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    In search of peace and tranquility: Ayvalık

    According to some statistics, we have listed for you the beaches and tourist attractions of Ayvalık, that is not only as a holiday destination, but also seen as one of the most livable places in Turkey.

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    How can I go to Ayvalık?

    After the direct reciprocal Istanbul-Ayvalık flights organized to Balıkesir Edremit Koca Seyit Airport located in Edremit, you can arrive at the center of Ayvalık by shuttle services or by public transport. There are also ferryboats or ferries in the same direction. You can travel to Ayvalık in an average of five hours with your own car, followed by a 4-hour drive after the ferry. You can cover the distance between Ankara and Ayvalık with your own car in an average of eight hours, while the distance between İzmir and Ayvalık can take 2.5 hours.

    Where is Ayvalık?

    Ayvalık is a coastal resort in the Aegean part of Balıkesir originally located in Marmara region. Ayvalık is surrounded by Dikili and Bergama affiliated to İzmir in the south, Gömeç in the northeast and the Aegean Sea in the west. Right across Ayvalık is Lesbos Island affiliated to the Greece.

    Places to visit in Ayvalık

    Places to visit in Ayvalık especially include Cunda Island, Şeytan Sofrası and Cennet Tepesi that we strictly recommend that you watch the sunset. Ayazma Church, Saatli Mosque, Olive Museum, Antique Bazaar, Küçükköy (Yeniçarohori) are some of the historical places of Ayvalık. When you go to Ayvalık, you can eat “Ayvalık Toast” at the Tostçular Bazaar and then use the boats that depart from Ayvalik Center for the arrival at Cunda Island. If you’d prefer to travel to the island by land, that means you are passing through “the first Bosphorus Bridge in Turkey”. Places to visit in Cunda Island are Agios Yannis Church, Monastery, Sister School, Rahmi Koç Museum-Taksiyarhis Church. Visiting the Cunda Island, you must climb Aşıklar Hill and see Historical Windmill. While you are on the Cunda Island, do not go back home without walking around the streets of the island and buying olive or olive oil, quark cheese and quark cookies.

    Ayvalık boat tour

    You can go to small islands and bays which are a little out of these regions with private boat tours departed from the center of Ayvalık and Cunda Island. Even though there are general tour boats, private boats that you can rent for yourself and your guests are available as well. You can also take daily tours to Lesbos Island in the Greece that are organized for two days a week, as well as to Ayvalık bays. After visiting the Lesbos Island where you can especially go by sea, you can go to Molivos by land and enjoy the azure sea of this place. In the summer, direct tours are also organized from the center of Ayvalık to Molivos in some days. If you do not have a visa for these tours requiring having a Shengen visa, you can look for the entry point visa options. When planning such a travel, it is best to arrange your documents a few days before the travel day for obtaining visa benefits.

    Badavut Beach

    Badavut is one of the most suitable point for swimming among the Ayvalık beaches. The sea is quite crystal clear, a bit cool and sandy. As the sea level rises suddenly, families with children should be more careful on this beach.

    Sarımsaklı Beach

    The beaches with the most beautiful sea in Ayvalık are usually located in Sarımsaklı region. As in the entire Ayvalık, the sea is cool, crystal clear and sandy, but this time it is shallow. You can also use the private beaches of the hotels on the Sarımsaklı coast where there are public beaches.


    Even though Ayvalık coasts are generally quiet, Altınova is one of the quietest places in this region. Along the coast of Altınova, there are small establishments and beaches of the summer housing estates. You can enjoy the sea by renting sunbeds and umbrellas at an affordable price. Altınova coast is sandy and the sea is shallow.

    Şirinkent Beach

    Şirinkent Beach belongs to a private summer housing estate. At this beach, where you can also visit as a guest, the sea is warm and clear especially in the morning hours. The water level can deepen suddenly. You can enjoy eating and drinking at Şirinkent Beach at any time of day.

    Patriça Bay

    Patricia Bay with a sandy and shallow sea is located on the rear side of the Cunda Island. There are a few small establishments in the bay and if you wish, you can enjoy the sea using these establishments or through your own means.

    Ortunç Bay

    Ortunç Bay with one of the most popular beaches in the Cunda Island, is almost a corner of paradise surrounded by forest on three sides. You can enjoy the crystal clear water in company with its calm atmosphere and oxygen-rich air. You can camp at Ortunç Bay or choose the private establishments in the close vicinity for accommodation

    Çataltepe Beach

    One of the most popular beaches on the Cunda Island is Çataltepe. The sea that is quite clear and shallow is sometimes rough due to northeaster. Here you can find small enterprises where you can rent sun beds and umbrellas.

    Duba Beach

    Located at the point that connects Ayvalık and Cunda Island, Duba Beach is a public beach. You can enjoy the sea at affordable prices on the beach with a shallow and clean sea water.

    You can purchase a Balıkesir flight ticket to enjoy azure seas surrounded with lush greenery of Ayvalık serenely waiting under the shadow of historic places.

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