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    Skiing is great at the snow-covered mountains of Turkey!

    With its imposing mountains where the snow is always plentiful, the ski resorts of Turkey offer unique winter holiday opportunities. Various cities such as Bursa, Bolu, Kayseri, Erzurum and Erzincan are among ideal destinations for skiing tours. Turkey is one of the most important destinations in Europe for winter tourism and skiing holidays. Impressive ski tracks, luxurious and elegant winter hotels and enchanting landscapes in nature... And there are many more reasons to go on a winter holiday.

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    With thousands of skiing enthusiasts and accompanied by pure white snow at the foothills of impressive mountains, winter holiday locations are home to a distinct culture. This lifestyle warming the cold weathers adds a different color to your life through winter tours beginning from metropolises to ski hotels. People who share this culture closely monitor the snow conditions at ski resorts day by day. Opening the gates to an enjoyable adventure from the routine work life, weekend ski tours offer the opportunity to rejuvenate in a short time.

    To the most snowy peaks with Turkish Airlines flights!

    We are carrying you to the snowy adventures by transporting your skiing equipment on our aircrafts. Your first set of skiing equipment not exceeding 23 kg, consisting of one pair of skis, one pair of ski poles, one pair of ski boots and one helmet or one snowboard are carried free of charge. You can visit our sports equipment page to get more information about transporting your skiing equipment.

    Gloves, helmet, glasses, rods to be worn when skiing

    Palandöken Ski Resort, Erzurum

    Boasting the highest summit in Turkey, Palandöken Ski Resort is one of the infrequent gems in the world. Being located in the coldest region of Turkey, snow quality never goes bad and the joy of powder snow skiing can be experienced as the region is crisp where the temperatures reach the levels of -40 °C (-40 F) at nights. The snow depth at the resort reaches 2-3 meters. Its tracks have a daily capacity of 32,000 people and witness international olympics organizations. Fly to Palandöken for a pleasant holiday!

    Palandöken at a glance

    Ski tracks in Palandöken
    22 tracks with a total length of 28 km. The longest track length is 12 km. There are blue, red, and black tracks in the facilities. 
    Facilities in Palandöken 
    It has five chairlifts with a capacity to carry 4,500 people an hour, one ski lift with a capacity to carry 300 people an hour, two baby lifts with a total capacity of 1,800 people and one gondola lift with a capacity to carry 1,500 people an hour.
    Height of Palandöken 
    Tracks starting from about 2,200 meters go up to a height of 3,176 meters. 
    Ski season in Palandöken 
    Skiing season starts in about late October at Palandöken Ski Resort and you can ski at its tracks in high regions until the first weeks of May. 
    Palandöken transportation 
    Palandöken Ski Resort is 15 minutes to the city center and 30 minutes to Erzurum Airport. Erzurum flights take you to Palandöken effortlessly. 
    Accommodation in Palandöken 
    Hotels ranging from 3 to 5 stars offer many opportunities such as swimming pools, fitness and spa units and Turkish baths.

    A skier at the Palandöken Ski Center in Erzurum

    Bursa Uludağ Ski Resort

    Uludağ Ski Resort, which has been hosting ski lovers since 1933, is one of Turkey’s most popular ski resorts as it is always under snow from October to April and as it is within a close proximity to Istanbul. The ski resort boasts suitable tracks for many skiing disciplines such as Nordic and Alpine skiing, as well as all other skiing sports. Uludağ’s famous sky tram offers an enjoyable trip between Bursa-Kadıyayla and Kadıyayla-Sarılan. Fly to Uludağ for a pleasant holiday!

    Uludağ at a glance

    Ski tracks in Uludağ 
    11 tracks with a total length of 25 km. The longest track length is 2 km and the total track length is 25 km at Uludağ Ski Resort.
    Facilities in Uludağ
    There are 13 lifts, 7 chairlifts, and 6 ski lifts in the facilities established on an area of 11,000 ha.
    Height of Uludağ
    Tracks starting from about 1,750 meters go up to a height of 2,435 meters.
    Ski season in Uludağ
    At Uludağ Ski Resort, the skiing season starts in December and ends in mid-April.
    Uludağ transportation
    Uludağ is 25-45 minutes away from downtown Bursa by a taxi, jitney or a minibus. Bursa Airport is an hour far to Uludağ. Bursa flights take you to Uludağ effortlessly.
    Accommodation in Uludağ
    With a bed capacity of over 3,000, there are 16 public rest and accommodation facilities in addition to 23 private tourist facilities.

