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    4 isolated Black Sea plateaus for camping holidays

    If you’re craving fresh air and a holiday in line with social distancing, then one (or all!) of these Black Sea destinations could be ideal. Pack your gear – and get ready to enjoy nature at its finest.

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    Perşembe Plateau, Ordu

    Approximately 20 km from the Aybastı district of Ordu, Perşembe Plateau is renowned for its famous for its meanders, which are U-bends formed in rivers. (In fact, “meanders” are named from the Menderes – historically known as the Maeander – River in Turkey, according to Encyclopaedia Britannica). These meandering rivers are especially striking when viewed from above so, after setting up camp, head to the top of Karga Hill, in the center of the plateau. Another delightful stop is the Çiseli Waterfall, surrounded by lush flora; follow your swim with lunch at one of the local grill restaurants. Safari tours and paragliding facilities are also available. Keep in mind that while it’s hot during the day, evenings can get quite chilly!

    Trees with blossoms, green mountains

    Samistal Plateau, Rize

    As the highest hill of the Kaçkar Mountains, the beautiful Samistal Plateau has plenty of fresh air and gorgeous views of the night skies, unhindered by light pollution. After setting up your tent, walk along the historical Samistal-Hazindak migration route, which features stone paving from the Ottoman era. Another sight worth seeing is Palovit Waterfall. Local residents are friendly and helpful and – if you are granted permission – you may be able to visit some of the 300-year-old houses on the Highlands.

    River flowing through the mountains

    Ayder Plateau, Rize

    Considered the ‘apple of the Black Sea region’, Ayder Plateau has a festive atmosphere throughout the year. Offering numerous campsites, Ayder also features historical sites such as the medieval-era Zil and Yukarı castles, with water cisterns, and the picturesque arched stone Şenyuva and Çat bridges. For natural beauty, visit the Palovit or Gelintulu waterfalls. There are plenty of other opportunities for outdoor adventures, including climbing, canoeing, sports fishing and paragliding. And, of course, visitors will find cafes serving local spring water and homegrown coffee, as well as shops with handcrafted souvenirs.

    Plateau houses on mountain foothills

    Borçka Plateau, Artvin

    Pack your tent and hit the road for an unforgettable holiday on the Black Sea’s Borcka plateau, the wonderland of Artvin with a thousand shades of green. Pitch a tent next to the Karagöl (Kara Lake), watch the trout, and keep an eye out for brown bears and lynx in the surrounding woodland. Places to see include Maral Waterfall and the foothills of the Karçal Mountains. And, while there’s no recorded information on the Ibrikli Church, in the town center, there are a number of interesting legends! Spare at least several hours for the Camili Gorgit Nature Reserve and pick blueberries in the Old Forest. This epic plateau has a wealth of opportunities, all amid fresh air and lush nature.

    Green trees and a lake

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