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    Warm holidays during winter: 7 island reccomendations

    In the height of winter, you will be snuggled up at home, sat by the window, listening to the patter of the rainfall or watching the snow descend as dark clouds plume across the sky. Don’t wistfully watch the onset of winter, while others enjoy the sun and warmth of other climates. You too could feel your soft warm sand as the gentle winter sun shines and not just at great holiday destinations but beautiful islands. Make your dreams come true; Check the list of islands we have compiled for you and hop on the next plane.

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    1. Beach fun and city exploration at Phuket

    Phuket is just the place for winter sun, sea and sand holidays. Home to numerous heavenly islands, each more beautiful than the next, Ko Phi Phi Island, Ko Hong, Racha Islands, James Bond Island and Monkey Island stand out. Discover the islands one by one on a tour. Meanwhile, enjoy the clear turquoise waters of the world’s most stunning beaches. Swimming is great but why not pack your diving gear and take it to the next level? Prepare to swim with incredible sea creatures and marvel at the lush flora. The vibrant beauty of the underwater world deserves to be captured, so we highly recommend that you take an underwater camera with you. Swimming, diving and enjoying the beautiful sea is lovely but set aside time to explore Phuket. Take a look at the list of essential city spots to that we have compiled for you.

    2. Enjoy the Maldives, the essential island of honeymooning

    What comes to mind when you think of the Maldives? White beaches, crystal clear seawaters and bungalows? What else? The joyful pictures of couples posing on Instagram are no coincidence. The Maldives is a famous honeymoon spot. With Cocoa Island, coming in as the most popular honeymoon destination in the Maldives. We didn’t add the Maldives to our list of places to travel alone, as it isn’t fun being single among honeymooning couples. On the other hand, it’s a great spot for families as the seawater is rather shallow. Cocoa Island or anywhere in the Maldives would make for a great family dive, there are a variety of boat tours and cruises to choose from. The best Maldives’ dive spots Nassimo Thila, Gurufushi Thila or Okobe Thila can be easily reached from cruises by small boats called dhondi. View the sea creatures in hordes, against the backdrop of coral, and sponge of the natural habitat. For an unforgettable adventure, book a flight to Male.

    3. Swim with fish, stingrays and giant turtles at Seychelles

    Seychelles is comprised of 115 islands on the Indian Ocean. Just imagine how peaceful you will feel in the sunshine, in the bright blue sea, and on white sands. Mahe, Coco, Cousine, Praslin and Curieuse Island, are the must-see islands at Seychelles. There is a peaceful feel to Mahe that you will sense as you mingle with the locals and stroll through the island’s busy markets and shops. Have a relaxing holiday away from crowds in Coco, immersed in blue tones of the island. Enjoy the unspoiled nature of Seychelles on the uninhabited island of Cousine, known as an unmanned island. Praslin Island with the famous Georgette beach is another beautiful island in which you can enjoy the calm sea and lush nature. Make the most of it by renting a bike and scale the forests and beaches. If you want an exciting adventure go diving. Immerse yourself in the deep blue waters at certain dive sites and swim with an average of 150 different species of fish or giant stingray in the spectacular sea. Don’t forget to swim the giant turtles of Curieuse Island. Book a flight to Seychelles for an unforgettable journey.

    4. Prepare for surprises at the Canary Islands

    An island in Africa of European land, that lies on the Atlas Ocean and is ruled by Spain, this the Canary Islands. Geographically speaking, the island is split into two regions. Las Palmas and Santa Cruz Tenerife. Las Palmas; Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura and the islands of Tenerife are La Gomera, Tenerife, La Palma, and El Hierro. These islands are perfect for a sea, sand and sun holiday as well as for diving. Tenerife is very distinguished in this sense, as one of the best diving spots in the world. There are many places to do scuba diving or free diving, especially on the coast of Puerto Colon and Costa Adeje. Be sure to advantage from the diving tours these places have to offer. Sea, sand, and sun in the warm and inviting climate of the Canary Islands can sometimes catch you by surprise, it can get unexpectedly windy. Which is great for surfing! Hit Fuerteventura with your surfboard and enjoy the strong wind. You can also surf at Corralejo. Bear in mind that the best time to surf in the tidal is when the water rises. Book a flight to Gran Canaria now and explore the Canary Islands.

    5. Live like an Englishman at Barbados in the Caribbean

    While everyone is hibernating in the winter, you will be bathing in the cool shade of a palm tree on soft sands. Sip on tea and listen to the sound of waves beating on the shore. Tea is the keyword, as this island, Barbados, although having gained sovereignty is still under British influence. It is quite a small island in comparison to the others, so much so that you can explore it from top to end in a day. You can even go on an island safari tour, explore the most beautiful spots of the island and swim at amazing beaches. On the tour, find a nice spot to make memories and watch the majestic sunset. Book a flight to Bridgetown and have yourself a peaceful holiday.

    6. Days and nights in the Dominican Republic

    The Dominican Republic has changed in recent years and become on the best holiday destination in the Caribbean. In spite of this, it is not as crowded as the other islands. If you are looking for a quiet, serene holiday during the winter the Dominican Republic is for you. This level of peacefulness can only be experienced during the day as the city comes to life at night. Awakening with the bustling within houses and places, people start dancing on the streets. Now for the beaches. Prioritize the Punta Cana, Las Terrenas, Samana, Bayahibe, Sosua and Playa Rincon beaches. The seawater varies from region to region. The waters are colder in the South and North is windier. Therefore, apart from swimming you can try diving in the South and surfing in the North. You can also take part in other activities such as parasailing or jet skiing. Book a flight to Punta Cana to get to the Dominican Republic.

    7. Swim in the still seawater of the Indian Ocean at Mauritius

    Mauritius is an island country in East Africa and formed as a result of volcanic activities that took place a million years ago. This island in the Southwest of the Indian ocean does not succumb to the raging ocean waves, like the other islands, because coral reefs surround the island in such a way that it calms the water. Apart from swimming, these calm waters also offer sailing and surfing opportunities. This is not limited to the islands. You can get a ticket to Port Louis and sunbathe on unspoiled beaches and dive into the coral reefs. Don’t forget to take underwater walking tours.

    Stay up on your flight during landing and takeoff and enjoy the breathtaking views!

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