    A view from world famous ski center of Bursa, the Uludağ Ski Center

    Kayseri Erciyes Ski Resort

    Mount Erciyes, which took its name from the ancient Greek word Argaeus during the era of Roman Empire, is one of Turkey’s most beautiful and magnificent mountains that is 20 km to the south of Kayseri. It is 3,917 meters high. Erciyes Ski Resort has all its infrastructure ready for winter and summer seasons and is open for sports activities all year long. It’s a win-win for all four senses for the visitors of Erciyes, as they will be able to bathe their eyes in the visual spectacle of the rare plantation and magnificent scenery of the mountain. Fly to Erciyes for a pleasant holiday!

    Erciyes at a glance

    Ski tracks in Erciyes
    33 tracks with a total length of 58 km. The longest track length is 5 km. There are blue, red, and black tracks in the facilities.
    Facilities in Erciyes 
    There are 15 mechanical facilities with a total length of 22 km. The facilities have the capacity to carry 36,000 passengers an hour. 
    Height of Erciyes 
    Tracks starting from about 2,200 meters go up to a height of 3,300 meters. 
    Ski season in Erciyes 
    While winter months allow for skiing, snowboarding and sledding, spring and summer also oer a great range of activities like trekking, climbing, mountain biking, and paragliding.
    Erciyes transportation 
    Erciyes Ski Resort is 20 minutes to the city center and 35 minutes to Kayseri Airport. The distance between Cappadocia and Erciyes Ski Resort is 45 minutes. Kayseri flights take you to Erciyes effortlessly. 
    Accommodation in Erciyes 
    While in Erciyes, you can stay in one of the large capacity hotels close to the tracks or you can opt for luxurious hotels available downtown that are just 20 minutes afar.

    Skiers at the Erciyes Ski Center in Kayseri

    Kocaeli Kartepe Ski Resort

    Say hello to days full of skiing among lush green trees and stunning views of Lake Sapanca. Standing out with its proximity to Istanbul, Kartepe offers a rare atmosphere for ski enthusiasts between Samanlı Mountains and Kocaeli Plateau. Snow depths can reach up to 200 cm. Appealing to both beginners and advanced skiers, its tracks’ lengths vary between 400 m to 3500 m. Kartepe awaits you for an enjoyable ski holiday!

    Kartepe at a glance

    Kartepe ski tracks
    There are 12 blue, red and black flagged tracks in total. The longest track is 3.5 km.
    Kartepe facilities
    There are 3 ski lifts and a 1 chair lift at the ski resort.
    Height of Kartepe
    The height reaches 1,650 meters at the ski resort.
    Kartepe ski season
    You can ski from December until March.
    How to go to Kartepe
    Kartepe Ski Resort is located 15 km from İzmit city center. You can easily travel to Kartepe by purchasing a Kocaeli flight ticket.
    Accommodation in Kartepe
    There is one 5-star hotel with 250 rooms at the ski resort. The hotel also includes a restaurant serving up to 500 guests and an indoor pool.

    A stunning view of the Kocaeli Kartepe Ski Center

    Kars Sarıkamış Ski Resort

    Snow falls to Sarıkamış Ski Resort for about 57 days a year and it stays on the ground for about 114 days. The snow thickness reaches 1.5 meters under normal winter conditions. Its snow boasts a “crystal snow” feature that is only specific to the Alps and, thus, is very suitable for skiing. The snow consisting of big crystal snowflakes doesn’t stick to one another. This makes the ski resort a center of attraction for snowboarders. 

    Sarıkamış has very favorable conditions for Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, and Tour Skiing. With an altitude at 2,500, Cıbıltepe will wow you with its gorgeous natural beauty. It has a 5-stage track with a length of a total of 12 km nestled in between pine trees. Fly to Sarıkamış for a pleasant holiday!

