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    The 7 best places to camp in Izmir

    The best part about camping in Izmir is that you can camp all year round. On top of that, this city provides great camping opportunities, you can camp by the sea or in the forest. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best campsites in Izmir. You are free to camp to your hearts content; all you need to do is book a flight to Izmir. We are here to help you transport your camping equipment.

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    Seferihisar campsites

    Seferihisar is one of the most enjoyable, relaxing campsites in Izmir, as it meets many of your camping needs. At Seferihisar, you have the option of camping by the seaside or in the forest. For those interested in glamping, there are great glamping companies in Seferihisar, that provide bohemian, gypsy-like and African-style tents at hotels.

    Take a glamping holiday in Seferihisar and experience hotel comfort in an upscale tent.
    Seferihisar campsites

    Karagöl campsites

    Located on the top of Yaman Mountain, surrounded by willow and plane trees, lies Karagöl. The most popular place for camping lovers in Izmir, with clean fresh air and a peaceful breeze. At the Karagöl camping site, you pay rent for your tent per day. Electricity isn’t directly supplied to the tents but can be accessed near Karagöl.

    If you’re planning a camping trip near Karagöl, remember that there’s no electricity in the tents. Don’t forget your flashlight!
    Karagöl Artvin campsites

    Kemalpaşa campsites

    Kemalpaşa, a district of Izmir, is home to many campsites in the city. Hitit Kabartması, Nazarköy and Dereköy are some camping sites located in this region and are among the best areas for forest camping in Izmir. Before going to these camps, we advise that you stock up in Kemalpaşa.

    There is are no suitable camping areas near the cliffs in Hitit Kabartması, which is one of the historical areas of the Aegean region. At the end of the pathway, behind the cliffs, you will be greeted by magnificent views and a wonderful camping area.

    Nazarköy, awaits you on the edge of a trickling stream, surrounded by lush green shades of natural scenery and cool refreshing air. Before you head to the camp site, we recommend that you visit Nazarköy Village, which is full of evil eye beads. There are many alternative activities you can embark upon besides camping. You can take a walk in the forest filled with streams and creeks. Don’t leave without visiting the Nazarköy canyon. In Nazarköy, we recommend that you take thick clothes with you because it gets quite chilly at night.

    Breath in the pristine air of Mahmut Mountain at Dereköy one of the most beautiful places in Izmir. Before you pitch your tent, make sure to get some supplies from the local village. There you can find delicious, fresh produce, such as olives, honey, cherries and eggs.

    Kemalpaşa campsites

    Foça campsites

    Çanak Bay and Sazlıca, are among the best places to camp by the sea in Foça. Between Eski Foça and Yeni Foça lies Sazlıca Beach, that hosts both caravan and tent camps. At Sazlıca Beach you can enjoy the sea and nature all at once. Here you can find many things you may need for camping, such as toilets, electricity, tents and Wi-fi. During the summer months, you can dine in establishments in the beach area.

    Çanak Bay, near the city center of Foça, is a favorite for the citizens of Izmir looking for a weekend camp get-away. Watch the beautiful sunsets at Çanak Bay, swim in the sea and enjoy the nature. There is a place in Çanak Bay that supplies food, water and electricity.

    İzmir Foça campsites

    Çeşme campsites

    Delikli Village, Pırlanta and Ilıca Beach, are great places for those looking to camp and swim in the sea at Çeşme. For a beach and camping holiday of your dreams, Çeşme is the place for those looking for an ideal beach and camping holiday all in one.
    Delikli Koy, located in Alaçatı, is perfect for those looking to wake up to stunning sea views surrounded by white rocks.

    One of the best places to swim in Çeşme is Ilıca Beach, and a favorite for those looking to enjoy the sea and camp all at once.

    Pırlanta Beach, situated in a wooded area, is a beautiful place to enjoy lush greenery and sea views. You can pitch your tent under the shade of any tree and enjoy the cool waters as you please. Luckily, this area is within close proximity to the city center. Campers can find all their camping needs with ease at Ilıca city center.

    Camp at Delikli Bay, within the borders of Alaçatı, and enjoy waking up to gorgeous views of white rocks and the deep blue sea.
    Çeşme campsites

    Aliağa campsites

    If you want to try forest camping in Izmir, you can add the Flowing Water Waterfall, also known as Türkmen Waterfall, to your list. Although camping right next to the waterfall isn’t available for camping, the flat area at the top is suitable for camping. According to people who have camped here, you can boil and drink the water of the waterfall. It’s a good idea to take precautions at Flowing Water Waterfall, as depending on the season, there may be mosquitoes.

    Aliağa campsites

    Bergama campsites

    Kestel Dam, nestled on the Kestel stream, near the city of Bergama in Izmir, is also a great camping site. There is nowhere for you to grab camping supplies in the area. Therefore, you should come prepared with all your necessary items and needs before you arrive at the dam.

    Bergama campsites

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