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    How do you prepare your home before taking a trip?

    While we all have different expectations and visions of our ideal holiday, we still want to take that holiday. Since most of us can’t be on holiday all the time, our vacation days are special. We don’t want to spend a single minute worrying about something back home, if we can help it. Well, here are some critical steps to take before you leave home – so you can thoroughly enjoy your time away from home.

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    Unplug it all!

    Simply turning off your television, computer, and other electronic devices is not enough. After turning off these devices, unplug them. Why, you ask? Because unplugging these devices protects them from power surges, electrical outflows or other unforeseen incidents. Unplug everything, including the fridge. After all, it serves you throughout the year, so, it deserves a break as much as you do.

    First clean up, then off you go!

    After a fabulous vacation, do you really want to come home to a dirty house?

    Fortunately, there’s an oh-so-easy solution: take out the garbage. Toss any food that is likely to spoil (or give it to a neighbor). Check on other bins in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom and any other rooms. Taking out the garbage is the absolute simplest way to ensure that you come home to a relatively pleasant and odor-free house.

    a person dancing while cleaning the house

    But what do I do about the curtains?

    It goes like this: “if I close the curtains before I leave, no one can see inside and possibly know that I’m not home”. Then, “but if I leave the curtains open, people may think I’m home. Or, they can see I’m not home, but thieves may be intimidated because others can see in”.  And on and on. There’s never a clear answer to this question, to be honest. So, do whatever you usually do with the curtains. Please, just leave the curtains alone.

    You’re not at home, but what about the lights?

    You may have a strategy for holiday lighting. Leaving the lights off might reveal that you’re not home. Leaving the lights on, to indicate that you are home, can backfire with a high electric bill. Technology comes to the rescue with time-adjusted light bulbs! Thanks to these, and other smart devices, you have more control over your home’s lighting when you’re not around. The show can definitely go on… with or without your presence!

    Vintage style, rustic light bulbs and lighting accessories

    Alarm and camera systems: Your home protectors!

    Yes, of course you locked your doors when you left, but did you take every precaution? How about the security system? If you don’t have a security system yet, before you set off on holiday might be a good time to get one installed. Alarm systems work efficiently and are set up to notify police or other authorities in the case of unauthorized (read: break-ins) entries. Just don’t forget to disarm the alarm when you come home! In addition, security cameras are a good deterrent and can be very useful. Don’t worry, the technology and service sector are at your service!

    alarm and camera systems: the protectors of your home

    A spare key is assigned to a reliable friend!

    So, you’re out of town and a friend must undertake boring jobs while you are enjoying your vacation. Your friend should make sure to give your pet’s food, water, and show them the attention they deserve and must be extremely reliable because you are sharing your home’s spare key. You want your friend to check your home from time to time and take full authority in case of a crisis. If you do not have a responsible friend, you can immediately give up the idea of giving a key. After all, you don’t want your home to host crazy parties, right?

    handing the key to a reliable friend before taking a vacation

    The final check

    If you answer ‘yes’ to all the questions below, then you’re good to go – we promise!

    • Did you lock the doors and windows?
    • Did you turn off the taps tightly?
    • Did you set the gas cylinder and natural gas security in safety mode?
    • Did you empty your dishwasher?
    • Did you empty your washing machine?
    • Did you unplug all the devices?
    • Did you turn off the plug fuse?
    • Did you take out the garbage?
    • Did you pay the bills?
    • Did you leave a spare key with a friend?

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