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    Magical city: Paris

    Paris, one of the most visited cities in the world, is ‘une ville magnifique’, with so many places to visit, so much to do and so many different things to try out. That is why it is not so easy to spend just a few days in this beautiful city to see basically everything – or, say, to enjoy it more than a regular tourist who comes, visits all the places there are to visit and leaves. And yet, assuming you don’t have a great deal of time, it’s not difficult to enjoy yourself in this magnificent city. Here are five ‘not-so-casual’ things to do in Paris in 48 hours:

    1. Roam around

    If you are in Paris, you should spend some time just walking the streets aimlessly, following the river, finding a nice and famous ‘patissiere’, pub, cafe or bar (Do not worry, there are plenty!) to rest and reward yourselves with refreshing beverages. You also can get lost on the streets and boulevards near ‘Gare du Nord’ (Again, it is very easy to find your way thanks to the ‘metropolitain’), stop by at shops and bookstores, and enjoy the day like a casual Parisian does (Be careful and take an umbrella, though. At any point it’s liable to rain in this city!).

    2. Don’t be afraid of the dark!

    Leave the famous Eiffel Tower and Champs-Elysees at least until sunset and visit the famous ‘Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise’ while it is open. In the biggest cemetery of Paris, where famous people like Moliere, La Fontaine, Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde rest in peace You also could bump into various graves and mausoleums you didn’t know where there, providing great photo opportunities! Pere Lachaise Cemetery is open from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., and 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. on weekdays. It is unfortunately closed on weekends.

    3. Eat!

    Rather than look at what blogs tell you to do, the best thing to do in Paris is explore and find your own fabulous restaurants. For example, there are many small restaurants near Bastille. Bump into one and try it out, you will probably not regret it. Try traditional meals such as “bouillabaisse”, “ratatouille” or (especially) “escargot”. It is also a known fact that France is famous for its cheese, so do not return before you try at least a few kinds of nice French cheese – our personal favorite is “Comté”- along with some tasty French wine .

    4. Pleasing the senses

    After stopping by to see ‘Bastille’, you could go and see the gorgeous ‘Notre Dame de Paris’ and feel like you have just stepped into a  movie set with the gorgeous chimes ringing in your ears. In addition, you could stop for a moment to enjoy the remarkable views from the bridges over the Seine River, or unchain your hearts by leaving some padlocks on the famous ‘Love Lock Bridge’ that is very close to Notre Dame, or wander around Notre Dame de Paris to discover some fancy cafes and ice cream shops that are all within walking distance.

    5. Do it Montmartre-style!

    We know a visitor must see the famous cabaret ‘Moulin Rouge’ before departing (although the entrance fee is a little expensive), but do not leave the Montmartre district before seeing the other marvelous things. In Montmartre you can see the great basilica ‘Sacre Coeur’, lie on the grass or rest on the benches in front of Sacre Coeur enjoying the weather and the beautiful Paris view. Or spend some time window-shopping or choosing some souvenirs for yourselves, your friends and family, and enjoy the carousel. It is highly recommended you not leave Montmartre without contenting yourselves while listening to the amateur musicians on the streets and eating croissants bought from the ‘boulangeries’ nearby – they are definitely as good as Turkish Airlines’!

    Apart from these – and some French songs/books with which you can prepare yourselves before the trip – I recommend you watch some movies about Paris: “Paris, Je t’aime”, short love stories in/about Paris directed by various directors; “Ratatouille”, a picture about a gourmet mouse, Remy, living in a French restaurant; and “Midnight in Paris”, one of the best films of the legendary Woody Allen, which is about a writer’s life in Paris and contains stunning Paris visuals. 

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