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    Time for golf in Antalya

    In recent years, Turkey has emerged as a prominent golf destination. Particularly in the coastal regions, a mild climate and the opening of golf courses at international standards have drawn golfers to Turkey; as well, the numerous tournaments held in the country attract both athletes and fans.

    In Antalya, especially, Belek has evolved into a remarkable golf center with high quality service. Why Belek? We have answers to this question and more, along with a summary of the best golf centers of the world.

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    Optimal conditions for golf make Belek the perfect destination

    Belek is the most preferred destination for golf tourism in Antalya. While sea, sand and sun are the usual draws for tourism in the south, Belek is different. We can say with some confidence that the number of golf courses and the favorable conditions for golf have had a highly positive impact on the development of tourism here.

    Visitors from around the world and Turkey visit Belek, either to play golf or watch the games. Awarded Europe’s Best Golf Destination in 2008 by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators, there are 27 golf courses, in total, in Belek. As a golf paradise due to its climate and nature, the courses are full during the high seasons, which are March to May and October to November. Reservations are booked six months before and, sometimes, the courses cannot accommodate the high demand.

    General view of a golf course in Belek

    Why do golf enthusiasts prefer Belek?

    It is no coincidence that the golf courses in Turkey, especially in Antalya, draw visitors from all over the world. Most of the guests coming from Europe have already been to countries such as Spain and Portugal, and have played golf there. While Europe has fine courses, the amenities offered by Antalya are significant and include hotels that offer easy access to the courses, as well as the high quality of both the hotels and the golf courses. The 5-star service offered by hotels, advantageous prices and, most important, the quality of the golf courses themselves, have succeeded in creating a difference. As a result of developments in golf tourism and the construction of courses at world standards, Turkey has also become a host for worldwide golf tournaments.

    Friends playing golf

    The new address of golf tournaments: Antalya

    When is the golf season and which tournaments are taking place? Golf events that have taken place in Turkey since 2010 include the following.  

    • The Challenge Tour, the first leg of the European professional golf tour, was organized in Turkey in 2010, together with twenty-two countries. 
    • Qualified as the most important event of the world in golf tourism, The International Golf Travel Market (IGTM), was held in Belek in 2011. 
    • Defined as the Olympics of golf and held every two years, The World Golf Championship was organized in Turkey in 2012. 
    • The Turkish segment of the World Corporate Golf Challenge took place in Belek on April 5-7, 2013. 
    • The Turkish Airlines Open Golf Tournament, organized by Turkish Airlines, is considered one of the most prestigious sports events worldwide. 
    • The Turkish Airlines Open Golf Tournament was held from November 7-10, 2019 in Antalya. In addition to Justin Rose, the champion of the last two years, notable golfers such as Austrian Bernd Wiesberger, the general class leader in the European Tour; 2016 Masters champion Danny Willett, from the United Kingdom; 2018 Masters champion Patrick Reed from the USA; the 2018 British Open champion Italian Francesco Molinari and the 2019 British Open champion Shane Lowry participated in the tournament.  

    These events and others have powered Antalya and Turkey into becoming one of the most important centers for golf.

    A marvelous golf course in Antalya

    Where is golf played? The best golf centers in Antalya

    Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort

    Designed by Colin Montgomerie, one of the most well-known golfers in the world, the Montgomerie Maxx Royal is one of the grandest and largest golf facilities in Belek, and hosted the Turkish Airlines Open Golf Tournament last year.

    Gloria Golf Resort

    Featuring the largest golf training facility in Turkey, the Gloria Golf Academy offers a complete training opportunity for golf lovers who want to become professionals.

    Regnum Carya

    This is the first classical golf club of Turkey. Built by Thomson Perrett & Lobb Golf Course Architects, founded by Peter Thomson, a five-time British Open champion, the Regnum Carya Golf Club’s course is considered among the best. It is also one of  the rare clubs in Turkey with the right to hold 18-hole international tournaments. 

    Cornelia Diamond

    Working together with prominent names in the golf world, David Leadbetter offers services at Cornelia Golf Club and Cornelia Hotels Golf & Spa under the Leadbetter Golf Academy. You can start your golf experience with one of the most professional teams in Antalya.

    Titanic Deluxe

    Set along the Beşgöz river and the host of many golf tournaments, the Hotel has a golf course with a total of 27 holes in three different combinations. 

    Sueno Golf Club

    Set on an area of 150 hectares, the golf course at Sueno Golf Club has 36 holes in total. Trainings and opportunities for each level, on two different courses amid lakes and pine trees, are offered for golf enthusiasts.

    Kaya Palazzo Golf Resort

    Located in Belek, Antalya, the Kaya Eagles Golf Club is the number one preference for those passionate about golf and serves with the experience of the Eagles Charity Golf Club, the most prestigious golf club of Europe.

    Antalya golf course

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