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    There are so many reasons to visit Turkey in the winter!

    Spectacular landscapes await you in Turkey. Although beautiful all year round, winter in Turkey is one of a kind, and host to a variety of activities that utilize the powers of nature, from snowy mountains, icy lakes to warm spring waters. Let’s find out what winter activities you can try in Turkey.

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    1. Hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia

    Riding the hot air balloons that drift across white-clad fairy chimneys is a must-do activity during the winter in Turkey. If you don’t feel up to riding a balloon, it is worth the incredible views, especially during sunrise, as the balloons drift against the backdrop of snowy landscapes. Book a flight to Nevşehir and explore Cappadocia!

    2. Ride sleighs at Çıldır Lake

    Sleigh riding is a must when in Kars. Ride sleighs on the frozen Lake Çıldır and immerse yourself in the frosty nature. Sleigh riding on lakes has become quite trendy lately.

    3. Fishing on ice

    Not only can you sleigh ride at Lake Çıldır, but you can also fish in the icy lake, too. Cut a hole in the surface of the icy lake, submerge your fishing line in the water and catch a lake fish. Book a flight to Kars, for a winter holiday in the heart of nature.

    4. Go a thermal spa resort

    One of the most pleasant activities to enjoy in the winter is a visit to a thermal spring. An alternative treatment for numerous ailments, the mineral waters average 40 degrees and are not just therapeutic. These waters also help to relax the body and thus relieve stress. Find out how you can refresh your mind, body, and soul and discover the best thermal spas in Turkey.

    5. Ski

    Turkey is a skiing paradise. From Bursa to Kars, almost every location has the perfect setting, the latest equipment, and ski resorts with established high-quality services. You can indulge in numerous winter activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. Find out more about the best ski resorts in Turkey, here.

    6. Climbing up a waterfall

    It may seem a little strange, but you can climb a frozen waterfall in Erzurum. Ice floes reaching a height of 300 meters of freezing waterfalls in the Uzundere district is the perfect winter opportunity, especially for climbers, looking for alternative ice climbing destinations. In addition, you don’t necessarily have to be a professional, ice climbing training is also available to beginners. For an adventure-filled experience, book a flight to Erzurum.

    7. Trek at Abant

    Bolu is another great alternative, especially for those planning a trip to Istanbul or those that live in Istanbul. Bolu is a city escape for Istanbulites and an ideal getaway from the city for pure relaxation. Bolu, beautiful all year round, is all the more spectacular in winter. The lush scenic views covered in powdery snow reveal the most stunning sights. Stroll along the shore of Lake Abant to take in the views.

    8. Go to the Snowman Festival

    The Snowman Festival is held annually at the Ayder highland in Rize since 2007. This year the festival will take place between January 24-26. As part of the event, you can participate in races, join in the folk dance of the Black Sea region on the snow-covered land, and watch local artists at concerts or ski with inner tubes. Book a flight to Trabzon, then rent a car to reach the Snowman Festival.

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