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    Stress relief: Start a new chapter!

    Are you feeling fatigued, anxious and a bit fed up? If so, it is time to unwind and indulge yourself in some self-care and rejuvenate. Your livelihood and wellbeing are in your hands. Now go and make yourself a nice cup of herbal tea, and prepare to feel rejuvenated! Read the list we have compiled for you and find out all the special ways you can take care of your health and mindset that will leave you feeling completely refreshed. Let’s fully reset and start a new chapter.

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    1. Stay at the world’s best spa retreats!

    A spa retreat is one of the ultimate ways to feel completely refreshed. The healing waters of the spa will speed up blood circulation, release toxins, clear your skin, de-clutter your nervous system and leave you feeling calm and collected. Whether you are looking for specially-designed rooms or outdoor pools, MarrakechDubaiBali, and Phuket is home to world-leading spa retreats. These spa retreats not only offer water therapy but have health and beauty services too. Undergo therapy treatments or get a relaxing massage; a spa getaway will help you destress and unwind.

    2. Thermal spring hotels

    Another great way to freshen up is at a thermal spa. Renew your mind, body, and soul in the mineral-rich waters that emerge from underground sources containing geothermal energy. Thermal spas in countries like Turkey, Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, France, Italy, Japan, and Antarctica have high-temperature mineral waters that are used as alternative therapy treatments for healing bone, skin and stomach ailments. The therapeutical properties are due to the warmth of the special mineral-rich waters, which is usually above 35 degrees, which relaxes and expands the skin tissue and helps treat the muscles, cartilage, and bones. The thermal spas additionally offer nutrition, sports, medical therapy, massage, and aromatherapy programs. Turkey has the richest geothermal springs in the entire world; to find out more check our piece on the best thermal spas in Turkey.

    3. Swim in a hot water pool!

    Prepare to reset and unwind in a hot water pool. Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, and Finland are home to some hot water pools that will refresh and relax you. Step out from the cold and soak yourself in a hot water pool as you look out at a beautiful forest or a city silhouette from a rooftop.

    4. Go to the Hamam (Turkish bath)!

    Hamams (Turkish baths) are used for an age-old cleansing ritual that will leave you feeling reborn. These baths have many health benefits such as reducing stress, relaxing muscles, and pains and keeping the skin looking young and fresh. You will be ushered into a soap scented Hamam, dimly lit by the ceiling domes. Lie back on a warm marble slab and let the steam permeate your skin and relax your body. Bathe in the warm water and shed off the dirt and fatigue with a nice scrub. Then indulge yourself in a few special bodily care treatments and a massage. The Turkish bath experience is one of a kind; To find out more take a look at our piece on the hamams of Istanbul.

    5. Practice yoga and meditate!

    Proven to extend life span and improve all-round health and wellbeing, yoga will refresh and recharge you in many ways. Through yoga practice, you can strengthen your immune system, eliminate chronic diseases and pain, such as panic attacks, depression, sleep disorders, fatigue, and high blood pressure. Yoga will also increase your ability to cope with stress and significantly improve your self-confidence. Yoga is versatile as it can be practiced anywhere, all you need is a mat. However, discovering special yoga destinations is an entirely different experience. Cities like Cappadocia, Rishikesh, Koh Samui, and Bali are home to some incredible yoga retreats; Take in the beautiful scenery as you practice yoga, alone or as part of special training. For more detailed information, read our piece on the world’s best yoga retreats. Recharge your body and regain your balance at beautiful retreats that are integrated into nature. Refresh your mind by devoting a few minutes a day to meditation. Meditation will help you reshape your thought process, gain your more perspective and gain calmer composition, which will help you move onto the next chapter.

    Change your diet

    Eating correctly is perhaps the most important thing you can do on your quest for renewal. Do not forget to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and rid yourself of edema by drinking plenty of fluids and using natural salts.

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