    Sarıkamış at a glance

    Ski tracks in Sarıkamış
    It has 9 tracks with a total length of 12 km. The longest track length is 3,500 meters. It also has a 45-km cross-country ski track, of which 5 km is certified by FIS (International Ski Federation). 
    Facilities in Sarıkamış
    It has 2 chairlifts and 1 ski lift. 
    Height of Sarıkamış
    Tracks starting from 1,738 meters go up to a height of 2,958 meters. 
    Ski season in Sarıkamış
    It offers skiing between December and March.
    Sarıkamış transportation
    Sarıkamış Ski Resort is 50 km to Kars Airport. The hotels at the ski resort provide their guests with bus services to the airport. Kars flights take you to Sarıkamış effortlessly.
    Accommodation in Sarıkamış
    There are over 1,200 beds at 12 tourist facilities. Although the hotels do provide food service, feel free to taste local delicacies in Sarıkamış and Kars such as Kars goose, piti, and hangel.

    The ski slope of Sarıkamış Ski Center in Kars

    Denizli Nikfer Bozdağ Ski Resort

    Located in Denizli’s district of Tavas, Nikfer Bozdağ Ski Resort is the largest ski resort of Aegean region. Nikfer Bozdağ Ski Resort is established 2300 km2, the total length of tracks is 11 km. There are no accommodation facilities in the ski resort providing day-trips for its guests. Offering a variety of options for food & beverages, Nikfer Bozdağ promises great moments full of skiing. Nikfer Bozdağ awaits you for an enjoyable ski holiday!

    Nikfer Bozdağ at a glance

    Nikfer Bozdağ ski tracks
    There are three 12-kilometer-long tracks for beginner, intermediate level and advanced skier. The longest track is 1,700 meters.
    Nikfer Bozdağ facilities
    There are 2 ski lifts and a 1 chair lift at the ski resort with a capacity of 2,700 persons per hour.
    Height of Nikfer Bozdağ
    The ski center is located at an altitude of 2,420 meters.
    Nikfer Bozdağ ski season
    Depending on seasonal conditions, you can ski for about 3.5 months throughout the year.
    How to go to Nikfer Bozdağ
    Nikfer Bozdağ Ski Resort is located 85 km away from Denizli city center. You can easily travel to the ski resort by purchasing a Denizli flight ticket.
    Accommodation in Nikfer Bozdağ
    There are no accommodation facilities at the ski resort. Denizli hosts skiers in various hotels at its center.

    Mountain view from the Nikfer-Bozdağ Ski Center in Denizli

    Isparta Davraz Ski Resort

    Davraz Ski Resort is situated 26 km to the southeast of Isparta provincial center. It is a place that allows you to glide alongside with the spectacular view of Lake Eğirdir. The geographical features of Davraz make it possible to do other outdoor sports in addition to skiing. 

    Boasting a soft natural texture and perfect snow quality, Davraz Ski Resort provides beginner level skiers with safe routes and professional skiers with unique tracks reaching about 8 to 10 km where they can ski to their heart’s content. 

    The altitude of the ski tracks varies between 1,650 meters and 2,150 meters that can be reached with the current mechanical facilities. In addition, it’s a big advantage for skiers that there is no avalanche and disappearance danger. Davraz’s tracks provide both amateur and professional skiers with the opportunity to do Nordic skiing, Alpine skiing, tour skiing, and snowboarding. Fly to Davraz for a pleasant holiday!

    Davraz at a glance

    Ski tracks in Davraz
    12 tracks with a total length of 23.5 km. The longest track length is 4 km. There are blue, red, and black tracks in the facilities. 
    Facilities in Davraz 
    There are 4 mechanical facilities. 2 chairlifts with 2 seats in each, 1 ski lift (T-bar), 1 automatic grip bubble chairlift with four seats.
    Height of Davraz 
    Tracks go up from 1,650 meters in hotels region to 2,344 meters high. 
    Ski season in Davraz 
    You can ski from December to April in the third region where the automatic grip bubble chairlift with four seats is available. 
    Davraz transportation 
    Davraz Ski Resort is 30 km to the city center, 60 km to Süleyman Demirel Airport, and 140 km to Antalya Airport. Davraz Ski Resort is 400 km to Ankara and Izmir, 180 km to Denizli, and 300 km to Muğla. Isparta flights take you to Davraz effortlessly. 
    Accommodation in Davraz 
    A four-star hotel with 280-bed capacity SDU guest house with 84 beds an auberge with 55 beds 6 mountain hostels with 44 beds, and three mountain cafeterias.

