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    Artvin, the last stop for camping enthusiasts

    Historic bridges, rolling hills, snow topped mountains, lush green plateaus, lakes and vast forests… Artvin, a camper’s dream, has it all. To refresh and rejuvenate at Karagöl, Maçahel and Çoruh Vadisi, book a flight to Artvin, then rent a car to reach your destination. Take a look at our recommendations when drawing up your camping plans.

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    Artvin central campsites

    Two main campsites, that are close to Artvin city centre, are Hatila Vadisi Milli Parki (Hatila Vadisi National Park) and Çoruh Vadisi (Çoruh Valley). Hatila Vadisi National Park is a rare spot that has a Mediterranean climate despite being situated in the Black Sea region. Lush greenery reveals up to 500 different species of plants. In addition, plenty of animals roam the park, from bears, to pigs, foxes, hawks and coyotes.

    Uzundere is situated in Çoruh Valley, where natural beauty spills over the banks, an ideal spot to set up camp next to the running water. Aslandede and Laleli lie on either side of the Dikmetaş Brige and are well worth a visit Rafting is a popular sport on the Çoruh river. Another pleasant camping spot is in the Yusufeli district, where the tuburbulent murky Çoruh river intercepts with the clear blue waters of the Barhal brook.

    A view of Coruh River flowing through mountains covered with trees

    Borçka campsites

    Karagöl, Maçahel Vadisi (Maçahel Valley), Maral Şelalesi (Maral Waterfall), Camili Gorgit Tabiatı Koruma Alanı (Camili Gorgit Nature Conservation Area), Mereta Yaylası (Mereta Plateau) are some great camping spots in Borçka.

    Karagöl, is a marvellous camping spot in the Black Sea region, surrounded by towering mountains with the reflection of hundreds of trees bouncing off pristine waters. A pleasant camping spot all year round where you can set up camp on the beautiful shores of Karagöl. There are private camp options available in the Karagöl Nature Park, with food and toilet facilites. It might be a good idea to stock up on any other supplies at Artvin or Borçka. Besides camping you can rent a boat and go on a lake tour. Make sure to climb the Efkâr Hill, to view the breathtaking views.
    Maçahel Valley, which is under UNESCO protection, is one of the best places to set up camp in all of Turkey. Maral village is a pleasant camping site that overlooks the valley. You can stock up on supplies at the village and collect honey by visiting the beekeepers near the village.
    In 2005, Unesco declared Maral Şelalesi (Maral Waterfalls) as Turkey’s first biosphere reserve in the Man and Biosphere Programme. With beautiful surrounding nature and pristine water, this is another must see camping site.

    The Camili Gorgit Nature Reserve, which covers a forest area of almost 500 hectares, is a place where you can camp in the shade of monumental trees. Due to the migration route, you can see the migration of plenty of birds each season.

    Mereta Yaylası (Mereta Plateau) is especially good if you are planning a long camping trip during the summer. There are many areas you can explore in this rather large plateau. Before going to the plateau, it is useful stock on supplies at the city or district center.

    Şavşat campsites

    There are four excellent camping sites in Şavşat. The first is Arsiyan Yaylası (Arsiyan Plateau). The North and western sides of the plateau lie on the Georgian border. Ilıca Village and Pınarlı Village lie to the South and Southeast, with Posof Village to the east. The Arsiyan Plateau is distinct from other plateaus, with its unique lakes, greenery and hot springs. You can camp amongst fields of sweet-smelling yellow flowers.

    Another forerunner is the Sahara Yaylası (Sahara Plateau), with astounding flora and fauna, an interesting topography and natural beauty, the Sahara Plateau is an ideal camping spot.
    Balık Gölü (Fish lake) is the final spot. It is shadowed by Karagöl, and not as touristic, but beautiful, nonetheless. You can camp by the lake in a tent, caravan or bungalow. Karagöl, Şavşat is a place that offers natural beauties, just like Borçka. You can camp by the lake, in a tent, caravan or bungalow.

    Cehennem Deresi campsites

    Nestled between magnificent canyons, lies Cehennem Deresi Kanyon Vadisi (Cehennem Deresi Canyon Valley), one of the best camping spots in the Black Sea region. For now, this site is only available for camping in tents, but there are a variety of great projects available for tourists.

    A view from the Cehennem River in Artvin.

    Mençuna Şelalesi campsites

    Turkey’s highest waterfall, Mençuna Şelalesi, is located in Artvin’s Arhavi district, and another great camping site in Artvin. The lake which is formed by the merging of the small streams that are born from the Arılı Mountains and the shores of the Kamilet Deresi (Kamilet Creek), which are just after the lake, are the most enjoyable places to camp in this region.

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