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    Camping for all seasons in Antalya

    Whatever your preference, whether by the sea, amongst the trees, near an ancient city or canyon, Antalya has a place for you. Grab your camping equipment and book a flight to Antalya. During any season, you can explore the beautiful camping sites of Antalya. Besides camping, you can go climbing, parachute and soar above the sea. The pristine Mediterranean Sea is also great for diving.

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    Korsan Koyu campsite

    In the past, Korsan Koyu (Pirate Bay), was a bay where ships would gather to shelter from storms and is a favorite spot for camping enthusiasts. Toilets and water are available at Korsan Koyu and any other supplies you need can be found at nearby shops and markets. When you’re camping at Korsan Koyu, there’s something you have to watch out for, mosquitoes. We recommend that you add mosquito spray to your camping equipment. During your stay at Korsan Koyu you can go on a pleasant tour boat journey, hike on the Likya Yolu (the Lycian Way), and if you have climbing training, climb at certain areas.

    According to legend, Korsan Cove was where pirates waited for the merchant ships dragged into the bay by countercurrents and storms.

    Kaş campsite

    Kaş, situated behind the Çukurbağ Peninsula, offers a natural campsite with pristine sea water and magnificent natural scenery. There are plenty of free camping sites in many parts of Kaş, as well as camping sites owned by private businesses. You can embark on many different adventures; explore ancient cities, historic roads, enjoy nature on the beach and canyons, and go parachuting.

    An activity list for camping in Kaş would include exploring historic roads, ancient cities, canyons and beaches, and paragliding and diving!

    Adrasan Koyu campsite

    A place to enjoy both the beauty of the beach and forest, Adrasan, is close to the city center of Antalya. All your needs will be met, at the paid or free camps in Adrasan, that supply water electricity and toilets. There are also certain beaches in Adrasan, that are not camping sites, where you can pitch up your tent on the sand. On your camping travels, you can dive in the crystal-clear seawater of Adrasan.

    Konyaaltı campsite

    If you don’t want to stray too far from the center, then Konyaaltı is another suitable place for camping, as there are shops in the city center. You can camp anywhere on the beach that stretches 7 km. The wooded area towards the end of the beach is ideal for camping. If you are trained in climbing, you can try rock climbing in Geyikbayırı, Konyaaltı. You can also set up camp on the shores of Doyran Göleti at the foot of the Güllük Mountains, which are also situated within Konyaaltı.

    Tazı Kanyonu campsite

    If you like high-up places, the Tazı Kanyonu is for you. You can camp in the wooded areas of the Greyhound Canyon which is 50-60 meters tall.

    Güver Uçurumu Kanyonu campsite

    If you like high-up places, Güver Uçurumu, is another option. There are no establishments for you to purchase supplies in this area but the nature where you set up camp, is stunning.

    Üzümdere Kanyonu campsite

    The Üzümdere Canyon is located at the foot of the Giden Gelmez Mountains, which lies on the outskirts of the Central Taurus Mountains between Konya and Antalya. Üzümdere Canyon is a beautiful place to camp all year round, especially in the autumn months.

    Çıralı / Olimpos campsite

    Olimpos is surrounded by lush natural scenery, coastal views and is also an ancient site. One of the best, most developed places to camp in Antalya is Olimpos. These lovely campsites, with entry prices, have increased in popularity over the years.

    Maden Koyu campsite

    Maden Koyu is another wonderful camping site that provides both the shade of the forest and the sunny seaside. We recommend that you bring along your own supplies as there are no establishments in this area.

    Düden Şelalesi campsite

    A natural marvel of Antalya, Düden Şelalesi (Düden Waterfall), is beautiful with its flowing water and caves. The waterfall that stands between lush greenery is 40 meters long. Although you can’t set up camp next to the waterfall, it is possible to set up camp nearby. Keep in mind that there are establishments near the waterfall that offer supplies like food and other goods.

    Saklıkent campsite

    Any season of the year, you can enjoy the sea, sun and sand in Saklıkent, Antalya. In the winter at Saklıkent, the snow can reach up to 100 cm. Saklıkent is also home to a ski resort and a great camping site. If you want to set up a camp in the winter snow, then Saklıkent is the right place for you. The best months to camp at Saklıkent are between the months December and March.

    For winter camping in Antalya, the right address is Saklıkent Campground, featuring an average snow depth of one meter in winter. Best time to go: between December and March.

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