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    Go forth into nature! What camping essentials will you bring with you?

    To ensure an enjoyable camping trip, make sure you pack high quality camping gear. We have compiled a list of all the camping essentials, from tents, sleeping bags and all the necessary bits and pieces you need to make the most of your adventurous trip. Make sure to pack all your essentials and leave the rest to us, as we carry your camping gear. Take a look at the great variety of camp sites in Turkey and prepare for a comfortable, exciting trip. Don’t forget that you can make use of all these camping gear requirements on holidays or at festivals.

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    1. Tent

    Tent choice is quite important, it will be your temporary shelter, after all. Bear in mind that you do not want to be lugging around an unnecessarily large tent for a small number of people. A small tent may also be insufficient. Make sure to pack a tent suitable for the season, there are waterproof tents that keep you warm during the winter. You can also opt for a two-door tent that keeps away insects. Take a look at roof tops tents which are increasingly popular in recent years.

    2. Mat

    The next step is a camping mat, the thicker the better, as your will protect yourself from the cold ground. A thick mat also prevents the bottom of the tent from getting wet in rainy weather. We recommend inflatable mats, as they are thick, comfy and easy to carry.

    3. Sleeping bag

    Another camping essential is a good sleeping bag. You can also use beds, duvets and pillows from beds, but a sleeping bag that is easy to carry, comfortable, and suitable for nonhygienic environments are far better. A snug sleeping bag will keep you cozy and warm during the night and can be used in the tent or on a mat. It is wise to purchase a sleeping bag for summer and for winter camping. Make sure to calculate the climate correctly, you can find temperature degrees written on sleeping bags. It may be worth asking those that have travelled there what kind of sleeping bag they used to camp. In cold climates, make sure to wear thick clothes, such as a jumpsuit, made to fit your height.

    4. Cutting tools

    It is best to have a blade, knives and an axe handy for heating and cooking. If you’re going to a private camp, house knives will do the trick. If you are camping in the wilderness, we recommend sharp and portable folding knives made by a good brand.

    5. Cooking ware

    When you think of camping, campfires come to mind, as delightful as they might be, they can also be harmful to nature. Campfires can be potentially dangerous. There are less harmful options, such as gas stoves. Secondly, a good fork, knife and pot set is also essential. Titanium and aluminum cutlery are ideal. There are also small sized cookware sets with foldable handles for easy packing. You should also search for foldable tableware set, which contain many kitchen utensils. If you plan on travelling by car, it is worth purchasing foldable tables and chairs.

    6. Clothes

    Weather-suitable clothing is key. It is important to pack clothes that you can wear during nature activities while camping. On your camping adventure, you can take thermal or non-sweaty clothing with you. It’s worth packing a sturdy pair of boots suited to the season and activities you will engage in.

    7. First aid kit

    Nature is full of surprises, and a first aid kit is as important as a tent or sleeping bag. Your first aid kit should be comprised of plasters, gauze’s, bandages, oxygenated water, scissors and a first aid handbook. Also, pack: painkillers, medication for nausea or constipation-diarrhea, burn or antibiotic creams and insect repellent. Before camping, read up on heart massage and allergic reactions.

    8. Lighting

    There are some essential lighting items you need to light up your tent to enjoy the evening. Torch lights and tent lambs as well as land flashlights will definitely come in handy on your camping trip.

    9. Hammock

    A camping hammock is one of the greatest pleasures when it comes to camping. There’s nothing better than dozing off on a hammock while reading a good book, surrounded by nature. That being said it is hard to doze off on rope or knitted hammocks, although they make for great photos. Make sure to take your weight into account when buying a hammock. There are specially produced sponge mats you can place on your hammock, to maintain warmth and ensure a good rest.

    10. Walkie Talkie

    Whether you choose to camp by the sea or in a forest, it is well worth putting your phone aside and purchasing a walkie talkie. That way, you can disconnect and surrender to the beautiful surroundings.

    11. Garbage bag

    When you have all the necessary materials for the camp, another important item that comes to mind is garbage bags. It is our duty to leave the environment clean every time we return. A garbage bag is among the most important things you should pack.

    12. Bag

    In order to carry your precious camping gear, you need a useful camping bag. 50-liter camping bag can hold plenty of gear, that has proper back, waist and shoulder support. Likewise, ensure that the fabric is durable and light. It is also worth getting a camping bag with raincoat.

    13. Don’t forget these!

    In addition to the indispensable camping equipment we have listed for you, there are other things that you may need to make your life easier. The prominent ones are as follows: a spare charger, wet wipes, a whistle and a rope, Music is another essential key for a pleasant camp trip, so don’t forget to bring your speaker.

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