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    5 splendid camping destinations in Turkey

    All you need is a tent and a desire to get away. Read on to discover some of Turkey’s most marvelous camping destinations.

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    1. Akbük, Muğla

    Offering a bright and extremely clean sea, Akbük Beach is a glittering gem along the Gulf of Gökova. Visitors can stroll down the long pier or take a tour of the bay on one of the small boats docked at the end of the beach. Not just cats and dogs, but ducks and geese roam the town. Campers will appreciate amenities such as freshwater resources, as well as the gentle breezes and the tree-lined beach. When the topic of camping arises in Turkey, Akbük is always mentioned!

    akbük beach on the shore of the mountains

    2. İğneada Floodplain Forests, Edirne

    The Floodplain Forests are bedazzling natural wonders. This ‘natural lung’ behind Beğendik Village encompasses the Erikli, Saka and Mert lakes, and features a unique ecosystem with ash and alder trees, the lovely Loddon lily and even black storks!  For camping, we recommend pitching a tent where the woodlands of Begendik Village and the İğneada meet. But do experience at least one breakfast in Begendik, where the local flavors make even a simple meal feel like a feast.   

    river flowing through floodplain forests

    3. Gökçetepe, Saros Gulf, Çanakkale

    The ‘secret paradise’ of Gökçetepe Nature Park is reached via a picturesque road that passes through sunflower fields and a nearby village to the sea. Once in the Park, you can stay in a tent, a bungalow or a caravan. Wherever you decide, we suggest that you start off your holiday with a deep breath of fresh air and perhaps even a barefoot walk on the beach or one of the two piers. There are simple restaurants inside the park and, most important, incredible views of the stars at night.  

    saros bay beach sea and trees

    4. Cunda Island, Balıkesir

    Cunda Island, one of the most serene places in Balıkesir, is sea scented and tree shaded. The island can be accessed by boat or by car, and the camping pitches are spaced far apart. There are shops, cafes and simple restaurants, but campers can, of course, prepare their own meals. In addition to the cobblestones and stone houses of the village, there’s a long beach, clear blue water and plenty of tranquility.

    trees sea cunda island

    5. Kaş, Antalya

    Let us sing the praises of Kaş. Connected to Antalya by a scenic road, this holiday resort is famous for its diving and its quaint town, but the surrounding areas also have wonderful places to camp. Set up your tent and take a refreshing swim – Kaputaş Beach, reachable from the Kalkan District, features a canyon that streams clear water into the sea. Patara Beach, in Gelemis, is so enchanting that it has been the backdrop in numerous films: ideal for windsurfing as well as swimming, Patara Beach is also a nesting site for sea turtles. Get on a boat and go to the Blue Cave to see corals and schools of shrimp and fish. Visit the Cyprus and Saklıkent Canyons to admire the natural rock formations, cool waters and amazing flora. At the top of the hillside town is the Phellos Ancient City, for a closer look at history. Kaş offers a perfect blend of daytime nature and relaxing evenings by the tent.

    trees sea yachts kaş

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