; most people choose April to June or September to November, when the weather is at its best and most conducive for both walking, sightseeing, enjoying the ancient cities along the route, the nature and the stars.

    Backpacker opening his arms to the sunset

    What to bring?

    This depends on how you’re traveling. Camping along the route is a popular choice: if so, a tent, sleeping bag and other equipment is necessary. Some items that will be useful:  

    • Comfortable, waterproof hiking shoes with ankle support
    • Durable pants, shorts and slippers/flip-flops
    • A long-sleeved sweatshirt or jacket
    • A light rain jacket
    • Sufficient socks, underwear, t-shirts
    • Swimsuit and towel
    • First aid kit
    • Water bottle
    • Sunscreen
    • Sunglasses
    • Pocketknife
    • Torch and headlamp
    • Cleaning agents
    • Power bank and back-up batteries
    • Lighters or matches
    • Map and/or GPS device

    Four route suggestions for beginners


    A 12-km track. The 800m-high path at the beginning of the track is somewhat challenging, but the rest of the road is easy. Ideal for beginners.


    An easy 16-km track with accommodation and water facilities. Follow the traces of the water resources and reach unique Patara beach.

    Overhead view of Patara Beach


    This track, which mostly includes downslopes, is 20 km and of medium difficulty. The track goes through Kas and features stunning views.

    Phellos Ancient City ruins

    Mavikent- Gelidonya Lighthouse

    An easy 15-km track with accommodation and water facilities. Most important, you’ll reach one of the most magnificent places on the Lycian Way, the Gelidonya Lighthouse. We promise this will be a highlight of your time on the route.

    Gelidonya Lighthouse overview

    Pay attention!

    Water is essential when trekking the Lycian Way, and you may not always have access to a water source. Always ensure that you have sufficient drinking water. Before you set off, check to see which rest stops are open. Depending on the route, you can stay in hostels and motels or, if you’re fortunate, you may end up as a guest in the home of a villager. If you’re camping, try to get to your campsite at least two hours before sunset. Make sure you’re near a water source and, if possible, camp in a place where tents have already been installed.

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