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    The best European cities to visit with your children during semester break

    In semester break, many families prefer to spend their holiday in child-friendly hotels instead of overseas tours. There are many opportunities in Europe for children to travel and learn at the same time. We have listed the best European cities to visit with your children during semester break between 21 January 2018 - 01 February 2019 this year.

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    London, England

    As one of the most visited destinations of Europe, London have many options not only for adults but for children as well. With its museums, the majority of which are free of charge to attract children, parks, huge toy stores and special events for children, London is the perfect choice for the semester break.

    In Victoria and Albert Museum, one of the largest museums of the city, you can see toys from 60’s to 70’s and participate to special guided tours and events organized here for children. Science Museum is another destination that can be discovered by children. Here you can gain information on various topics including space to the formation of Earth. Children can also participate in workshops held at the museum.

    At Hyde Park which is London’s largest park, you can ride a horse or watch deer in Richmond Park with your children.

    London’s largest and oldest toy stores are places that your children will never want to leave.
    Especially if you have a child who loves Harry Potter, London is one of the cities that will make your child happiest. Special tours organized for the Harry Potter movies almost entirely shot in London can be of interest to both you and your children. In addition to all, London Zoo, which is the oldest zoo of the world, can be another alternative for you to spend enjoyable times with your children. Here, you can see 750 different animal species and participate in special tours.

    Paris, France

    Paris is one of most romantic cities of the World, but it is a great destination for a family holiday as well. The first thing that comes to mind when saying family holiday and Paris is of course Disneyland. This is a place where both adults and children can spend almost an entire day with great fun. You can spend adventure filled moments in Disneyland’s amusement parks and meet with various Disney heroes from Mickey to Elsa.

    In Paris, the home of the most beautiful museums of the World, you can introduce famous art works to your children like Mona Lisa in Louvre and in other museums like Orsay, Rodin, Picasso and Versailles. The children who watched the animation of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, can see where Quasimodo spent his days in the Church of Notre Dame. You can also enjoy Paris view with your family from the Church’s tower.

    Who does not love chocolate? Whether you’re an adult or a child, the Chocolate Museum appeals to us all. You can learn the history of chocolate from Americas to Europe and participate in a chocolate making workshop.

    While touring Paris, you can encounter with Guignols Puppet shows organized since 1818 in central locations like Rond Point des Champs Elysees or Jardins de Luxembourg.
    Harry Potter fans can visit Harry Potter’s alchemist friend Nicolas Flamel’s house as well. Built in 1407, this house is also the oldest house of Paris.

    Jardin D’Acclimatation is a park in service since 1860 and accommodating farm animals and a historic carousel. You can watch theater and puppet shows in certain days of the week.

    Billund, Denmark

    Whether you are an adult or child, doesn’t always Lego come to mind when asked about toys? Some built homes, some built cars. We made our mothers happy when we spent several hours playing with Legos. Even for one reason only, the birthplace of Lego, Billund, is probably among our best family vacation destinations. The city hosts Lego factory and the World’s first and largest Legoland. Legoland is divided into 10 separate sections. Miniland and Duploland is the two sections attracting our small children. In Miniland, you can tour towns, landmarks of the World and much more, all made up of Legos. Various events are also organized for children in Duploland. The water park which was added in 2009 and activity centers offer a lot more than souvenirs made from Lego. Had better to say it first; the only question that will come to your mind when touring Legoland will be: How did they do it?

    Apart from Legoland, you can visit Givskud, Denmark’s largest zoo, in Billund. At the zoo where you can see more than 700 animals like, elephants, giraffes and gorillas, the big cats will catch your eye as well.

    Having a vibrant and distinct air, touring the town of Billund and visit Vandel Museum can also be delightful.

    Tyrol, Austria

    Tyrol, the joint city of Austria and Italy, is a perfect children’s paradise. Established at the foothills of Alps, the southern region of Tyrol is famous for its ski resorts. The most prominent of these hotels are the children hotels completely focusing on and providing services to children. Here, children are able to take lessons for winter sports on tracks prepared exclusively for them and participate in various activities. Do not forget to take your ski equipment with you when travelling to Tyrol. In addition, there are also many activities that the whole family can participate. You can have fun with your children at theme parks, feel the excitement on speed trains prepared exclusively for children at regions of the Alps located in Tirol, or you can visit special zoos and see animals in their natural habitat. It is also a good idea to follow cultural events in Tyrol organized for children. You can purchase a Salzburg flight ticket or Munich flight ticket for an enjoyable family holiday in Tyrol.

    Rust, Germany

    Located in the city German of Rust near the French border and being Europe’s second largest theme park after Paris Disneyland, Europa-Park is a great destination both in winter and summer. Established on 16 acres, Europa-Park hosts water slides, special toys, a square where shows are organized and hotels. Offering attractions with related concepts in winter months, the park also has special adventure trains riding on snow covered terrain, 1 ski school and some restaurants where you can taste special dishes. You can purchase a Basel flight ticket or Stuttgart flight ticket to travel to Rust for Europa-Park.

    Bansko, Bulgaria

    Both for its close location and being budget friendly compared to other destinations, families with children prefer Bulgaria’s Bansko town for ski holidays. With its ski resorts, hot springs, special tracks designed for children and beginners, Bansko is one of the most popular skiing destinations of Europe in recent years. There is a special ski learning park for children aged 4 to 7 years old in Bansko. Additionally, three children lifts are operated by supervisors in the ski resort. You can buy a Sofia flight ticket for a ski holiday with your children in Bansko.

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