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    8 golden rules for getting the perfect holiday photo

    What are our favorite photos? Holiday photos – of course! When we look at our holiday photos, they take us back to our happy places and our special moments; they remind us of great times and motivate us in our daily lives. And, even if vacation pictures aren’t your favorite genre of photography, you can still make them wonderful. To ensure your perfect holiday snaps and also your glory on social media, we present 8 golden rules for the perfect vacation photos.

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     1. Let the setting take a leading role

     Local details, however tiny, have an enormous impact. Such details could be as commonplace as the sign on a restaurant in a different city or as atypical as the blade of a windmill. What does the detail do? It reflects where you are and brings the atmosphere into the picture. Coniferous trees evoke fresh breezes, while beach umbrellas suggest summer. The elements that suggest the identity of your location also shape the character of your photo.

    A busy Hong Kong street

     2. Step out of the ordinary light

    The sky is blue, the clouds are white, the trees are green … but sometimes nature breaks its own rules. You catch a sunset – the sky turns purple. The sun disappears for a moment – the clouds are black. Different moments reveal themselves in pictures. If something intrigues you, try photographing it at different times during your holiday. You never know when the perfect photo will materialize.

    Two hills under purple clouds

    3. Focus on the tiniest details

     We’ve included ‘details’ twice because details are so important. There’s a historical tower in one photo, but the focus is different: mossy stones at the base come to the forefront in one; an inscription in another.  The tower remains the same, only the detail has changed. The photographer’s perspective and the details on which they focus transform the entire composition. But you don’t need to photograph the magnificence that you encounter on holiday as if you are on a mission. Take a good look first, envision what that particular building or setting makes you feel. Then, make those details the focal point of your photo.

    An old temple in Madrid

    4. Popularise uncommon locations

    You are in Paris, so naturally you have a photo of yourself in front of the Eiffel Tower. Admittedly, everyone who goes to the Eiffel Tower feels obliged to do so. However, the main objective is to discover that place that takes you to a different point than anyone else, and document it. The multitudes who have been trying to make the Leaning Tower of Pisa straight have disappeared on the dusty shelves of history. The time is to reveal your uniqueness and collect all the likes on social media.

    Woman enjoying morning view on the Eiffel tower

    5. Add your character to your photos

    You are usually behind the camera. However, every set of vacation photos should include pictures of the one on vacation. Therefore, from time to time, transfer camera duty to someone else and face the lens yourself. This is your wonderful holiday and, of course, you should be in the photos. Your Instagram followers don’t just want to see the places you go, they want to see you there, too. Come on, strike a pose and show your energy. Everyone is waiting for you to share that new photo.

    Woman taking photos with a DSLR camera

    6. Capture the feel of the atmosphere

     When it comes to travel photography, cities and landscapes are first to come to mind; the human factor can be forgotten from time to time. Your holiday photos should not consist only of buildings and landscapes. The flow of life is equally if not more interesting. So, don’t wait for people to move out of the way before you snap; frame them and press the button. Include humans in your photos and the atmosphere will manifest more fully.

    People walking in a crowded street

    7. Don’t forget to take pictures of food

    Traveling is not just seeing exciting new places. Travel is a big picture with a wide range of experiences. Food plays a very important role in a holiday. Take photographs of the local specialties that you eat and see. Think about it – when you look through your pictures, you encounter those flavours again…you may even be inspired to look up the recipe and make that dish at home!

    Taking food photos via smart phone

    8. Edit your photos before sharing

    Untouched photos are beautiful, but if you can make them even better, why not? Photo apps enable anyone to create amazing effects with small touches. Mobile photography has evolved, and there are numerous apps for photo editing. You can sample various filters, and adjust the contrast, colour and clarity settings using any of these applications before hitting the Share button. Of course, if you trust your scenery and photos, #NoFilter can also be an impressive option.

    Editing photos on a smartphone

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