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    Getting the most out of sea, sand and sun: Most beautiful beaches in Kaş

    Despite the growing interest in the recent years, Kaş, the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, which has managed to maintain its naturality and beauty, is one the most beautiful holiday resorts in Turkey. We have compiled for you the beaches in Kaş where you can enjoy this natural beauty to the fullest.

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    The sea is quite glassy and clear in Limanağzı, which can be reached by the boats moving from the center of Kaş. You can meet your needs through small enterprises in this spot where enterprises cannot wear out yet. Don’t forget to take your underwater googles with you when you come here.

    Hidayet Bay Beach

    The Hidayet Bay is a place where you can reach from the center of Kaş is one of the other spots that will have you in its spell. You can meet all your needs in this bay which holds a large number of establishments. Especially in high season, we recommend you to go there in the morning. Don’t forget to watch the sunset at the Hidayet Bay.

    For a magnificent Kaş sunset, take a swim in Hidayet Bay and enjoy a stunning view from the water!

    Büyük Çakıl Beach

    By walking the center of Kaş, you can easily arrive at the Büyük Çakıl Beach, which is one of the most popular spots of Kaş, especially preferred by those who don’t have a car.

    Kaputaj Beach

    It is possible to reach the Kaputaş Beach, which is the most known beach of Kaş, by the minibuses moving from the bus terminal or your own passenger car. At first glance, the stairs may scare you, but every time you live there will prove to you that this is the right choice.

    Seyrek Çakıl Beach

    Seyrek Çakıl Beach, located right next to Kaputaş Beach, is a little quieter than other places since there is no establishment on the beach.

    Seyrek Çakıl Beach, with no commercial establishments, offers one of the calmest seaside holidays in Kaş.

    İnceboğaz Beach

    Addressing to those who want to have a peaceful holiday, İnceboğaz Beach fascinates its visitors with its calmness especially in the morning. We can say that the İnceboğaz sea is slightly warmer than other places.

    Küçük Çakıl Beach

    The Küçük Çakıl Beach is actually not a beach. Here you can swim into the sea between the rocks and, so we can say that it is not suitable for families with children.

    Patara Beach

    Patara, the most important breeding sites for Caretta caretta sea turtles in Turkey, is a stony sea. Since it is a public space, the Patara beach can be quite crowded especially in the summer months.

    To observe the Caretta sea turtles while sunbathing, go to Patara Beach in Kaş.


    The Akçagerme Beach is especially preferred by families with children. The products sold by the establishments located on the beach are quite reasonably priced.

    Meis Island

    When visiting Kaş, if you have a Schengen visa or you can obtain a daily visa, you can daily tours the Meis Island in Greece, discover this island and enjoy the sea in Greece’s inland waters.

    Buy a ticket to Dalaman and enjoy nature and the sea in bougainvillea-scented Kas, the jewel of Antalya.

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