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    Places to visit in Datça, the capital of tranquility

    Set on a peninsula in the beautiful district of Muğla, Datça charms visitors with its splendid nature and peaceful ambience – that Datça is off the beaten path contributes to this calmness. Thanks to a backdrop of mountains that shelter the area, Datça also enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate with higher humidity.

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    Blue Flag beaches lapped by blue waters

    The warm waters of the Mediterranean meet the cooler Aegean Sea on the coast of Datça, and the area’s Blue Flag beaches are a primary attraction. Near the center of town, Kumluk Beach is known for its shallow sea. Ilıca Pond, also near the center, features natural mineral waters that are believed to have healing qualities. And Taşlık Beach, covered with pebbles and sand, has deeper waters.


    Datça’s beautiful bays

    Three bays around Datça stand out: featuring peaceful beaches surrounded by eucalyptus and almond trees, the Hayıtbükü, Palamutbükü and Kızılbük bays, also known as the Three Graces, are among the most prominent natural beauties in the district. Legend has it that the Three Graces are named after the Hera, Athena and Aphrodite, the Greek goddesses of family, wisdom and beauty, respectively.  


    Nature activities

    The steep mountains around Datça, with Gökova in the north and Hisarönü Bay in the south, are considered ideal for paragliding, while the seas are perfect for snorkeling and diving. Another popular activity is to charter a boat and bay-hop along the coast.

    History amid natural beauty

    Datça’s history, like that of many places in Turkey, is notable. Settlements in Datça were established on Tekne Point in the Dionysian era and the ancient city changed hands during Classical and Roman times. Ancient structures in the area include the Demeter Sanctuary, the Temple of Aphrodite and the Corinthian Temple and a Roman tomb, as well as the Temple of Dionysus, a Byzantine-era church and the Street of Stairs. Near Emecik Village, the Sanctuary of Apollo greets visitors 24 hours a day with its terrace and temple remains. Datça attracts foreign tourists, especially those from Shimi and Rhodes; yet, despite its popularity, Datça has a tranquil vibe.

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    A day in Datça, from morning to night

    There are plenty of accommodation options in both the Datça center and the surrounding areas. Ranging from campsites to boutique hotels, wherever you stay, make time for at least one leisurely breakfast: the classic Turkish breakfast is even more special in Datça, with fresh plums, apricots and almonds straight from the tree.

    After breakfast, we recommend a stroll through town, where you’ll notice that many of the structures retain their original features. Then head to the market, offering handcrafted items, as well as local specialties like pine honey and the cinnamon-scented village bread.  

    In the evening, watch the sunset, then stop at a café or casual restaurant for a delicious dinner. For a nightcap, take another walk along the beach and enjoy the fresh scent of the sea and a sky filled with a thousand stars.

    sunrise in Datça port

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