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    For a socially distant holiday: Amasra!

    Fatih Sultan Mehmet called Amasra “Çeşm-i Cihan – the apple of the eye of the world" and it is the first known tourism area of Turkey. As it is calmer compared to other summer destinations in the country, Amasra is especially attractive to those seeking socially distant holidays.

    In addition to its pristine bays, clean beaches, calm sea and natural beauty, Amasra also features many structures from the Hellenistic, Archaic, Roman, Byzantine, Genoese, Seljuk and Ottoman periods, and was included on the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List in 2015.

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    The wild Black Sea waters tamed by a pair of bays

    Amasra, where nature is generous and historical beauties accent unique views, is an ideal destination for a peaceful seaside holiday.  

    Inkumu, Mugada, Güzelcehisar, Büyük Liman, Direkli Kaya, Çakraz Beach, Akkonak, Felengit Bay, Avara Village, Göçkün beach and Bozköy are among the swimming bays around Amasra.

    Visitors can enjoy calm and azure waters, as well as explore tree-shaded paths situated mysteriously among the rocks. Surfboard, sailboat and canoe rentals are available at Büyük Liman; sunset watching is popular from Inkumu and Direkli Kaya, and don’t forget to explore the cliffs around Güzelcehisar.

    A view from Inkumu beach

    Places to see and visit in Amasra, a small city with omnipresent history

    While Amasra is small, it has an impressive effect on visitors. From its sea-scented streets, winding through historical works dating from three millennia, to the magnificent nature of the Black Sea, Amasra is sure to enchant.

    You can start your Amasra tour from Amasra Castle, built by the Byzantines and altered by the Genoese. In the castle, you can examine the Genoa emblems and ancient figures, enjoy panoramic views of the city, and take lots of photos.

    While you are at the castle, definitely visit the Fatih Mosque. Erected by the Byzantines as a church in the 9th century, the structure was converted into a mosque during the conquest of Amasra by Fatih Sultan Mehmet. The Friday sermon is still conducted in the traditional manner, by unsheathing a sword!

    The historical Kemere Bridge, connecting Sormagir, the site of the castle, and Boztepe (Zindan), is another important structure.

    Amasra Castle and Kemere Bridge

    What’s likely to catch your eye as you observe the bridge is Rabbit Island. There is a gap in the rock at one end of the island, and it was believed that a sick person who passed through the gap would recover! Depending on when you visit the island, it may be difficult to get ınto the gap.

    It is time to cross the bridge and explore the Çekiciler Bazaar, where you can find local crafts that come alive with an artistry passed through generations. Check out the wooden handcrafted items from the craftsmen of Çekici Bazaar, where home and kitchen items made of boxwood and lime trees have been produced for centuries. These local tradesmen have contributed to the economy of the region for years, while resisting industrialization – treat yourself to a handcrafted gift and support these artisans.

    Let your next stop be the Amasra Museum, where 3,000 years of historical artifacts are exhibited. You can see items from the Ottoman period, as well as exhibits featuring Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine pitchers, gold and bronze items, and jewels and sculptures.

    For a romantic atmosphere, visit the Amasra Lighthouse! One of the oldest of the Black Sea lighthouses, this one is located on Boztepe, which blocks the waves and wind of the Black Sea. Greeting sailors from a height of 77 meters, the lighthouse is entrusted to Ahmet Bey, the fourth generation of a lighthouse family. Since the flashlight lens is operated as cyclic and wind-up, first the weight is installed and pulled up, and the flashlight crystal rotates as it goes down. Ahmet Bey repeats this process several times overnight.

    Let us take you to the ‘Weeping Tree’ – about 350 years old – while you are in Boztepe. The Weeping Tree, in the east of the island, takes its name from the moisture collected from the sea and the air, returning it back in the spring and autumn months as raindrops. Spend some time with the Weeping Tree, which is actually a cypress tree, and enjoy calm, silence and, of course, nature.

    In the meantime, we must point out that this is one of the places from which you can view the simplest, most untouched part of Rabbit Island. Rent binoculars from the cafe in the area where the tree is located and watch the rabbits hopping around the island!

    Rabbit island among trees

    What to eat in Amasra?

    Like any seaside holiday town, Amasra is filled with restaurants serving mullet and haddock,  freshly caught in the Black Sea by fisherman on top of the breakwater stones.

    In season, you will find the best anchovy and turbot here. And the best accompaniment? The Coven bread with Amasra salad, prepared with an average of 27 ingredients!

    The Amasra pita is another specialty, along with honey yogurt and sweet pumpkin pie as dessert treats. If you want to bring any of these flavors back home, stop by the Amasra market for the secret of the town’s special dishes. You can buy the most special ingredients here, from corn flour to cannelloni mushrooms – if in season – as well as blueberries, tarhana, buffalo yogurt, butter, pickles and noodles.

    Take the best photo!

    You’ll want to take photos of your time in Amasra! We’ve put together a list of some of the best photo opportunities in Amasra:  

    ● Direkli Kaya (Sunset-sunrise)
    ● Amasra Castle
    ● Bakacak Hill
    ● Boztepe
    ● Weeping Tree

    View of Amasra at sunset

    Now it’s your turn!

    Don’t wait to enjoy Amasra, which has extraordinary natural beauty and features a cape that stretches towards the sea, two bays on either side that serve as a sheltered harbor and the unique Rabbit Island!

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