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    10 things you need to do before 2020 is over!

    We are leaving behind another year with its ups and downs. Are you ready to say goodbye to 2019 in style, which had gone like a breeze? You could start by packing everything you wanted to do in life, within this year. Take a look at the suggestions we prepared for you and make the best of the final month!

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    1. Discover great cities with your friends

    LondonParisBarcelona or Stockholm… Wherever it is, imagine how much fun it would be to discover the most beautiful and greatest cities in Europe with your friends. You could discover the historical monuments, enjoy the street food, have your best time at the events around the town.

    2. Or travel alone!

    Traveling with your friend sounds good, but what if you two don’t want to see the same place? If you want to rest on your own, have a peace of mind, then try traveling on your own before the end of this year. We have compiled a list of places to travel alone for you. Make sure to check before making any plans!

    3. See world-famous artworks!

    Visit the prominent museums in ParisMadridLondonRomeIstanbul, and Amsterdam, explore World famous artifacts. Being this close to paintings of World-famous artists like Michelangelo will excite you.

    • In Paris: Louvre, Picasso, Orsay Museum
    • In London: Victoria and Albert Museum ve Natural History Museum
    • In Istanbul: Hagia Sophia, Archeology Museum, Topkapı Palace
    • In Amsterdam: Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum Museum
    • In Rome: Vatican

    4. Shop at Christmas markets!

    For us, visiting Christmas markets is one of the most special things to do in December. Europe immediately springs to mind when one thinks about the Christmas markets. You will enjoy exploring these colorfully lit markets accompanied by the smell of cinnamon cookies. You could taste Christmas treats, local products, and have fun at special events. You could read our article to learn more about the markets.

    5. Jump from meters high!

    Have you ever tried bungee jumping? Now’s the time. Makao, Innsbruck, Helsinki or Queenstown are among the best places that you could do this. Get ready for screams. Abysses, towers, and bridges are awaiting you!

    6. More adventure?

    Do you want to do more than bungee jumping and planning trips to adventurous places around the world? If so; explore the deserts of Dubai, roam with elephants in Nairobi, swim with rays in the Maldives or sweep down mountains in Geneva. Try some new things before you enter 2020!

    7. Feast on delicious foods!

    Discovering new cultures and new cuisines is one of the best parts of travel. Be sure to try all the local dishes of the place you are visiting. We have a few city suggestions for delicious cuisine; GaziantepHatayRome and Paris are home to some delicious culinary experiences.

    8. Touch the lives of other

    If exploring historical sites, trying the culinary delicacies, or discovering each corner of a city is not enough for you, it is time for you to touch someone’s life. No matter where you go, you can participate in a wide range of social responsibility projects, from children to women, from animals to nature. Spread goodwill and give back by helping others. Some social responsibility projects even provide free accommodation for their participants. Be sure to read our article, which lists places where you can help others while traveling.

    9. Rent the car of your dreams!

    Travel in a comfortable, more pleasant way by renting a car, preferably one that originates from the region. That way you can have a journey of your dreams, as you have seen in movies and travel like a filmstar.

    10. Fly in Business Class!

    2019 is coming to an end. Take your flight experience to the next level before the year draws to an end, whether for holidays or business purposes and fly business. Find all the details for the pleasant journey here. Remember, you deserve it!

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