Located at the most west of the country along the Caspian Sea, Baku is the capital and the largest city of Azerbaijan. The capital is the scientific, cultural and industrial center of the country. Baku is placed on the southern part of Absheron Peninsula which comprises rich oil deposits.

    Located at the most west of the country along the Caspian Sea, Baku is the capital and the largest city of Azerbaijan. The capital is the scientific, cultural and industrial center of the country. Baku is placed on the southern part of Absheron Peninsula which comprises rich oil deposits. Petroleum is the basis of the city's economy and oil refining is the fundamental industry at the city. Once the capital was the significant location at the core of the routs crossing the historical Silk Road. Accordingly, Baku stands as one of the oldest East cities witnessing many civilizations throughout the history. Baku is composed of the harmony of ancient and modern. While the high-rise buildings of the city are the best reflections of the modernity at the city the Walled City of Baku harboring famous ancient attractions is the most impressive old face of Baku. Soviet, Islamic and European architectural styles dominate the cityscape.

    Heydar Aliyev International Airport is situated 25 km from Baku city centre. The easiest way to get from the airport to the city center and the hotels is the taxi which is situated at the main entrance of the airport. Baku has bus, tram, trolley-bus and underground services. The 34.6 kilometre long Baku metro has two lines and 23 stations.

    Baku offers a complete range of hotels. Some of the more famous and luxurious accomodations include the JW Marriott Absheron Baku, Four Seasons Hotel Baku, Hilton Baku, Fairmont Baku, Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel, Hyatt Regency Baku, Sultan Inn Boutique Hotel, Kempinski Hotel Badamdar Baku, Park Inn by Radisson Azerbaijan Baku Hotel and Boulevard Hotel Baku Autograph Collection. Mid-class hotels like the Austin Hotel Baku, Safran Hotel, Hotel Hale Kai, Empire Hotel and Boyuk Gala Hotel are good choices. If you are looking for more slightly more budget-friendly lodging you can try Guest House Inn & Hostel, Baku Station Hostel and Caspian Hostel.

    The Walled City of Baku preserving most of its 12th century defensive walls is the ancient part of the city. Residing as a fortress along the Caspian Sea, the Inner City (Icheri Sheher) is home to over 50 monuments and historical architectures from different eras. The Palace of Shirvanshakhs, the Maiden Tower and Synyg Gala (The Broken Tower) are among the most famous and impressive monuments placed here. Built in the 15th century, the Palace of Shirvanshakhs is a splendid architecture for indicating Baku as the capital of the Shirvan Shahs in the history. Built inside the 12th century defensive walls of the city at the Icheri Sheher, the Maiden Tower is one of the most impressive monuments of Baku. Standing as a “Q” from the air, the tower is composed of two stages. Ateshgah temple complex located 30 km to the north-east in Surakhani settlement is a worldwide famous fire temple. This temple was one of the significant visiting location for the Silk Road merchants. Residing 70 km to the south of Baku, Gobustan is an area of the largest collection of rock carvings, tomb monuments, camps, settlement places, caves and the other rocky sites. This location has a world wide reputation for its rock carvings and paintings. National Museum of Azerbaijan Literature founded in 1939 and State Carpet Museum at Icheri Sheher are the two of the fundamental museums of Baku.

    Fountain Square situated at the hearth of Baku is the main and the best shopping location of the city. The square is home to a great deal of up market shops. Nizami Street is the fundamental shopping strip of the city. This pedestrian mall harbors shops from every category. Banks, super markets, special sores, fashion outlets and more are placed at this street.TsUM Department Store is the city's largest department store. Authentic carpets, electrical goods, gold products and more are found at this sore. A great majority of the souvenir shops are gathered around the Old Town. Here, you can buy a great range of antiques and the other kinds of local souvenirs.

    Baku stands as the culture capital of Azerbaijan. The first opera of the country, the first national theater and the first Azerbaijan library was opened at the capital. Baku is home to many theaters, exhibitions, higher education institutions, libraries, art galleries, concert halls and cinema theaters. Baku is the major theatrical center of the country. Russian Drama Theater, State National Drama Theater, State Theater of Musical Comedy, State Puppet Theater and Ibrus Theater are several theaters among the major theatrical centers of the city. State Philharmonic Hall, State Opera and Ballet are placed at Baku. Baku Jazz Center, Heydar Aliyev Palace, Shakhriyar Baku Cultural Center and Grand Hall of Baku Music Academy are among the main concert venues at the city. Absheron Art Gallery, Giz Galasy Gallery, Gala Art Gallery and Smirnova Art Gallery are several valuable art centers of Baku. The capital is also home to significant cultural events. To mention one, the Annual Baku International Jazz Festival is the best reflection of the great jazz music accumulation at the city. The city is equipped with a great range of entertainment opportunities. Baku is one of the unprecedented cities in the Middle Asia for its beaches along the Caspian Sea. Shikhovo beach is one of the magnificent sunny beaches. Primorsky Boulevard stretching kilometers along the sea and the promenade in Primorsky Park are the best places for walking along the picturesque views from the Caspian Sea. Fountain Square is the best place for a diversified nightlife fun. If you want to listen the traditional Azeri music you should pay a visit to the Old Town.




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