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    4 amazing destinations for a solo summer holiday in Turkey

    Who wants to take off for a summer vacation? Probably anyone who is overwhelmed at work, bored with winter, and stuck in the overlap – so you're included. You need to start planning for the summer and check on your friends. Wait a minute! You’re already fed up with making plans that involve a cast of thousands, aren’t you? Well then. Let's take a look at these amazing destinations, selected by professionals, for the best places to enjoy solo travel.

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    1. Çıralı – Olympos – Adrasan

    These “three musketeers of Antalya” welcome loners. These places offer a peaceful environment surrounded by nature and overlooking the sea. Even better, these paradises are just a few hours away from the tourist hordes. Just think about a long beach along the deep blue sea, stretching from the Olympos Antique City to Yanartaş, and Çıralı in the middle, with neighboring Adrasan.

    Bungalows are the usual mode of accommodation in Olympos, where free-spirited youngsters prefer to stay. Beydağları National Park, perfect for swimming, is part of this antique city. In the end, if you are looking for a place with a perfect blend of seaside by day and a bohemian dance and music scene by night, Olympos is a spot-on destination.  

    Compared to rustic bungalow life at Olympos, Çıralı offers more comfort with its small pensions, markets and beachside seafood restaurants. In addition, Çıralı has a few natural wonders that appeal to visitors, including the “gate to hell” at Yanartaş, where eternal flames burn between the rocks, thanks to gases leaking from underground. You’ll want to make some friends first, however, because a 20-minute climb is required to see Yanartaş and you’ll want company, especially if you go in the evening for a better view.  Another delightful surprise in Çıralı is that it is a nesting area for the Caretta Caretta turtles. Visit Çıralı during the spawning period and, who knows, you may see tiny Carettas making their way from the sand to the sea.  

    Last, but not least, is Adrasan. This small seaside town between Çıralı and Olympos features a long sandy beach. Our favorite activities in Adrasan always include a visit to Suluada, considered by many to be the Maldives of Turkey, due to its turquoise blue sea. If you are visiting one of these “three musketeers”, you have reached the pinnacle of solo travel destinations.

    2. Mount Ida

    Going to south for the summer holiday seems like such a cliché, especially if you’re traveling on your own and looking beyond the obvious. So why not think ‘outside the box’ and head to the Northern Aegean? Kazdağları, historically known as Mount Ida, is at the crossroads of Balıkesir and Çanakkale, features views of the Edremit Gulf, and is second only to the Alps in terms of a dense oxygen environment. To summarize: this is a unique destination where you can relax and enjoy nature.

    There are so many places to see around Mount Ida: Sütüven Falls in the National Park, along with Hasanboğuldu, and Pınarbaşı, top the list. In addition, mountain villages like Yeşilyurt and Adatepe are in the must-see lists. If you’re ready for company, you might visit the yoga camps and trekking groups and make friends; just look for them near the Zeytinli Creek.

    3. Kabak Bay – Butterfly Valley – Ölüdeniz (Dead Sea)

    If you are looking for a place to get away from the wild crowds and find your inner peace, then take a walk over Fethiye’s hilly roads and down to the blue sea. After about 30 minutes, you’ll be welcomed by the sight of gorgeous Kabak Bay! Whether you decide to stay in a small pension on the hills of Faralya Village or in a bungalow near the beach, keep in mind that this is a virgin bay – no beach umbrellas, no sunbeds, no restaurants. Be prepared to surrender to nature.

    The next stop is Butterfly Valley, which is very close and very similar to Kabak Bay. There are no hotels or bungalows in this peaceful valley, so it is even more serene. Visit in the right season and, if you’re lucky, you may even see the butterflies gliding over the water.

    If you’ve had enough solitude, it’s time to visit an outstanding beauty: Ölüdeniz. This natural wonder illuminated with deep blues and lush greens one of the world’s most renowned beaches and hosts local and foreign tourists from all over the world in its hotels and at its restaurants, and cafes. It’s a great place to jazz up your solo travel. Dive into the  tranquil lagoon, bodysurf in the waves at Belcekız beach, or take a walk along the Lycian Way for a view of the pink dawn or the dazzling sunset…vivacious Ölüdeniz , contrary to its name, Dead Sea in English, is waiting for you.

    4. Kaş – Kalkan

    It is time to recommend two all-around destinations, Kaş and Kalkan. Peace: check. Good restaurants: check. A deep blue sea: check. And secluded beaches: check. These towns are part of the Antalya district, yet they are actually closer to Muğla. Thanks to the long, winding drive, Kaş and Kalkan have remained relatively less touristed compared to Turkey’s other  holiday destinations. Let’s start with Kalkan, a place famous for its infinity pools and cozy hotels. You can dine in authentic seafood restaurants, drop into Calamari Bay for a swim, and stop at Kaputaş Beach to see one of the most beautiful seas in the world before you leave Kalkan and move towards Kaş.      

    To get to Kaş, keep Çukurbağ island on your right at sunset, and hit the road towards the center of town; the island is a little bit further from the town center, if you’d prefer staying there. Kaş’s center is filled with charming shops, cafes and restaurants, and offers low-impact activities such as walking along the quaint cobblestone roads in the evenings and bargaining for souvenirs in the local shops. You can stay in a small pension or a boutique hotel, and visit the Küçük Çakıl, Büyük Çakıl and Limanağzı beaches for swimming. In addition to land-bound diversions, this is an ideal spot for diving and snorkeling.

    Travel to these destinations and get the most out of your solo travel!

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