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    The best glamping in Turkey

    This summer, a priority when planning a vacation is the ability to maintain social distance. Thanks to glamping – a term coined by melding ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’ – it is possible to enjoy a fun and relaxing holiday that complements rustic nature with modern conveniences. Glampsites feature spacious tents with bathrooms, lighting and ventilation; some even have separate lounge rooms! Some glamping areas also offer bungalow or caravan options. Keep reading to discover more about Turkey’s glamping culture!

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    Turkey’s nature and natural beauty are alluring, especially for those of us who have been staying home in urban areas. But basic camping may not be suitable for everyone, and that’s where glamping comes in – providing comfort, nature and relaxation along with social distancing.

    Each glamping center in Turkey has distinctive attractions and activities. In addition to swimming and hiking, many offer yoga, fishing, organic farming and bicycle tours.

    Club Amazon, Marmaris

    In Marmaris, Club Amazon is a secluded glampsite in a pine forest. Accommodation options include bungalows, colorful caravans or stone rooms; each features its own bathroom and some have skylights. While Club Amazon is a few minutes’ walk from the beach, intrepid boaters can borrow a canoe and row along a forest stream that flows into the sea. A short journey delivers guests to a peaceful cove.

    Click here to get detailed information about Club Amazon.

    Mona Glamping, Seferihisar

    Located in Sığacık, Seferihisar, a quiet district of Izmir, Mona Glamping is ideal for a relaxing break. Less touristy than Çeşme or Alaçatı, it is much quieter. In fact, Seferihisar is the first in Turkey to be designated a Slow City. The title is bestowed by the International Union of Municipalities, established in Italy, and 70 criteria must be met to obtain the designation. Seferihisar especially is notable for its sensitivity in supporting local producers. There are four markets per week, one of which is organic, where local producers can sell their products. As well, an important goal is to produce local seeds.  Mona Glamping, just 5 kilometers from the center of Seferihisar center, offers an eco-friendly holiday away from both the crowds and the uniformity of globalization.

    Click here to get detailed information about Mona Glamping.

    A view from Sigacik village in Seferihisar.

    Kozluyalı, Ayvacık

    You may experience some light-headedness when you arrive in Kozluyalısaf, at the foot of the Kaz Mountains. This is due to the extremely fresh air and, possibly, from watching squirrels leap from tree to tree. Come during harvest time and pick your own olives – while you can’t eat them immediately, the olives on your table are from the area’s groves. With the sea of Assos at your feet and trees above your head, you’ll discover ultimate relaxation. If you yearn for a touristic activity, you can visit the nearby Assos Ancient City.

    Click here to get detailed information about Kozluyalı.

    Morkoyun Camp, Karaburun

    Karaburun, connected to Izmir, is a lush peninsula known for its beautiful beaches and bays. Morkoyun Camp is in the town of Mordoğan in Karaburun and if you want to be near the sea, this glampsite, close to two beaches, is for you. In support of local producers, most of the dishes cooked in the kitchen have ingredients gathered from the surrounding gardens and orchards. Fresh fish is usually on the dinner menu – and, if you bring fishing gear, you can catch your own!

    Click here to get detailed information about Morkoyun Camp.

    A magnificent bay view from Karaburun, Izmir

    Vadi Alaçatı, Çeşme

    If one of your holiday objectives is to minimize your impact on nature, Vadi Alaçatı, an ecological boutique hotel, may be the ideal destination. Offering capsule rooms made of recycled wood, the hotel uses solar energy. You can collect your own vegetables from the hotel’s gardens, gather eggs from the hen house, and wander among olive groves and lavender bushes. In the evenings, you can select a movie to watch in the open-air cinema.

    Click here to get detailed information about Vadi Alaçatı.

    Kocabahçe Glamping, Bozburun

    Set on an island, Kocabahçe Glamping is a secluded holiday spot far from the crowds. Accessed via a short boat trip from Bozburun Germe Bay, Kocabahçe is considered by its guests to be a place where “the soul can reset”.  Various workshops are offered, as well as fishing, swimming and table tennis. Or, just take it easy.

    Click here to get detailed information about Kocabahçe Glamping.

    A view from Bozburun peninsula in Marmaris

    Bonjuk Bay, Gökova

    At artsy Bonjuk Bay, guests are summoned to dinner by the sounds of a gong.  Yoga and meditation sessions are held on the beach. There’s a studio for musicians and gallery space for artists, as well as impromptu performances and exhibitions. The cuisine is mainly vegetarian and sometimes fusion. It’s an intimate, warm atmosphere in a lovely and secluded space.

    Click here to get detailed information about Bonjuk Bay.

    For a holiday that offers nature, comfort and social distance, consider one of Turkey’s finest glampsites!

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