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    Make it more than a holiday: Travel can bring new job opportunities!

    According to research, in recent years travel is no longer just about ‘having a vacation’, the younger Y and Z generations are looking for different experiences on their travels…

    Have you ever considered going on holiday to exert energy? Or to restore by learning new things rather than resting? That’s up to you, but before making up your mind, take a look at a list of recommendations we have compiled for you. You never know, a trip away may help you discover latent skills and may even provide new exciting job opportunities.

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    1. Try your hand at pottery in Cappadocia!

    Cappadocia isn’t just hot air balloons, fairy chimneys, underground cities, and vast valleys. You must visit Avanos, named after the art of Avanos, from the masters. This is the art of pottery. A practice passed down from generatşon to generation, come and meet the artists that transform a skill learned from elders into a work of art. Firstly, you will need to make a ceramic paste from redd soil and clay. When the dough is ready, head to the wheel. This part is down to your imagination. Even with time and effort, it is no easy feat! To learn how to make pottery and try something new on your trip, book a flight to Nevşehir.

    2. Prepare simple yet impressive flower arrangements in Tokyo!

    The Japanese are incredibly talented when it comes to flower arranging. There is even a name for this art: İkebana. This art emphasizes the beauty of each flower. You can learn philosophy, styles, and colors needed to create beautiful arrangements. There are courses scattered across Japan, but Tokyo is the ideal location for Ikebana training. Book a flight to Tokyo and begin your İkebana adventure.

    3. Collect mushrooms in Istra!

    The Istra region of Croatia has grown in popularity amongst those seeking gastronomic experiences. Participate in private tours organized by experts to discover the variety of mushrooms in the Istra region and extensive information about its use. As part of the tour, you can pick mushrooms in the forests of Motov accompanied by hunting dogs. Book a flight to Pula to reach Istra. Remember that you can collect black mushrooms at any time of year, but for White mushrooms, you should plan your visit for September and October.

    4. Collect coffee beans in coffee fields!

    If you are fond of coffee and find yourself dreaming of becoming a barista or opening your coffee shop, then you must discover the world’s best coffee farms around the world. Learn about coffee on the coffee farms of Brazil, Mexico, India, Vietnam, Kenya, Guatemala, Indonesia, Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Ethiopia. Witness the laborious process of making a cup of coffee from coffee beans in Mexico at Veracruz, Oaxaca, Cordoba, and Chiapas. In Brazil at Sao Paulo, Rio das Flores, Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo, Baha, Parana, and Rondonia. In India at Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Buôn Ma Thuột in Vietname and Kiambu in Kenya. Get lost in the coffee field of Costa Rica at San Jose. Afterward, discover coffee fruits with the farmers and witness the process of kernel processing such a drying, roasting, grinding and baking.

    5. Greet the sun at Goa!

    What do you say to a special yoga training at the birthplace of yoga? There is training available to both beginners and those look to become yoga practitioners at Goa, India. You can enroll in a wide range of schools that süit your needs and attend private yoga classes. Goa offers such a wide range of possibilities and is viewed by yogis worldwide as the first step towards yoga training. Book a flight to Goa, and start a whole new chapter in your life.

    6. Learn the art of chocolate making in Brussels!

    Don’t just eat chocolate in Brussels, one of the best chocolate makers in the world. Go to the Belgian Chocolate Village to the secrets and make your very own chocolate. There are also private workshops available by the leading chocolate brands in Brussels. Book a flight to Brussels and make your own spicy, herby, or dried fruit chocolates. You may want to return with your new-found knowledge and open up your chocolate shop!

    7. Make rose water or rose oils in Isparta!

    Isparta lies in an area of lakes within Turkey, and the roses that grow around the lakes are quite famous. In May and June, visit the rose garden in the town of Güneykent in the early morning, collect roses and observe the story of the development of a rose, from seedling to harvest. There are several things that roses can be utilized. You can make rose oil, rose water and even perfume. Why not make a business out of it? Note that the rose harvest continues from mid-May until the end of June. Don’t miss out on the rose season; Book a flight to Isparta now. Remember to take pictures in the beautiful rose fields.

    8. Make the glassware in Venice!

    No matter where you are in Italy, you will find items such as trinkets and jewelry made of glass in gift shops. You can visit Murano Island for raw material and make glassware as you see fit. Reach Murada Island by booking a flight to Venice and learn the intricate details and tricks in the art of glassmaking.

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