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    8 romantic cities to visit on Valentine’s Day

    Some desire to walk with their loved one hand in hand in quiet streets, some enjoy luxurious restaurants. Some like partying, some prefer quite moments. Everyone has a plan for Valentine’s Day. A brief getaway is our answer to those wishing to give an unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift to their loved ones. We have searched the most romantic destinations of the world for this beautiful gift.

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    Paris, France

    Without doubt, Paris is one of the most romantic cities of the world. Especially in winter and if it is snowing, you don’t have look for anything else but enjoy the beauty of this city. You can sit and relax against the Eiffel Tower view, watch Paris from Pont des Arts or may even propose to your loved one. The most famous avenue of Paris, Champs-Elysees is where you can walk hand in hand with your beloved. You can also visit Le mur des je t’aime (I love you : the wall) and Museum of Romantics. This city offers many alternatives for a romantic dinner date. If you are looking for a unique evening, you can try dinner cruises on River Seine. Do not forget to make a reservation in advance for these cruises. Like the famous Louvre, there are many more museums you can visit and see the world’s best artworks. You can purchase a Paris flight ticket for a great romantic holiday from start to end.

    Verona, Italy

    Italians have a motto; ‘if you love someone, bring them to Verona for Valentine’s Day!’. One of the ideal destinations for lovers is Verona. In addition to its deep heritage and beauty, this city is the home of Romeo and Juliet. Do not return without visiting Shakespearean star-crossed lovers’ house on Via Capello. Valentine’s Day is celebrated illustriously in the city thanks to the special Verona in Love Festival. Verona is painted in red and adorned with colorful lights during this festival. You can have pleasant moments in the ice rinks established at Verona’s largest squares. You can watch the enchanting Verona city from Lamberi Tower, and see Santa Anastasia, Santa Maria Antica, Verona Cathedral, San Giorgo in Braida, San Fermo Maggiore or Ponte Castello. You can lose yourself in colorful streets of Verona and taste favorite Italian flavors in small and local trattorias. Other places to visit in Verona are Erbe and Bra Squares, Arena di Verona, Verona Cathedral, Torre Dei Lamberti, Madonna Fountain and Mazzini Avenue for shopping. You can purchase a Venice flight ticket or Bologna flight ticket if you are curious about Verona.

    Brugge, Belgium

    Distinctly beautiful each and every season, the medieval city of Brugge is one of Belgium’s most romantic cities. You can take a boat trip on Brugge’s channels, try handmade chocolates or its famous waffles called Gaufre accompanied with a coffee warming your heart in cafes alongside the channels. A visit to Brugge is not complete without tasting steamed mussels served with perfectly cooked frites. Landmarks to visit in Brugge are Burg Square, Grote Markt, St. Salvator Cathedral, Historium Museum, Gruuthuse Museum, Minnewater Park, Old St. John’s Hospital and Bell Tower. You can purchase a Brussels flight ticket to fully discover this enchanting city.

    Prague, Czech Republic

    With its Baroque & Gothic architecture and magnificent castles, another fairytale city is Prague. This city, where you will feel as if embarking on a magical historic journey at every step you take with your loved one, will impress you profoundly. Known as the heart of Prague and the city’s oldest square – Old Town, Astronomical Clock Tower, Charles Bridge and Prague Castle are among the must-see landmarks of Prague. You can immerse yourself in music performed by street artists around Charles Bridge or taste famous flavors of the city following the scents coming from each street corner. You can purchase a Prague flight ticket to discover all of the historical and artistic wealth of this city.

    Budapest, Hungary

    An enjoyable Valentine’s Day holiday filled with loving moments awaits you at the capital of Hungary, Budapest. Divided by Danube into two parts as Buda and Pest, the city offers you great dining opportunities on river cruises while fully enjoying Budapest views. As the country’s center of art and culture, Budapest hosts various special events. Check out the concerts in Budapest Opera House before your travel. Walking along the Chain Bridge and watching the panoramic city view at Buda Castle are among the best things to do in Budapest, and wonderful romantic alternatives for the perfect Valentine’s Day. Relaxing in the city’s thermal springs and pools famous for their healing waters is another great alternative for a winter holiday. You can purchase a Budapest flight ticket for a romantic and tranquil holiday.

    Seville, Spain

    Although Barcelona and Madrid come to mind first in Spain, Seville is another great authentic and romantic destination. Located along the shores of Guadalquivir River, Seville beholds a rich and deep-rooted history. With its cathedrals, small squares, palaces, museums and towers, Seville is the ideal destination for those who desire a Valentine’s Day holiday offering rich sightseeing options. You can take a romantic walk along Guadalquivir River accompanied by sweet Spanish tunes rising from alleys and taste delicious flavors in famous Tapas Bars. Plaza De Espana, Torre Del Oro, Sevilla Cathedral, Giralda Bell Tower are also worth seeing in Seville. You can purchase a Malaga flight ticket to discover Seville.

    Lisbon, Portugal

    Lisbon is another ideal choice for the ones wishing a romantic Valentine’s Day. With your loved one, you can ride the Elevador da Gloria nostalgic funicular or take the boat tour departing from Doca do Bom Sucesso near the historic Belém Tower and watch the glorious sunset on Tagus River. 2.5 hour guided tours in which you visit Lisbon’s historical attractions and delicious restaurants are another alternative. You can dine with your loved one immersed in Fado tunes and taste Nata, a dessert unique to Lisbon. Chiado Square and Baxia district are great alternatives for a romantic walk and shopping. Other places worth seeing in Lisbon are Padrão dos Descobrimentos (Monument of the Discoveries), Pena Palace, Praça de Commercia, Jeronimos Monastery, Oceanario de Lisboa, St. Georges Church, Belem Tower, Batalha Monastery, Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga and Rossio Square. You can purchase a Lisbon flight ticket for a charming Valentine’s Day holiday.


    As an island state in the Mediterranean with a distinct aura, Malta can be the perfect choice for a Valentine’s Day holiday. You can stroll around the labyrinthine narrow streets of Malta and watch uniquely painted boats glide smoothly at Valletta Harbor. Do not forget to visit Valletta Harbor especially during sunset. Restaurants located in this harbor are the best addresses for a romantic dinner. Soppatal-arma (Widow Soup), Tortatal-Lampuki, Timpana, Pastizzi, Fenkata and Hobzbiz-zej are the great local tastes exclusive to the island. You can set sail to the Mediterranean or get in various events at the island where the party never ends. Gozo Island, Comino Island-Blue Lagoon, Azure Window-Inland Sea Divesite, Popeye Village Fun Park, Mdina Old Town, Marsaxlokk, Mosta Dome Church, Sliema, Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples are among the must-see locations in Malta. If you are seeking a romantic holiday offering rich sightseeing options, you can purchase a Malta flight ticket.

    If you are looking for a brief Valentine’s Day getaway, these 8 romantic cities are the perfect destinations.

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