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    9 things to do in Kaş, the pearl of the Mediterranean!

    Picturesque Kaş is a seaside gem that offers something for everyone. With beautiful bays, quaint restaurants and historical sites, visitors can enjoy paragliding, snorkeling and diving, as well as exploring ancient cities and savoring local dishes.

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    Whether you stay in a boutique hotel, a bungalow or a campsite, you can access the sea from almost anywhere in Kaş.  If you desire a swim in more remote locales,  hit the road and discover the pebble beaches of Limanağzı bay, reachable only by boat. There’s also Kaputaş, famous for the 240 steps leading to the beach, and next-door Patara Beach.

    For the ultimate Kaş experience, rent a boat and cruise along the coastline, stopping at each beach that appeals to you. The first step in a delightful and socially distanced holiday!

    Here are some suggested stops during your boat tour around Kaş:

    • Blue Cave!
    • Maradi Island
    • Five Islands
    • Başak Island
    • Ufak Dere Bay
    • Güvercin Island
    • İnönü Bay
    • Akvaryum Bay
    • Tersane Bay
    • Sunken City
    • Simena (Kaleköy)
    • Yağlıca Bay
    • Çamlık Bay
    • Aperlai Ancient City
    Aerial view of Kaputaş Beach


    Summer holidays along the seaside generally involve fresh seafood! Certainly, fresh-caught fish are abundant in the restaurants of Kaş. But there’s more: a special ice cream made of goat’s milk has a distinctive smoky and caramelized flavor – the perfect snack for a gorgeously sunny day.  

    As well, pan-fried ice cream has arrived in Kaş, and you can enjoy it with a variety of ingredients!

    ice cream prepared in a pan


    Turquoise seas and calm bays make Kaş one of the world’s best places to dive; there’s diverse marine flora and fauna, as well as underwater history. In addition, although the water cools to around 17-18 degrees in the winter months, it’s a warm 25 degrees in the summer.

    Two sites in particular stand out – the Flying Fish and the Canyon. The former features the wreckage of an Italian Savoia-Marchetti SM79, a three-prop fighter jet downed by anti-aircraft fire during the bombing of Meis Island, in World War II. The remains of the plane lie at a depth of around 65 meters; over the years, it’s become home to a wide variety of marine life, including the endangered grouper, banded breams and leer fish. You might also come across stingrays or the Caretta Caretta sea turtles. As there are strong currents, the Flying Fish site is not recommended for beginning divers, unless accompanied by an experienced dive guide.

    Plane Wreck in Kaş

    Stretching between two islands, Canyon is a narrow strait featuring perpendicular walls that start at 20 meters and rise up to 30 meters. The site features the Dmitri shipwreck, at a depth of 42 meters. Sunk in 1968 after hitting a mine, the vessel offers unique opportunities for underwater photography.  In addition, a tunnel-shaped cave contains crustaceans such as lobsters and crabs, as well as sponges, anemones and more.

    Caretta Caretta in the sea in Kaş


    Running from Fethiye to Antalya, the 550-kilometer Lycian Way is one of the most beautiful hiking routes in the world and the Kaş-Limanağzı segment of the path is just steps away from town. Along the route, you’ll find the city of Sebeda, a small settlement dating from the Lycian period featuring tombs, rock graves and cisterns. You can also visit the Antiphellos Ancient City, another Lycian-era settlement, known as Habesos or Habesa in the Lycian language. Hostels and campsites are available along the route.

    One who hikes the Lycian Way


    Kaş and the surrounding area offer plenty of opportunities for exploration. For starters, there are the picturesque villages of Çukurbağ and Kaleköy. Demre, dating from the 3rd century B.C., and the rocky island of Kekova, known for its bays and its submerged ancient city. There’s also beautiful Saklıkent Canyon, as well as tiny Meis Island, with a museum and a Byzantine-era church.

    Kekova submerged by waters


    Kaş has an atmospheric vibe that never overwhelms. Strolling narrow streets in the evening, listening to melodic jazz merge with the sound of waves, sitting at an outdoor café with sea views, or even just resting on the balcony of your room…there’s no need to rush anywhere.  Speaking of jazz,  there are a number of cafes with live music and, in August, the annual Kaş Jazz Festival takes place. This year’s Festival runs from August 28 to August 30.  

    Saxophone player at a jazz bar


    There’s no shortage of excitement in Kaş either. Paragliding is popular, as is whitewater rafting in the Köprülü Canyon, or swimming and tubing in the Göynük and Saklıkent Canyons.

    Rafting in Saklıkent Canyon


    Kaş and the surrounding area behind the Çukurbağ Peninsula contain natural campsites amid clear seas and magnificent nature. In addition to free camping areas in many parts of Kaş, there are also campsites owned by private establishments. The best include Çıralı-Olympos, Maden Bay, Adrasan, near the Phaselis Ancient City, Korsan Bay, İncekum, Kalkan, Lake Avlan, Demre and Patara …

    A tent pitched on the beach


    It’s unthinkable to be in Kaş and fail to witness the spectacular sunrises and sunsets. For the best (and most romantic) views, head to the highest points of the Kaş Ancient Theater and the Çukurbağ Peninsula. Or observe from the water: private boat tours for sunset watching are also available.

    Sunset in Kaş

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