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    Where to go for New Year: 12 great places to celebrate the 2021!

    New Year means new hope, new stories, and new adventures. New Year celebrations bring people together from across the globe, from culture to culture, but all share the same sentiment: Hope. For those of you wondering “Where should I celebrate New Year?” we have compiled a list of 12 spectacular places, so get to planning, and start the new year in a brand new location!

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    1. New Year excitement in New York!

    The glittering skyline of New Year’s Eve in New York is all the more dazzling at this time of year, with hundreds of thousands of people flocking to share New Year’s Eve joy on the most famous streets of the city. It’s impossible not to get caught up in the Christmas spirit with the many Christmas trees that adorn the New Year’s markets on streets bursting with Christmas spirit! Book a flight to New York to join in the “Holiday Train” event at Grand Central Station and countdown to New Year at Times Square.

    2. You are invited to a romantic New Year in Paris

    Spend New Year’s Eve in Paris and experience the sparkling views of Paris. Lighting preparations are complete by the end of November lighting and the magic of Paris is enhanced by dazzling Christmas lights. Spend hours perusing the vibrant New Year markets set up in the Tuileries Garden and La Défense. Paris’s most famous avenue, the Champs-Elysees (Champs Elysees), is the place to go to join the countdown fervor. Many of Paris’ famous museums may be closed during the new year, but must-see places in Paris such as the Eiffel Tower, The Opera Garnier, the Musée Grévin, the Centre Pompidou and the Tour Montparnasse are open to visitors. If you are looking for a romantic New Year, all you have to do is book a flight to Paris.

    3. Discover the splendor of New Year in Rome

    An incredible New Year experience awaits you in Rome, the city of love. Thousands gather at the historic Colosseum on New Year’s Eve, to count down “cinque, quattro, tre, due, uno…” with great enthusiasm to the sounds of the sword of gladiators. Get the chance to see the spectacular New Year’s firework display. To make a wish at the Trevi fountain, hang out on the Spanish Steps, and admire the city views from Gianicolo Hill by booking a flight to Rome.

    4. Exciting New Year celebrations in London!

    If you’re planning to spend New Year’s Eve in London, the arts and culture center of Europe, you’ll witness some of the city’s most glittering moments. Walk down Regent and Oxford Street in Central London and take in the glittering Christmas sights. You chat at boutique cafes in Carnaby Street, see the city’s biggest Christmas tree in Covent Garden, and join in the Christmas joy at Winter Wonderland, where the city’s famous Ferris wheel is located. For all this and more, book a flight to London.

    5. Enjoy the Istanbul Bosphorus views at New Year!

    The breathtaking Bosphorus views of Istanbul are revered. Those who spend New Year’s in Istanbul are rewarded with a more special view: a glistening Bosphorus. Istanbulites gather in Taksim, Nişantaşı and Kadıköy districts on New Year’s Eve to welcome the New Year. If you want to join the countdown fun, you can take a stroll through the central squares in these areas. Book a flight to Istanbul to join in the New Year excitement. You can also check our First stop Istanbul page to discover the city “classics”.

    6. Chocolate-filled Christmas at Brugge

    Famous for its chocolate and waffle delicacies, the canal city of Brugge is perfect for those who want to spend Christmas taking in delicious scents. At the New Year markets in the central parts of the city, you can find interesting types of chocolate. New Year’s Eve is approaching, and we recommend that you take a look at the ice rink in the Grote Market area. The ice sculpture exhibition right next to the runway is a must-see.

    7. A 3-day 3-night long New Year in Tokyo

    Tokyo is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. New Year’s celebrations span three days, from 1-3 January. Here’s a little tip for you, greet people celebrating the New Year with the phrase “Aki mashite omedetu gozaimasu”. Tokyo gleams on New Year’s Eve, wreathes hang from the doors, a handle of rice called “simenava,” decorated with fern, lobster and citrus. It is believed that this wreath exorcises evil spirits and brings more prosperity to the home. If you want to discover new cultures this New Year, you can book a flight to Tokyo.

    8. New Year in Rovaniemi: A heart-warming fairytale

    What better place to experience the Christmas spirit than the city of Rovaniemi, which connects Finland to the poles? Covered in white sheets of sparkling snow during the New Year, Rovaniemi is lit up by colorful New Year’s markets set up in November. These markets are adorned with Christmas trees and sculptures of many fantastic creatures that belong to Finnish cultures, such as the elves and trolls. If you want to buy Christmas cards for your loved ones and take some Christmas photos, you can consult the Elf-dressed employees at the Santa Clause Main Post Office! Adventurous souls can go on a “husky” safari, and families can enjoy sledding on a deer safari. To enjoy the Christmas festivities in Rovaniemi and more book a flight to Rovaniemi.


    9. New Year in Cappadocia with magical views

    A mystical New Year experience and fairytale holiday await you in Cappadocia. How about waking up to the New Year with charming views of snowflakes floating past fairy chimneys? Would you be interested in a romantic New Year’s Eve next to a rustic fireplace in a thousand-year-old stone house? If you want to enjoy a New Year’s Eve socializing and dancing, there are plenty of options available; just look at the hotel schedules. For a mystical New Year, book a flight to Nevşehir!


    10. New Year in Luxor: Time travel in New Year

    Luxor, built on the ruins of Thebes, one of the most powerful cities in Ancient Egypt, is now considered to be one of the world’s open-air museums. Even the air of this city, which has witnessed civilization for thousands of years, smells of “history.” If you’re planning welcome in the New Year in Luxor, you might want to consider going on a boat tour of the River Niles. On the boat tours, you get to see many of the famous temples of Luxor (Karnak, Hatchepsut, Luxor). The New Year’s Eve party will also be on board. If you want to celebrate New Year on land, you explore the Temple of Luxor and its surroundings. For an antique New Year adventure, book a flight to Luxor now.

    11. A vibrant New Year in Casablanca

    Casablanca is the subject of films and one of the most touristic Moroccan cities on the Atlantic Coast. The hotels turn into attractions with special Christmas programs. Those that want to start the New Year amongst the city crowds can gather in the squares in the main parts of the city. Those looking to try the local cuisine and buy handmade products can explore the old Medina area. Those who want to explore the cafe from the Casablanca movie can go to Rick’s Cade Americain and have a Christmas dinner in a romantic atmosphere. Check our webpage to book a flight to Casablanca.

    12. Tropical New Year views in Bali

    We have the perfect idea for those who want to start the New Year in an exciting tropical landscape rather than a snowscape can head to Bali for New Year’s Eve. Although the weather is likely to be rainy 12 months of the year, Bali is one of Indonesia’s most touristic destinations and attracts many visitors on New Year’s Eve. To wake up to the New Year in tropical forests paired with stunning ocean views, and sunbathe on warm sands, pack a bag and book a flight to Bali.

    Happy New Year!

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