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    Travel during the pandemic: Hygiene on vacation

    Maintaining proper hygiene habits while on vacation is important at all times, and particularly so during a pandemic. The human body does not always easily adjust to changes in environment: even routine travel can cause minor illnesses, for a variety of reasons. Understanding our own vulnerability to such changes allows us to take precautions when we travel. Taking heed of both our personal hygiene and that of our surroundings can give us an advantage in combatting potential illnesses.

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    You can select accommodation properties certified by the Ministry

    The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey has issued a circular for workplaces providing accommodation and food-beverage services during the normalization period. Within the scope of the circular, the organizations that fulfil the hygiene and social distance procedures defined by the Ministry are provided with a Healthy Tourism Certificate. You can enjoy service from the establishments holding this certification with confidence in terms of accommodation and food-beverage standards. In addition, we also suggest that you consider the recommendations of countries’ health ministries and global entities (World Health Organization and the Blue Flag) when choosing your holiday destination.

    Don’t forget to pack hygiene products such as wet wipes, towels, toilet paper, disinfectants and antibacterial cleaning products if you’re traveling in a place where these items are not easily available.

    Click on the following link to view the circular. (in Turkish)

    Circular on Controlled Normalization in Accommodation

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    Hygiene requirements are important on public transportation

    If you plan on using public transportation to travel to your destination, be prepared to abide by the hygiene rules applied in the vessel or vehicle. For reference, you can read the Extended Hygiene Standards procedures applied by Turkish Airlines. During the pandemic, we suggest that you avoid traveling on vehicles where hygiene standards are not in effect.  We also recommend that you review the studies of the relevant institutions in your destination.

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    We are staying away from the crowds

    It is no secret that the psychological trauma inflicted by the pandemic is affecting holiday habits. Most experts in the tourism sector believe that crowd size will be a defining factor in choosing holiday destinations during and after the pandemic. As well, many experts also believe that far fewer tourists will opt for open buffet style dining. For a vacation with more solitude, you can check out the Best Campsites in Turkey and create your own route.

    According to research by health institutions, masks with HEPA filters can capture up to 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns in size. Furthermore, experts recommend that disposable masks should be changed every four hours.

    You can also consider exploring new places and avoiding the usual crowded holiday spots. You can seek out hidden bays rather than crowded beaches and choose nature trips (or similar activities to do on your own or with loved ones) instead of small entertainment venues.

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    It is an excellent idea to carry your personal hygiene products with you

    While it is not always practical to keep soap and water on one’s person at all times, convenient products such as wet wipes, disinfectants and alcohol-based sanitizers are easy to carry. If you are traveling to places where access to such products is limited, consider packing additional products in your luggage. room for your personal hygiene products in your luggage. Wash your hands and face regularly and disinfect items that come into contact with foreign environments.

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    We do not take off our mask

    Keep your mask on in public places, especially if those places are crowded. Wearing a mask is now mandatory in many places, including stores and public transportation. Since you may not have immediate access to masks at your destination, we suggest that you determine the number of masks you expect to use during your holiday and make room for those (and a few extra) in your bag. According to published recommendations by health institutions, masks with HEPA filters are more effective; these have a filtration efficiency for 99.97% of bacteria and viruses. Furthermore, experts recommend that disposable masks be changed every four hours.

    It is becoming clear that psychological trauma caused by the pandemic will affect vacation decisions. According to authorities in the tourism sector, travelers will prefer less crowded holiday destinations even after the pandemic has ended.

    Healthy holidays to everybody!

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