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    Get your camping gear ready, we are going to Muğla!

    Another place you can camp at in the Aegean region, besides the campsites of Izmir, is Muğla. During the day, you can swim at beautiful bays. At night you can go diving then drift off to sleep, listening to the rustling leaves and watching the stars. Take a look at the list we have compiled for you, featuring campsites you can camp at in Muğla. Then book a flight to Dalaman or book a flight to Bodrum, rent a car and discover new places.

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    Fethiye campsites

    Fethiye, located in Muğla is one of the best places to camp in Turkey. Home to the most beautiful beaches in the world coupled with lush green scenery, Fethiye makes for the perfect camping destination. Kelebekler Vadisi (Butterfly Valley), Ölüdeniz, Kabak Koyu, Karagöz Ormanları, Gemile Koyu, Cennet Koyu, Katrancı Orman Park and Yerdeniz, are some of the best places to camp in Fethiye. At these campsites, you can find plenty of establishments that provide water, electricity and toilets. The Belcekız Beach situated in Ölüdeniz, is an ideal camping location. As you bathe in the turquoise sea waters of the Belcekız Beach, you can watch the parachuters drifting down towards the sea.

    Camp at Belcekız Beach alongside turquoise waters and enjoy watching the paragliders soar over the sea from Babadağ.

    Marmaris campsites

    Çubucak Orman Camp, is one of the best places to camp in Marmaris. Çubucak Orman Camp has toilets, shower and a dishwashing area. There are also supermarkets and cafes on site.

    Akyaka and Akbük campsites

    Gökova Körfezi (Gökova Bay) is home to two great campsites, Akyaka and Akbük, popular amongst campers and those seeking refreshing seawater and lush green scenery. If you are looking for a peaceful camp, where you can camp in a caravan or tent, then Akyaka Orman Camp is the place for you. There are laundry facilities, a dishwasher room, showers, kitchen, toilets and electricity on site. The private campsites in Akbük Bay are on a par with Akyaka Orman Camp. Besides camping fun, you can go hiking, rockclimbing, diving and paragliding. You can find some great camping spots on the shores of the Azmak Nehri (Azmak River). Don’t forget to prepare your camping equipment and pack some mosquito spray.

    If your ideal camping holiday includes adventure, head to Akbuk, where you can also enjoy hiking, rock climbing, diving and paragliding.

    Datça campsites

    Datça is a popular location for those interested in award-winning camp sites and glamping, the latest trend of camping enthusiasts. Apart from Çubucak Orman Camp there aren’t many other camping options. We recommend that you stay at private camps situated on the seashore. There is electricity, water and toilet facilities provided on site.

    Datça is a preferred destination for campers, with award-winning campgrounds and glamping businesses.

    Bodrum campsites

    Whether you want to camp in a caravan, a tent, a bungalow, by the sea or in the forest, Bodrum has it all. There are both private and public camping sites, to fulfill you camping needs. The best camping sites in Bodrum are: Gümbet, Turgutreis and Güvercinlik.

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