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    Countries famous for their Michelin-Starred restaurants

    The Michelin Star, the name given to the world-famous gastronomic review authority actual began its life as a guide. This type of evaluation method identifying the highest level with 3 stars, became an award in a short time for countries that desire to become prominent in the gastronomy world. So, where are these restaurants? We have searched the countries and cities having most Michelin stars for you.

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    In Austria, there are a total of 100 Michelin Guide restaurants, 7 of which are 2-star and 13 of which have 1-star. Most of the Michelin-Starred restaurants in Austria are located at Vienna and Salzburg. You can purchase a Vienna flight ticket or Salzburg flight ticket to try the unique flavors of these restaurants.


    The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is the city that hosts the most Michelin-Starred restaurants in the country. Bangkok has 217 Michelin Guide restaurants, 4 having 2 stars and 23 having 1 star. The other restaurants in Thailand listed in Michelin Guide are located at Phang Nga and Phuket. You can purchase a Bangkok flight ticket or Phuket flight ticket for unforgettable tastes.


    We can say that Belgium is a paradise of Michelin-Starred restaurants. Increasing the number of restaurants granted this award each year, the country has 104 1-star, 24 2-star and 1 3-star restaurants. The award-winning restaurants are mostly located at Brussels. You can purchase a Brussels flight ticket for greatest tastes.

    North America

    ChicagoNew YorkSan Francisco and Washington are the cities of USA with the greatest number of Michelin-Starred Star restaurant. There are 203 restaurants in Chicago, 560 restaurants in New York, 315 restaurants in San Francisco and 132 restaurants in Washington listed in Michelin Guide. Apart from local tastes, most of these restaurants stand out in other cuisines like French and Italian.

    Czech Republic

    Czech Republic hosts 33 Michelin Guide restaurants. Almost all of them located in Prague, only 2 of the restaurants have 1 Michelin Star. The others are awarded in sub-categories of Michelin Star.


    Denmark hosts 102 Michelin-Starred restaurants. Only one has 3 stars, the highest gastronomical level. And this restaurant is located at Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. You can purchase a Copenhagen flight ticket to dine in a 3 Michelin-Starred restaurant.


    Finland hosts 27 Michelin Guide restaurants and there are five 1-star restaurants at its capital, Helsinki. These restaurants create unforgettable flavors predominantly from local ingredients.


    France is one of the most prominent countries that come to mind when World cuisine is mentioned, and it is also quite ambitious about Michelin Stars. Michelin-Starred restaurants located in ParisBordeaux, Strasbourg and Lyon are among the best ones of the gastronomy world.


    In 2018, Germany hosted 250 Michelin 1-star restaurants, and 29 of them were newly opened in 2018. Putting more emphasis on gastronomy with each passing year as a country, Michelin-Starred in Germany are generally located at BerlinMunich and Dusseldorf.

    Great Britain

    England, Wales and Scotland are also among the countries with Michelin-Starred restaurants. These countries blending many cultures deserve their Michelin Star not only for their local tastes but for flavors of other countries served perfectly. You can experience various Michelin-Starred restaurants in London and Chelsea.


    There are 21 Michelin-Starred restaurants in Greece known for its similarity with Turkish culinary culture. Mostly offering tastes from Mediterranean Cuisine, only two of these restaurants have 2 stars. All of the restaurants are located in Athens.


    There are 297 Michelin Guide restaurants in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Almost all of these restaurants are awarded with stars for their tastes unique to Asian Cuisine. Only one of these restaurants is granted 3 Michelin Stars.


    Iceland hosts 5 Michelin-Starred restaurants, and they all serve delicacies focusing on presentation. All Michelin-Starred restaurants are located at Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik. You can purchase a Reykjavik flight ticket for tastes that you cannot get enough of taking pictures.


    There are only two 1-star restaurants in Hungary. These restaurants are located at its capital, Budapest.


    Although there are no 3-Star restaurants in Ireland, you have a good selection of 1 and 2-Star restaurants. Most of these are located at the capital, Dublin. The menus of awarded restaurants are adorned with tastes prepared from meat of farm animals and delicious plants.


    As a gastronomy paradise, Michelin-Starred restaurants are an essential part of Italy’s culinary culture. With many Michelin-Starred restaurants in RomeMilano, Florence, Italy rises to prominence with its local tastes. With its star chefs and Italian tastes, the restaurants of Italy are the favorites of travel plans.


    There are many Michelin-Starred restaurants in Japan, mostly located at Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo, and these restaurants earn the star for their unique local tastes. Fugu fish, which can be lethal if not properly cooked, is an indispensable dish of some Michelin-Starred restaurants.


    Although it is one of the smallest countries of Europe, Luxembourg has 62 Michelin Guide restaurants. Influenced by German, French and Belgian cuisines, Luxembourg restaurants serve dishes from these countries.


    Hosting three 3-Star Michelin restaurants, Netherlands makes a glamorous entrance to the gastronomy world each year. These restaurants, each located at a small town – Kruiningen, Vaasen and Zwolle, are influenced from land and sea and stand out both for their deliciousness and distinct presentation. The country also has 18 2-star and 89 1-star restaurants.


    Norway’s Michelin-Starred restaurants offering unique dishes from Asian cuisine and seafood, will charm you with their presentations and tastes. Although there is only one 3-star restaurant, especially Oslo hosts many awarded restaurants.


    There are 56 Michelin Guide restaurants in Krakow and Warsaw. Most of these restaurants serve dishes based upon contemporary culinary arts. You will want to take a picture of these dishes, each a work of art.


    Having 26 Michelin-Starred restaurants; Portugal has various chefs and tastes rightfully earning these stars. Located mostly in Lisbon and Porto, you can taste meticulously prepared dishes focusing on red meat and fish.


    Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo have 168 Michelin Guide restaurants. Influenced by American and African cuisines, you can taste special dishes from famous chefs prepared with fruits and seafood.

    South Korea

    Increasing its number of Michelin-Starred restaurants each year, Seoul has two 3-star restaurants, attaining the highest level of gastronomic perfection. At the restaurants serving special menus with their local tastes, you can try dishes prepared with local ingredients like seafood and rice.


    There are 239 Michelin Guide restaurants in Singapore. Presenting the most delicious flavors of Asian Cuisine, most of these restaurants are located in China Town.


    Making a name around the World with its Tapas, Spain also proves that its culinary culture is not limited to Tapas only with its Michelin-Starred restaurants located in its famous cities of MadridBarcelona and Valencia. Especially with its 11 restaurants that have earned 3 Michelin Stars, Spanish cuisine continues to be a star of gastronomy world.


    Enjoying a culinary culture based on fish, Sweden has 89 Michelin-Starred restaurants serving in various cities and notably the capital, Stockholm. The only 3-star restaurant of Sweden welcomes its guests in Stockholm.


    As the center of chocolate and cheese, Switzerland is one of the shining stars of gastronomy world. Tastes created especially using these two ingredients make Switzerland one of the Michelin-Starred countries. You can encounter Michelin restaurants in even small cities other than the known ones of ZurichBasel and Lucerne.Purchase a flight ticket for cities standing out with their Michelin-Starred restaurants, the gastronomy world’s best-known reviewing system.

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