    Ski enthusiasts climbing the Davraz Mountain

    Erzincan Ergan Ski Resort

    Ergan Ski Resort has a big potential when it comes to mountain skiing sports as Erzincan is surrounded by mountains. It has been playing host to various mountain skiing contests since 2013. Mount Ergan offers an 180-day skiing experience where the natural snow remains for the longest in Turkey. It draws tourists from both home and abroad for the variety of activities like mountain and ice climbing, trekking, paragliding, water skiing, and horse safari in addition to skiing. Fly to Ergan for a pleasant holiday!

    Ergan at a glance

    Ski tracks in Ergan
    4 tracks with a total length of 8.7 km. The longest track length is 2.8 km. There are 4 mid-difficult tracks in the facilities. 
    Facilities in Ergan
    It has a sky tram and chairlift facility boasting Turkey’s longest lifts with lengths 1,800 m, 2,662 m, and 2,455 m. The mechanical facilities have the capacity to carry 3,700 people an hour. 
    Height of Ergan
    Tracks starting from 1,738 meters go up to a height of 2,958 meters. 
    Ski season in Ergan
    You can ski for 6 months of the year. 
    Ergan transportation
    Ergan Ski Resort is 12 minutes to the city center. You can use private cars, taxis, and mass transportation vehicles. Erzincan flights take you to Ergan effortlessly. 
    Accommodation in Ergan
    There are many luxurious hotels in Erzincan city center. The city center has various stores where you can shop for many sports disciplines such as winter sports and hunting.

    Ski slope with a mountain view at the Ergan Ski Center in Erzincan

    Kastamonu Ilgaz Ski Resort

    Ilgaz Ski Resort is located on Ilgaz Mountains with a height of 2,850 meters and within Ilgaz National Park. In general, a foggy air dominates this place, which has a natural structure surrounded by fir trees. Skiers will also have the opportunity to watch these unparalleled beauties. This ski resort where down sloping is generally slow is most preferred by beginner level skiers and those who want to improve their skiing skills. You can ski on powder snow in all tracks. Fly to Ilgaz for a pleasant holiday!

    Ilgaz at a glance

    Ski tracks in Ilgaz
    There are 2 tracks with a total length of 2.8 km. The longest track length is 1.5 km.
    Facilities in Ilgaz
    There is one moving walkway, one chairlift, and one ski lift serving in the tracks. There are also top model (range table) chairlifts with 4 seats.
    Height of Ilgaz
    The height of Ilgaz Ski Resort is 2,000 meters. The height difference from the starting point to the arrival point is 400 meters.
    Ski season in Ilgaz
    The skiing season at Ilgaz Ski Resort starts in December and continues until April.
    Ilgaz transportation
    The distance between Kastamonu Airport and Ilgaz Ski Resort is 40 km. It is also 40 km to Kastamonu provincial center. Kastamonu flights take you to Ilgaz effortlessly.
    Accommodation in Ilgaz
    Kastamonu is a friend of all budgets with many hotels within the ski resort as well as luxurious alternatives that are located in Kastamonu provincial center for those who prefer opulence.

    Ski slope of Ilgaz Ski Center surrounded by trees covered with snow.

    Sivas Yıldız Mountain Ski Resort

    Sivas is one of the world’s rarest gems for housing thermal facilities and the joy of skiing together. Yıldız Mountain-Sıcak Çermik connection offers both the winter tourism and the thermal tourism opportunities together. 

    Yıldız Mountain Ski Resort offers various summer sports options such as camping and mountain biking in addition to winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and trekking. Water sports like diving and jet skiing can be performed on Lake Yıldız; on the foothill of the namesake mountain. Fly to Yıldız Mountain for a pleasant holiday!

    Yıldız mountain at a glance

    Ski tracks in Yıldız Mountain
    There are 7 tracks with a total length of 10 km. The longest track length is 2.2 km.
    Facilities in Yıldız Mountain
    There is 1 ski lift, 2 chairlifts, 2 moving walkways, 1 indoor ice rink, and 2 one-day facilities at the ski resort.
    Height of Yıldız Mountain
    Starting at 1,720 meters, the tracks are as high as 2,330 meters.
    Ski season in Yıldız Mountain
    The skiing season at Yıldız Mountain Ski Resort starts in December and continues until April.
    Yıldız Mountain transportation
    You can get to Yıldız Mountain from Sivas city center by taxi or bus in 45 minutes. You can get to ski center from Sivas Airport in 1 hour. Sivas flights take you to Yıldız Mountain effortlessly.
    Accommodation in Yıldız Mountain
    The facility with a total of 38 rooms has 36 standard rooms and 2 junior suites. There is also a 110-bed hotel with a magnificent mountain view.

