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    The vibrant culture of Mediterranean cuisine

    The Mediterranean region is bordered by cities that have influenced the cuisine over the years, creating a rich blend of cultures with a South Eastern Anatolian twist. That is why Mediterranean cuisine consists of a variety of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish dishes. Delicious flavors are emphasized by the use of olive oil and spices. Side dishes are also at the heart of Mediterranean cuisine.

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    Yazar ekibimiz tarafından yönetilen bu hesapla, seyahat tutkunları ve keşif meraklılarının keyif alacağı blog içerikleri üretiyoruz. Özenle hazırladığımız içeriklerimiz aracılığıyla ilham vermeyi, bilgilendirmeyi, heyecanlandırmayı, eğlendirmeyi ve küçük ipuçları ile yolculuğunuzu kolaylaştırmayı amaçlıyoruz. Aynı zamanda yola çıkmanın yenileyici ve özgürleştiriciliğini sizlere tekrar hatırlatmak istiyoruz. Çünkü Tolstoy'un dediği gibi: “Tüm muhteşem hikayeler iki şekilde başlar; Ya bir insan bir yolculuğa çıkar ya da şehre bir yabancı gelir...”


    The food production in greenhouses is reflected in the cuisine of Antalya. Thus, vegetables and fruits are incorporated into many dishes. In the inner city, there is grain production. So, the food of Antalya is abundant in corn, fruit and vegetables, and are used to decorate main and side dishes. Some of the main delicacies are artichoke Girit kebab, laba dolması, zerde, hülüklü soup, cive, Alanya bohçası, tahini or tarator piyaz, toros salad. Citrus fruits are used for jams that go well with breakfast. From Alanya to Side, there are plenty of delicious dishes for you to enjoy on your summer holiday, by booking a flight to Antalya.


    Adana is a place that we can call the homeland of kebab, which is the main specialty of Turkish cuisine. The main component of this cuisine is meat, spice and plenty of herbs. From lahmacun to fellah köfte (meatballs), analı kızlı food, yüksük çorba and içli köfte; Adana is home to some of the most delicious Turkish cuisine. You can also find sakatat (giblets or speciality meats) in Adana cuisine, some must-try dishes are sirdan and kırkkat. But leave some space for dessert, such as bici bici and sarı burma. Breakfasts in Adana are unique, they start the day with liver. Don’t forget to try the drink, şalgam (turnip juice). To start the day with an unusual breakfast culture and feast on delicious meals all day long, book a flight to Adana.


    Mersin is another city famous for its meat dishes, the most popular being tantuni, a juicy meat wrap or loaf of bread stuffed with chopped meat, onion and peppers. Some other famous dishes are: Arabaşı soup, batırık, döğme rice, hummus and kerebiç. Mersin cuisine also has a rich selection of seafood. You can taste many types of fish in almost every restaurant and try other delicacies prepared with seafood. When it comes to deserts, cezerye is something you must try. Mersin also has a distinct breakfast, as the nomads, bazlama is used in place of bread and special jams and peppers from nomadic culture are also eaten. For an unforgettable culinary experience, book a flight to Adana.


    Hatay is of great importance in Turkish cuisine. With the Mediterranean to the West, Syria to the South and East, Adana to the Northwest and Gaziantep to the NorthEast, Hatay is home to a unique cuisine and a blend of many cultures. From the kebabs, side dishes and desserts, Hatay cuisine has so much to offer, dishes loaded with meat, onions and herbs. Oruk, Firik rice, İskenderun döner, şişperek soup and ekşi aşı soup, zahter salad are some of the local Hatay delicacies. You can also find muhammara, mütebbel, hummus on a table spread in Hatay. There is a wide variety of desserts in Hatay, and the first that comes to mind is kunefe. Home to numerous civilisations, Hatay, is one of the most populated centers, Antakya in particular. To discover the cuisine of Antakya, and explore brand new places, book a flight to Hatay.


    Aside from being culturally and historically rich, Kahramanmaraş is also famous for its exquisite cuisine. Home to many distinct dishes, the signature meals are Maraş köfte (meatballs) and Maraş tava. The cumin-filled Maraş köfte is served with a tomato sauce. Maraş tava is a lamb dish cooked in the oven. Tarhana soup is another important dish, that is consumed regularly by the locals. Some other must-try dishes are eli böğründe, un sucuğu (sausage), sömelek köfte, kallili köfte and acem rice. You cannot write a piece on Kahramanmaraş without mentioning icecream. Maraş icecream, that need to be sliced to be eaten, is made from creamy goats’ milk, insused with sahlep. For a pleasant gastronomical trip, book a flight to Kahramanmaraş.From kebabs, to side dishes, fruit to vegetables, Mediterranean cuisine offers a vibrant feast.

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