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    The land of immaculate beaches: Montenegro

    There’s a tiny holiday heaven in southeastern Europe waiting to be discovered. Yes, we all remember Montenegro – Karadağ in Turkish – from its capital’s appearance in a famous television show. But the nation offers much more to see and, especially, features some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches. Quick reminder: while Turkish citizens do not currently require a visa to visit Montenegro, the country is expected to join the EU soon.

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    Sveti Stefan Beach

    Visible from the city center of Budva – known for its beaches – is an island called Sveti Stefan. About a kilometer from the shore, Sveti Stefan is preferred among local and international celebrities and personalities due to its magnificent view and crystal clear sea. The beach connecting Budva and Sveti Stefan acts like a bridge between the city and the island.

    Jaz Beach

    If you just want to get away and maintain social distance, Jaz Beach is for you. At 3 kilometers, Jaz is the country’s longest beach, offering both pebbled and sandy sections. Jaz Beach is also popular for surfing and water skiing.

    Bird’s eye view of Jaz Beach

    Mogren Beach

    Mogren Beach is even closer to Budva’s Old Town. To get there, simply walk west from the Old Town and follow the path. A short walk will take you through the carved rocks and past the dancing girl statue to a beautiful beach. Consisting of two beaches connected by a short tunnel, this 350m-long stretch of sand is ideal for relaxing along crystal clear waters – without roaming too far from town.

    An afternoon at Mogren Beach

    Buljarica Beach

    Welcome to one of the largest beaches on the Adriatic coast. The 2,400-meter-long beach offers plenty of space along with sun and sea – and is just a kilometer from Petrovac.

    Buljarika Beach general view

    Bečići Beach

    Featuring a backdrop of mountains, Bečići Beach is set along azure Bečići Bay. The long – and wide – sandy beach offers sunbathing and swimming, as well as canoeing and surfing. Be sure to sample the delicious ice cream varieties at one of the beachfront cafes.

    A view from Bečići Beach

    Lucice Beach

    Surrounded by pine trees and olive groves, Lucice is among the least developed beaches on the Montenegrin coast. Its small size and shallow waters are ideal for families with kids; as well, it tends to be less crowded than other beaches in the area.

    Lush green Lucice Beach

    Mala Plaza Plajı

    Mala Plaza is located outside the Ulcinj Old Town, a port town dating from the Bronze Age. With its fine white sands and historic fortifications, the beach offers a relaxing break from sightseeing in Ulcinj. The region also has a large Muslim population and there are many beautiful mosques, along with Middle Eastern restaurants.

    Plavi Horizonti

    Plavi Horizonti, located on the Luštica Peninsula, is one of the most attractive beaches on the Montenegrin coast. This Blue Flag beach is especially popular among families and is famous for its pristine sea – which is also great for snorkeling!

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