    A man skiing at the Yıldız Mountain Ski Center in Sivas

    Elazığ Hazarbaba Ski Resort

    Hazarbaba Mountain is located at Elazığ Sivrice district and its height is 2,347 meters. Located on this majestic mountain, Hazarbaba Ski Resort offers impressive moments to its visitors with its breathtaking Lake Hazar scenery. Hazarbaba ski tracks requiring carving for descent are the favorite of professional skiers. The Ski Resort providing service with advanced facilities stands out with its nearness to transportation centers. Hazarbaba awaits you for an enjoyable ski holiday!

    Hazarbaba at a glance

    Hazarbaba ski tracks
    There are 8 ski tracks, total 3 km long. The Resort includes ski tracks both for amateurs and professionals.
    Hazarbaba facilities
    It accommodates a 1,700 meter long teleski and cafeteria.
    Hazarbaba height
    The tracks are located at an altitude of 1,850 meters.
    Hazarbaba ski season
    The ski season starts in late December and continues until the end of March.
    How to go to Hazarbaba
    Hazarbaba Ski Resort is located 30 minutes away from Elazığ city center, and 22 minutes away from Elazığ Airport. You can easily go to Hazarbaba by purchasing an Elazığ flight ticket.
    Accommodation in Hazarbaba
    There two major hotels with 100 and 150 beds located at the coast of Lake Hazar 6 km away from the Ski Resort, also Elazığ city center includes many high qualitiy hotels.

    Lifts at the Hazarbaba Ski Center in Elazığ

    Tunceli Ovacık Ski Resort

    Are you ready to display your skills on the snow covered mountains of Tunceli? You should join the magnificent setting that Ovacık Ski Resort offers to snowboard and ski enthusiasts. The resort welcomes both amateurs and professionals. 300-meter long babylift allows children and beginners to ski safely. The length of its track enables the ski resort to host international competitions. Ovacık awaits you for an enjoyable ski holiday!

    Ovacık at a glance

    Ovacık ski tracks
    The track with a total length of 1.2 km also includes 300-meter long babylift track.
    Ovacık facilities
    One chair lift with a capacity of 100 persons, one snow crusher and one snow bike are available.
    Ovacık ski season
    The resort offers opportunity to ski for about 5 months of the year.
    How to go to Ovacık
    Ovacık Ski Resort is located 1 hour 20 minutes away from Tunceli. By purchasing your Erzincan flight ticket, you can travel from Erzincan airport to Ovacık in around 3 hours.
    Accommodation in Ovacık
    There is an accommodation facility with a capacity of 35 rooms and 70 beds at the ski resort.

    The lift of the Ovacık Ski Center in Tunceli

    Ladik Akdağ Ski Center

    If you are looking for snowy landscapes in the natural splendor of the Blacksea region, then Ladik Akdağ Ski Resort in the Ladik District of Samsun is for you. This center offers slopes both suitable for beginners and more experienced skiers, makes it a pleasant ski holiday location for children. Reach the top of the 2 thousand altitude peak of Ladik Akdağ Ski Center and enjoy the spectacular landscapes of snowy nature. Create unforgettable memories at Ladik Akdağ!

    Ladik Akdağ at a glance

    Ladik Akdağ slopes
    Boasting 6 slopes, with the longest slope being 3,500 meters long, this center has slopes suitable for beginner and experienced skiers.
    Ladik Akdağ facilities
    It is home to a 1,350-meter long chairlift. There is also accommodation, restaurants, etc. As well as sports facilities such as ski rental, sledding, ATV safari and snowmobiling tours available.
    Ladik Akdağ height
    Ski from heights of 1500-2000 altitude at Ladik Akdağ ski center.
    Ladik Akdağ ski season
    The ski season starts at the end of November and lasts until mid-March.
    Ladik Akdağ transport
    Ladik Akdağ Ski Center is 50 minutes away from the city center of Samsun and 20 minutes from Ladik city center. Book a flight to Samsun to reach Ladik Akdağ.
    Ladik Akdağ accommodation
    You can stay at hotels that are within walking distance from the ski center.

    A man skiing at the Ladik-Akdağ Ski Center in Samsun

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